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Twice the work in half the time !!

Friday 29th March

Written by Mike Clare

Linda was already at the food bank when James and I arrived shortly before 9am ready for a full session. The shelves had been stocked previously by Linda and other volunteers in the days leading up to the Good Friday session. There were three other good gymers including Sharon and Herman with Tina which made the 70 or so orders easier to pick as well as some young folk on the Duke of Edinburgh award all working together. There was a good number of Easter eggs donated that were added to every order that had children in the family. Very soon the shelves were severely depleted after filling all the orders and it was time to restock with supplies that we had in the back store. We were finished in record time having done two days work ( normally ) in a much shorter time than we expected and all thanks to Linda and her excellent organisation skills, well done Linda !!

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Linda SharmanEdward Sharman

Silver Shelfers

Wednesday 27th March

Written by Linda Sharman

The word went out that Frenford needed help unloading a large delivery ahead of Good Fridays Food Bank session but with the job needing doing during the working day it was inevitible that we would only get our retired members signed up.

Luckily we were paired up with another retired couple from a local Church. The two like minded couples worked very efficiently together and had the job done by 10:15am. Just as we were looking for other useful jobs to fill the time alloted a delivery came in from another supermarket, by the time that one was completed there was just time for a swift tidy up. We left with the satisfaction of knowing the shelves and storage area were sorted and stacked ready fir the next session.

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Linda SharmanKathryn HertzbergMike Clare

Keyed Up

Saturday 9th March

Written by Linda Sharman

Well not so much keyed up as locked out when Mike and Linda arrived at Frenford Food Bank. Although the Centre officially opens at 8:30 someone forgot to tell the key holder, to be fair we had arrived a bit early and it was all sorted by the official start time.

We were joined by our Kathryn, some Mums of the gymnatics club and the youngsters from the Duke Of Edinburgh Award Scheme. That is the great thing about Frenford, the young, old, short and tall all working to their own strengths together to get the job done. And the job was soon done with a little energy left (very little lol) for the usual shelf filling, tidying up and one of us even managed a small delivery on the way home 🙂

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Linda SharmanMike Clare

Cereal Fillers

Friday 8th March

Written by Linda Sharman

Mike and Linda arrived early at Frenford and got stuck into prepping for the Food Bank deliveries. In no time at all a little bit of shelf filling was done and the food trolleys organised into position ready for when Frenfords own volunteers showed up.

The rest of the session went pretty smoothly and we were all done in good time. Then there was another shelf filling session (the breakfast cereals had taken a bit of a pounding) and a supermarket delivery to store away.

We left tired but happy at a job well done.

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Linda SharmanAJEdward Sharman

Lull Before The Storm

Wednesday 6th March

Written by Linda Sharman

Three of us arrived at Frenford Food Bank Foodbank to find that the expected supermarket deliveries had not been made but we still found plenty to do filling shelves to capacity and tidying up in preparation for the weekends picking and packing session. It was nice to have a reasonably relaxed session, there was even time for a tea break and to raise our mugs to Ed celebrating his 60th birthday today 🎉

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Linda SharmanJames CSam Cowan

Cereals and Soaps

Saturday 17th February

Written by Linda Sharman

Once we got past the Task Owners little glitch in printing off the forms todays Food Bank session got off to a good start.

A huge welcome to Sam for completing her first session with us and what a great job she did too, hope to see you again soon.

Our quiet start was soon livened up by a group of 14 from a different volunteer group who wanted to help pick and pack as well as provide additional little snack packs to give to the children. With space always at a premium the term organised chaos comes to mind.

Once the visitors had done their bit normal service resumed with us helping the drivers and restocking. This is where we found a handful of out of date cereal boxes which were given out to willing recipients and an exploded liquid detergent bottle which took a bit of cleaning up.

As always we were pretty pleased with a job well done.

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