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4 Goodgymers helped their local community in Southampton
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Sunday 7th April

Report written by Lauren

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Bright and early on Sunday morning at 7am(!!!) four eager goodgymers set out to help the runners of the ABP marathon, half marathon, 5k and 10k look after their bags by helping run the baggage hall.

With 7000+ runners there were a lot of bags to safely distribute to their place within the guildhall and then redistribute back out again.

Luckily the abp team had a wonderful system in place making this quite an easy task. We had to take each runners bag to the corresponding area in the hall for their race number. We then had to sanity check in the downtime to ensure no errors were made and try make the space a bit more organised. We then had to find the bags again (and in some cases suitcases!!) and return them efficiently to their rightful owners. It was a very physical effort, Hannah clocked up over 20,000 steps and with lots of bending and lifting its fair to say we had a good goodgym workout and a good time keeping the runners happy.

We were kindly rewarded with cakes and sandwiches from the abp team which went down very nicely and hope to be back again next year!

Session Leader
Stephanie Longy
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TASK CHANGED: Garden Clean up at Shirley Warren Action Church
🗓Today 6:30pm

Make the church garden look better

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Abby (she/her)

Sun 7th Apr at 8:18pm

This was a super fun task!


Tue 9th Apr at 3:11pm

Absolutely. Recommend it for next year to anyone who likes order and getting their steps in. Plus lots of chatting to runners and giving them race advice


Mon 15th Apr at 9:51pm

Hope I can make it next year!