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Lorna Gott
Lorna Gott went on a group run

Mon 12th Sep at 6:30pm

Bin there, sieved that

Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

Last night was our second ever trip down to Thrive therapy garden in Battersea Park. This lovely area in the middle of the busy park is an oasis of clam designed to support people with disability and ill health through gardening. It's a large space and runs as a charity, so they've asked to come down and help with various jobs from time to time.

With a feeling of changing seasons, we kicked off the session with a heart-rate raising warm up and a quick discussion about our favourite subject at school. We had most bases covered, with history, geography, drama, art and maths all making the cut. As we said, we have the makings of a good, well-rounded pub quiz team there!

After a run down tot he park we arrived at the garden and got stuck into the list of jobs we had been given (after cracking the crystal maze style lock system!). While Annabel and Alice started on the weeding, Lorna and Jordan tackled the increasing pies of leaves, while Steph, Jo and Becky got their hands dirty in the compost bins - thankfully disturbing no toads this time!

After 45 minutes of hard work we had made some good progress, so with the light fading, there was just time for a run home. We are jam-packed full of exciting missions coming up including these two lunchtime runs to help deliver information packs to Wandsworth GP surgeries to spread the word about support for young trans and LGBT+ people on a thursday and on a Friday, as well as our regular Friday lunchtime service a homeless support centre. Our run next Monday will be taking place as normal, and we will be sanding down benches at a community garden. Watch out for the upcoming Halloween run and social, and we also discussed doing a mission to collect fruit such as crabapples on local trees which is currently being wasted - if you ahve any ideas about how we can do this or would like to help organise it, just let me know!

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Anastasia HancockSam Lefevre
Lorna Gott
Lorna Gott signed up to a group run.

Mon 12th Sep at 6:30pm

Supporting Thrive in Battersea Park

Thrive is the leading charity in the UK using gardening to change the lives of disabled people

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Anastasia HancockTav