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Quiz or Bingo night @ Dell Rose Court
🗓Monday 22nd April 6:00pm

📍Dell Rose Court NR4 7EL

Put a smile on older people's faces

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Woody signed up to a group run.

Mon 22nd Apr at 6:00pm

Woody went on a group run

Mon 15th Apr at 6:00pm

Century of Digging

Norwich Report written by Ian Gostling

Tonight 11 GoodGymers ran 5km to support Barge Road Community Garden.

Kudos to Mark, who was attending his 100th session!

We continued where we left off last week, pulling up roots, weeding, sieving through soil and picking up litter.

This weeks surprise find was an old Barbie! After 45 minutes of filling buckets, bin bags and piling up rubble we headed home after a job well done.

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Woody went on a group run

Mon 8th Apr at 6:00pm

Rooting for rubbish

Norwich Report written by Ian Gostling

Tonight 9 GoodGymers ran or cycled 5km to Burges Road Community Garden to help support a new local green space.

This local green space has been neglected and misused for many years, and will require lots of local support to help turn it into a community garden over the next 3 years.

When we arrived we met Lucy, one of the local members of Green Hearts volunteering group, who gave us instructions for tonights task.

We were armed with forks, rakes, and litter pickers to dig out old roots, pull up weeds and unearth any unnatural objects... ranging from a cuddly toy to a fiat hub cap.

The most interesting finds were 2 little frogs, who one day might become residents in the future garden pond!

After 50 minutes of sweat and many rubbish bags filled, we put down our tools ready to return for another session next week.

The evening was still light so we took the leafy route back into the city running along Marriott's Way.

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Woody went on a group run

Tue 2nd Apr at 6:00pm

The Quiz Meister

Norwich Report written by Steven Hitcham

We had our first trip of the year in 2024 to Redmayne View.

It was great to see the tenants again, and lovely that they remember us and look forward to seeing us each time.

On this occasion we had a quiz night. 50 questions asked by moi, split into 5 rounds of 10.

I must say, I was rather impressed with some of the knowledge in the room, especially around One Direction haha.

I was so engrossed in reading the quiz questions, that I forgot to take any photos, so an old one is uploaded.

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Woody went on a group run

Mon 25th Mar at 6:00pm

Bags of bits an bobs

Norwich Report written by Ian Gostling

Tonight 12 GoodGymers & 1 dog ran 5km to help clean up the Lakenham Way.

When we arrived Bek handed us each litter pickers and bin liners, and directed us in pairs to the areas most in need of a tidy up.

Amongst the finds this week were a discarded umbrella, a bike tire and a used homework book!

After 45 mins we had filled 9 bin bags ready to be collected, before we made our way back to the Forum.

Shout out to Elizabeth who celebrated her big birthday with her 150th Parkrun last week, and also Alina who will be running her 200th Parkrun this weekend!

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Woody signed up to a group run.

Mon 13th May at 6:00pm

Woody signed up to a group run.

Tue 2nd Apr at 6:00pm

Games Night @ Redmayne View

Put a smile on older people's faces

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Woody went on a community mission

Sat 23rd Mar at 10:30am

A litter picking river-lation

Norwich Report written by Woody

Organised by local groups, the litter picking group was quite large, with a good amount of good gymers bolstering the team.

Good Gymers got stuck in and found lots of litter to pick, filling up more than a bag each getting into hedges and pulling out lots of cans and bottles from the river side. The group expected about 30 full bags in total from litter picking on Anderson's Meadow, but that amount was exceeded quite considerably, making the already lovely area even more enjoyable in the future.

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Woody run their first missions with GoodGym. 🥳

Wednesday 20th March

Mission accomplished

Mission accomplished

Woody run their first missions with GoodGym.

Woody has just done something they've never done before. Woody has just run a mission; they've changed their running route and run to help someone who really needed their help.

Woody went on a mission

Wed 20th Mar at 12:00pm

Sofa glad it wasn't a heavy one!

Norwich Report written by Emily

A great mission to help Miss M get her sofa down from her second floor flat into a shed ready for collection.

Woody and I got the sofa down four sets of stairs while Bobby did a fantastic job as client happiness manager (i.e. he had a chat with Miss M) 😉

The sofa was much lighter than I anticipated which was a lovely surprise, but it was still a good workout! Now Miss M has space for a nice new one.

We forgot to take a photo of the sofa before it was locked in the shed, so here's me and Woody pointing at it through the window!

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Wed 20th Mar at 3:31pm

Thank you so much for your help :)

Bristol runner

Thu 21st Mar at 2:52pm

well done!