A Quest for the Holy Gail

5 Goodgymers helped their local community in Luton
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Wednesday 24th April

Report written by David Mansfield

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A trinity of runners met up in town to run out on a quest to find the Holy Gail who was meeting us at the task this evening.

We had a surprise on arrival as Gail had blessed us by bringing a new team member, so we welcomed Jenny to the gang and set about the evening's task.

The 150 year old Holy Trinity Church had gathered a bit of dust and lost some of its sparkle. To kick off a series of tasks to polish up the church's rough edges we got started with giving the floors a good vacuuming and mopping and also polished up some of the pews.

After 40 minutes of effort from our team of 5 there was a noticeable difference, surfaces were shiny again and the air was filled with the smell of furniture polish. William and Violet, our hosts for the evening, were very pleased with the diligent work of our team and are looking forward to us returning for another visit soon!

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Gill (She/her)

Wed 24th Apr at 10:49pm

This was a good task and such a lovely building; we were made to feel very welcome and it was nice to be running in daylight too.