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Lorna Gott
Lorna Gott went on a group run

Mon 22nd May at 6:30pm

A right pane in the glass!

Wandsworth Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

It was so nice to have some shorts and tshirt weather - finally - for our task in Wandsworth last night!

There was lots to celebrate to kick off our evening. Great to have a lovely GG Wandsworth tourist (come again soon Louise!), we need to give Nicholas a big cheer for doing his first parkrun (in a blistering time no less!), well done to all that did Hackney Half on Sunday, and don't forget if you'd like a £10 community place for the Big Half in September then let me know by tomorrow! Phew. After all that good news we did a warm up ready for the run ahead, and also answered the question - which emoji do you use most? From the green heart, to heart hands, to the yum face and quizzical smile face the answers revealed lots of lovely things about us - and there wasn't a thumbs up or an aubergine in sight!

Our task for the evening was at Omnibus Theatre. The theatre was opened following a seven-year community-led campaign to save the old Clapham Library from developers and turned into an arts hub, maintaining the heritage of the library as a civic space for all. Today it operates as a charity, and receives absolutely no guaranteed funding or statutory support, so volunteers are really important in order to continue the mission of supporting emerging talent and provide education for young and disadvantaged people.

The job in hand last night was to wash the many, many outside windows and we wasted no time jumping into action. Filling buckets and grabbing sponges we divided up into teams, and using ladders, chairs, some impressive agility and no shortage of elbow grease we got going. Half an hour later and the windows were quite literally squeaky clean, so we packed our stuff away and headed into the garden to assess our newest project. Hopefully before long we will be taking over our very own GG space and creating something beautiful!

Next we hopped over to the common to knock out a plank based fitness session which really worked on our abs. We finished it off with two core triathlon reps. These sort of exercises are great for better form, more efficiency when running and preventing injuries. Well done everybody!

Next Monday it's bank holiday so we will be moving the group run to midday - hope you can join us for this fun task transporting donated plants to a community garden. Have a great week everybody - enjoy the sunshine!

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John ShirleyHarvey GallagherAnastasia Hancock
Lorna Gott
Lorna Gott signed up to a group run.

Mon 22nd May at 6:30pm

Anastasia Hancock
Lorna Gott
Lorna Gott went on a group run

Mon 15th May at 6:30pm

We fluttered by for the butterflies

Wandsworth Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

It was a very busy night in Wandsworth yesterday as a group of GoodGymers ran the short distance to Providence House and Waste Not Want Not to help tidy up their outside area ahead of their Farm to City week in early June.

The idea behind the festival is to bring in animals and more to the youth centre from its 'urban lung' farm in Devon to give local kids a taste of the countryside. Our job was to help get them ready for that as well as prepare an area for planting with butterfly friendly plants.

We were happy to welcome Nicholas to his very first session and together we ran down to our task to meet up with the others, including Alice who had run her first race with Catherine the day before. Way to go both - and well done for making it after such a hard run!

We met with Esther and Hadas who got us cracking with the jobs, and we were soon a buzz of activity. The gardening team got started with the weeding, after a bit of convincing to pull out the pretty plants which had to go to make way for the new ones which will attract more butterflies and other biodiversity. Meanwhile a group was clearing out part of Providence House to make more space for the event, while others were sanding down so the raised bed could be painted.

We had lots of interest from people passing by, especially when it was time to put the new colour on, which we all agreed was a lovely shade!

We spent 45 minutes working hard and by the end of our time there the area was transformed. It's always amazing to see what a difference we can make together in a short amount of time. Well done everybody! I have lots of lovely photos but unfortunately there is a glitch in the website and I can't upload them right now. I'll put them up as soon as it's fixed.

We just had time to nip over to Banana Park to do a fitness session which saw us really test our legs. Squats followed by frogs is not an easy combo!

Next week we're going to be going to Omnibus, an independent arts theatre run as a charity to help wash their windows. There is also this mission in Tooting which is looking for a few pairs of helping hands!

Have a great week, everybody!

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Olivia WallerAnastasia HancockHarvey GallagherSam Lefevre
Lorna Gott
Lorna Gott signed up to a group run.

Mon 15th May at 6:30pm

Anastasia Hancock