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Lend a hand at Mowbray Park junior parkrun
🗓Sunday 10th December 8:45am

📍Mowbray Park SR1 1QB

This new event loves new volunteers!

Richard BorrowdaleMichael WiselyTanya JohnsonDebbie EnglishAimee
5 GoodGymers are going
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Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson signed up to a community mission.

Sun 10th Dec at 8:45am

Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson went on a community mission

Sun 22nd Oct at 8:45am

Jolly junior parkrun

Newcastle Report written by Richard Borrowdale

Five GoodGymers volunteered at Mowbray Park junior parkrun on a cold, but sunny, Sunday morning, helping 23 junior parkrunners enjoy their run.

Aimee was funnel manager, Richard was run director, while Tanya, Debbie and Michael were cheerful marshals. They helped contribute to a record-breaking number of volunteers at Mowbray Park junior parkrun. Thank you very much for your volunteering efforts, which really helped the event take place.

Many hot drinks and pastries were consumed afterwards and many words of chat were spoken, contributing to a delightful morning. Michael even managed to find his way back to his car afterwards without getting lost.

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Anji Andrews
Charlotte Proud
Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson went on a community mission

Wed 11th Oct at 6:00pm

Weed done it!

Newcastle Report written by Tanya Johnson

Hidden among a residential street is a derelict allotment with huge potential but needs a lot of work.

Tonight’s task was to tackle a corner overgrown with weeds.

After a quick briefing we set away cutting back and digging up the weeds.

By time we lost the light we’d cleared a strip in front of the greenhouse.

Looking forward to seeing how this corner looks in day light.

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Anji AndrewsCharlotte ProudAimee
Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson went on a community mission

Sun 8th Oct at 10:00am

A cut above the rest

Newcastle Report written by Tanya Johnson

Hodgkin Park is definitely one of my favourite task locations. It’s not as popular as other parks in Newcastle but it is definitely worth a visit.

Today’s task was half way up lovers lane… or more accurate a very steep tree lined path. Oak trees over grown with Laurel.

As beautiful as evergreen Laurel is, it is fast growing a quickly blocks about light and encroaches on the trees around it.

Mikes direction for today was make it look like that, while pointing at patch that had already been cut to about knee height.

So armed with saws we set off to different parts of the tree line, giving enough space not to take each other out with falling trees!

Very quickly the pile of branches began to grow and light shone through to the path.

The conversation quickly turned to the felling of the amazing sycamore gap tree and how it will regrow the same ways this Laurel will but not so quickly.

Coffee break snuck up on us along with stories of injuries caused through clumsiness and misadventure. Thankfully Kristi is as good at tripping over fresh air as I am!

Two hours flew by, but what a difference we made! Check out the before and after pictures.

If you’re looking for ways to get involved you can join us tomorrow at Stepney Bank Stables <\a> or Wednesday at Galstone terrace allotment <\a>

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Anji AndrewsCharlotte ProudAimeeKrishti
Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson signed up to a community mission.

Sun 22nd Oct at 8:45am

Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson signed up to a community mission.

Sun 8th Oct at 10:00am

Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson signed up to a community mission.

Wed 11th Oct at 6:00pm

Gladstone Tce Allotment weeding and soil filling!

It will promote good physical and mental health in the local community

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Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson went on a community mission

Sun 17th Sep at 10:00am

The terrible twosomes terrific tree trimming

Newcastle Report written by Tanya Johnson

It was another wet start on day two of our Urban Green Double Header. Debbie and I arrived at Hodgkin Park wrapped up to face the elements.

The trees in the park were in need of some TLC. Cutting back overgrowth and new low branches to keep the lines of sight in the park clear.

Armed with loppers, shears and a saw, we made a start on the trees. Quickly piles of branches and brambles began to pile up, which needed to moved to the bushes at the top of the park to make mulch. Anji would be proud of the weighted hill repeats!

By coffee break we had cleared the trees to the right hand side of Metroland gate and were in need of the sustenance from ginger biscuits and coffee!

Despite it being just the two of us we were determined to get as much done as possible in the time available and even split up to tackle a tree each. Regulars at GoodGym Newcastle will know what a rarity that is!!

Time flew by and before we knew it was time to clear up. It felt good to step back and look at how much neater and lighter the area was. Check it out for yourself in the photos.

Join us tomorrow for a litter pick at Ouseburn

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Charlotte ProudAnji Andrews

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Anji Andrews
Anji Andrews (she/her)

Sun 17th Sep at 3:15pm

Weighted hill repeats!! Oh yes!