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15 Goodgymers helped their local community in Tower Hamlets
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Tower Hamlets

Monday 11th July 2022

Report written by Laura Williams

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It was a nice-sized team who came together to help the Parkview Planting Team tonight.

A toasty 28 degrees didn’t deter team members from gathering for a run, cycling and walking their way to this enjoyable task.

We were joined for the warm-up and run/cycle to the task by our Chi, who we haven’t seen for ages, and whose presence is always a wonderful surprise and addition.

What were we doing and why?

The Parkview TRA is an active, committed small group of volunteers who help keep this large estate running smoothly. Committed to supporting the environment, maintaining a healthy green space for all residents and caring for the gardens of those residents unable to tend to them themselves, they can always use a hand from a productive, energetic group of GoodGymers.

And so to the briefing…

Gathering in the Community Garden at 7pm, Catherine and Liam instructed different teams to different tasks, along with new task owner, Seb.

Teams spread out all over the estate, wheeling multiple full buckets and watering cans to young trees who don’t appreciate the absence of rain as much as we do.

Runners also popped a few plants into the ground on their way round, and a dedicated team remained in the garden to plant dozens of new baby plants for the resident plant giveaway! It was here we learned from Sara that baby plants can appreciate a little light massage, along with the correct technique!

As always, the time flew by and it was soon 8pm and we were returning barrows and buckets to the Community garden; hosing down trestle tables and figuring out the best location for our final pic.

Fantastic work, everyone!

Shout-outs from tonight’s task

  • To Kellie, who recently joined our Task Force, and will be joining us in future Group Runs to learn the ropes.

  • To Chris and Sam who led the running group back to base post-task.

  • To Sam, who joined us again from Southwark, and who reminded us that we will be playing a seasonal game of rounders again this Saturday, from 4pm in Victoria Park.

And next week…

…we return to the Meath Gardens watering task.

Until then.

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This task supported
Glasshouse Community Centre
Beautiful community centre with adjoining garden available to the whole comunity
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