Ain’t snow stopping us now!

15 Goodgymers helped their local community in Wandsworth
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Monday 8th January

Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

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After an afternoon of pretty consistent snow and temperatures dropping below zero, I wasn't necessarily expecting a massive group ready for an outside task in challenging conditions for our first run of the year. But as I turned the corner to our meeting point at the BAC, there they were - a group of happy faces, red tshirts and even some bare knees, like a beacon of positivity in the dark!

It was great to see everybody again after the break, and lovely to welcome some new faces, including Frances to her very first session.

After a warm up we went round the group talking about who had made New Year's resolutions, who hadn't, and who doesn't believe in them one bit! It was great to hear that some involved doing more volunteering or getting more active - you've certainly got off to the right start!

We took a nice steady run down to the Doddington community garden, just about avoiding the big rat that had met a bit of a sticky end on the way, and arrived as the snow started up again. Malissa was there with a list of jobs, and we quickly got moving shifting cardboard boxes, pulling up grass, clearing area, clipping up old shrubs and shifting compost.

Malissa was really pleased with everything we got done. There was just one big task left - moving a huge, incredibly heavy, marble-topped unit. We discussed at length and from every angle how it could happen, plotted potential routes and tried to come up with a hack. Eventually we had to admit defeat - for now. We won't be beaten! We're back on the first Monday of every month to contribute our time and energy to this much loved community space, so let's see what we can work out next time (when hopefully we won't have to contend with an impending blizzard!).

With temperatures dropping even further and with icy fingers and toes to contend with, we decided to forgo our usual fitness session in favour of a speedy run back to base. There is loads of good stuff coming up to look forward to, starting with a pub quiz and social next Monday immediately after the group run, when we will be delivering leaflets to encourage girls to join the local brownie and guide group.

On Saturday there is a mission to hep out at Wandsworth allotments that could do with a few more pairs of helping hands. Keep an eye out for all the future missions, such as this one to help cut and move willow branches by the river side.

Well done on kicking off 2024 in a positive, active way that supports the community- what could be better! Looking forward to seeing what the next month holds - and don't forget every good deed you do and every mile you run contributes to GG Wandsworth's progress with the January challenge!

Session Leader
Frances Luo
Beth Evans
Dylan Burns
Caroline Wolff
Corrie Clough
Annabel Richardson
Catherine Moore
Stephanie Stevenson
Dave Clarke
Sophie Humphrey
Anastasia Hancock
Lorna Gott
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Wed 10th Jan at 4:02pm

well done all!