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8 Goodgymers helped their local community in Newcastle
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Saturday 13th April

Report written by Krishti

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It was a massive turnout today morning, as we all headed down to Leazes Park to help out Urban Green. Today's task was to clear the top of the bushes at the edges of the park boundary. Some of the bushes and ivy was encroaching on the adjacent pavement and we needed to clear it out. Mike was there with his hedge trimmer. With so many of us there, we got so much done! It was definitely an eventful morning!

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Urban Green Newcastle
Breathing life into our parks and allotments

There’s a greener side to our city. A vibrant, more open side. It should be celebrated, Nurtured, Enjoyed by everyone. Our allotments and parks are the lungs of our city. We’re here to breathe new life into them. We are Urban Green Newcastle.

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