Birthday surprise at Frenford

6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Redbridge
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Saturday 12th August 2023

Report written by Jenny McCurry

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On a sunny Saturday morning, the team quickly powered through the parcel packing, putting together more than 40 food parcels for families in Redbridge. It was great to see Ben there with us for the first time. As we finished packing an hour early, there was time for a surprise 16th birthday celebration for Millie, one of the longest standing volunteers at the foodbank. Snacks and a bit of a sugar rush gave us some energy for running/cycling home and enjoying the rest of our days. Great work from everyone involved 👏

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Redbridge Mutual Aid FoodBank
Providing food and necessities to those in need
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Helen Doyle
Yasmine Li
James C
Jenny McCurry
Ben Williams
Mike Clare
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Will give you that little spring in your step;)

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