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Nick Pryke
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Fri 10th May at 10:30am

2nd visit Clearing space for an allotment at Braunstone Primary

To support their project to help the children grow produce to support most vulnerable families

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Nick Pryke
Nick Pryke went to a social

Sun 21st Apr at 11:00am

London Mara-fun!

Hammersmith and Fulham Report written by Jonathan (he/him)

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to cheer today for the amazing runners doing such an iconic achievement.

More importantly we celebrate all of the amazing goodgymmers who undertook the marathon, it is an incredible feat to start one let alone finish one and you should all be so proud of yourselves!

Bit shout-out to Bethan Critchley jumping in at Mile 12 as a supporter helping runners around the course! What a superstar you are!

I've already listed the cheer party for next year. You can sign up here who knows, if you enter the ballot for next year perhaps it'll be you we are cheering on ;)

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Gwyn Williams
Nick Pryke
Nick Pryke went on a group run

Fri 19th Apr at 10:30am

Hazel got a trim

Leicester Report written by Sarah

7 Goodgymmers went to lend a hand at Saffron Acres Allotments. Today's task was to a move a tarpaulin cover so that the lawn mower could squeeze down the isle. Second task was to weed around the hazel trees freeing them from being choked by brambles and hawthorn.

Both tasks were deffinatly a case of more hands make for a lighter load, with a fantastic turnout of 7 we were well on our way, with the first task taking only 10 mins. We were trimming away brambles in no time we had 3 full wheel barrows of spikey brambles, Dave did the honours of walking the plank into the compost bin.

Dave also did a spot of bird sound spotting with his special app that tells you the birds it can hear in the area, among the birds were European Greenfinch, Carrion crow and Chiffchaff.

After the task we walked around Aylestone recreation park to check out their newish gym equipment

Mel and Dave off to London to support their son running the marathon for Bliss baby loss charity, Nick is joining the GoodGym support crew along with Ashley.

Fantastic work team, love the variety at Saffron Acres we never know what we will be up to next and nice to see blossom and bluebells this time, we'll be back again soon.

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Gwyn WilliamsSarah

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Gwyn Williams

Thu 25th Apr at 10:59am

Well done all. I love the idea of the birdsong app!

Nick Pryke
Nick Pryke signed up to a party.

Sun 21st Apr at 11:00am

GG Cheer at the London Marathon

Cheer on all the runners undertaking one of the world's most famous marathons!

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Nick Pryke
Nick Pryke went on a group run

Fri 12th Apr at 11:30am

Good pick for all of us

Leicester Report written by Sarah

Who knew that Sainsbury's slogan is now 'Good food for all of us'?

5 Goodgymmers took part in the Food Bank Run, a movement created by Hampshire based running club, Fareham Running Club, encouraging every group to create their own Food Bank Run. With backpacks filled we carried our donations to our local Foodbank donation site in Sainsbury's.

Nick had suggested bringing the litter pickers too which was a great idea, there's always plenty of litter on this route with fast-food outlets galore and tin can alley. 2 full bags of rubbish on our travels.

Shout out to Gareth on his first GoodGym Good deed and first completely new member of the year. Great to meet you and chat about your trail running adventures, hopefully see you again.

Lovely to see Lynn and hear about her first Run Director role at Junior parkrun, enjoy your parkrun tourism tomorrow along with Mel and Stu. Great morning walk with a purpose and lovely sociable walk in the sunshine.

Weldone all coming along and giving so much enthusiasm to the task.

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Gwyn WilliamsSarah
Nick Pryke
Nick Pryke signed up to a group run.

Fri 19th Apr at 10:30am

Gardening @Saffron Acres

Saffron Acres is an award-winning open space in the centre of the Saffron Lane estate

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