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There’s a greener side to our city. A vibrant, more open side.

It should be celebrated, Nurtured, Enjoyed by everyone.

Our allotments and parks are the lungs of our city. We’re here to breathe new life into them.

We are Urban Green Newcastle.

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NewcastleCommunity mission

Life's a Beech

Sunday 26th May

Written by Aimee (she/her)

Two GoodGymers helped Urban Green in Hogdkin Park. I was a bit late filling in for Louise who was unwell and by the time I arrived Max has already starting helping task owner Mike with edge and clearing a path in Hodgkin Park near Benwell Dene.

As we were shoveling the beech tree seed pods Mike explained that beech trees don't produce seeds every year to avoid animals seeing it as a reliable food source and then year 5 years or so will produce a load of seeds which are so numerous they can't go be eaten by the animal which grantee some seed should survive.

We had a tea break half way though and Mike showed us Benwell Dene, which despite me doing a number of tasks with Urban Green in the park I had never seen. It is a beautiful hiden path by the dene which feels completely different to the rest of the park.

We then carried on cutting back and edging another main path in the park, cutting the vegetation back and trimming over hanging trees to make it use to use the paths. Mike also cut back a dead ash tree which had feel vicitum to ash dieback. Which lead to a discussion about if they can breed ash trees which are resistant and how a similar thing had been done with Elm tree which are resistant to Dutch Elm disease.

When we were done it was great to see what difference we had made in the park with the two paths we had worked on looking a lot clearer!

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NewcastleCommunity mission

We arch-ieved it!

Saturday 25th May

Written by Krishti

Today we were back at exhibition park to help out Urban Green. The mission for today was to tidy up the arch beside the urban green cafe and the play area and fill in any gaps in the tunnel. It was a nice sunny morning and we got to work trimming the willow hedges and weaving them into the existing arch whenever possible. It's definitely a multiple day job but we did manage to trim around a lot of the arch and then clean up all the branches and leaves.

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NewcastleCommunity mission
Liz BennettDamu

Bin there, done that!

Sunday 5th May

Written by Liz Bennett

Working with Mike (Urban Green), Damu and myself cut back overgrown plants around the playground and along the paths. Very satisfying.....though, what had to be the highlight of the morning, was watching Mike "fish out" a Wheelie Bin from a pond. As always with Mike, (the fount of all knowledge ), we now know that a new wheelie bin costs £27, there were 56 set alight last year (what is that about??) and that their axles don't melt! Finally, kudos to Damu who has done 2 GG tasks in 2 days this weekend and currently wears the "best pun" crown but failed to give one for me today - as you can tell :)

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DamuMarthaChris WannopAimeeMartin

You've got mud on your face, your edging's ace!

Saturday 4th May

Written by Damu

Today we saw the return of not one, not two, but three goodgym alumni. Welcome back Martin, Chris & Martha.

In the surroundings of a damp, but very green and lush Jesmond Dene, we had a straight forward task of edging in some garden beds; all to the back drop of some lovely brass band music coming from the Jesmond food market and festival.

Even though the job at hand was straight forward, it was still a great work out, especially with some tough and rooty roots! We finished the day, by wrestling with parts of a blown day tree, before saying our goodbyes.

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NewcastleCommunity mission
Aardra MenonDeepak VeluZoe KolarovaSeb GethinRae HaleAimee

Buzzing with activity

Saturday 13th April

Written by Krishti

It was a massive turnout today morning, as we all headed down to Leazes Park to help out Urban Green. Today's task was to clear the top of the bushes at the edges of the park boundary. Some of the bushes and ivy was encroaching on the adjacent pavement and we needed to clear it out. Mike was there with his hedge trimmer. With so many of us there, we got so much done! It was definitely an eventful morning!

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NewcastleCommunity mission
Debbie English
DamuAimeeLiz BennettAnna Cuninghame

Ivy having a great time at Urban Green's 100th task!

Sunday 24th March

Written by Krishti

It was urbangreen's 100th task and we all showed up to Hodgkin park pretty excited and prepared with some surprises. Mike was there on a purely volunteer role but he shared lovely stories about the park as usual. Today's job was to take down the Ivy that had covered a massive section of the wall. It looked pretty satisfying at first. Taking down entire sections of Ivy. But we had to drag it uphill, so it was out of the way and we were all sweaty and out of breath in no time! Our tea/coffee break was extra special as Mike had brought in a chocolate cake and Lucy's mum baked us some lovely cupcakes to celebrate the occasion. We managed to clear off quite a lot of Ivy. All in all a very exciting task and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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