6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Newham
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Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Report written by Brahma Pochee

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More of a compact group this week, as we took on a new task over at Hartley Primary School. We discussed: " what's your oldest and most reliable piece of clothing or kit?". Long-lived synthetic down jackets, one of a kind base-layers, versatile t-shirts, comfortable lounge trousers, ancient trail shoes and unlucky replica football kits.

The task at the school was rather straightforward, clear the plant beds in the playground to make space for a new batch of freshly sown plants and flowers. Armed with trowels and gloves we set about weeding and clearing the beds. Some employed a more direct and precise method of weed removal, others a more scorched earth policy, but the cumulative outcome was great.

In fact, I've just received a very grateful message from the task referrer, Tara: " Good morning Brahma! The plant beds look fantastic! Really cannot thank you enough. I hope it all went well. We would love to collaborate on more projects in the future too if possible. Have a lovely day,".

These little jobs can go a long way - thanks for making it happen, team. Next week we head to Cody Dock, after an unusually long hiatus, we'll be flyering for their upcoming spring festival.

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Have a cracking week logging some salubrious miles,

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Hartley Primary School Planting
Refreshing plant beds for spring/summer

Teaches our pupils about the environment and also gives them a playground with more plants and cleaner air.

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