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Marusha Dekleva
Marusha Dekleva went on a community mission

Wed 28th Oct 2020 at 7:00pm

Sorting out doughnations is not fusilli business

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

12 adoughrable Goodgymmers went to the Haringey Foodbank for a pasta extravaganza!

The night was kicked off by Kapil, Juan, and Charlie who joined me for a speedy 5k run through the night to the Selby Centre.

Once we got there, we were met by Rosa, Marusha, Sylvester, Cathy, Sam, Neil, Natasha, and Sarah - and everyone was raring to go.

I divided the group into two teams. Team A went straight into the foodbank for a swift pasta-sorting session, whilst Team B stayed outside where Sarah put them through their paces with a spirited training session.

Team A wasted no time in transferring mounds of pasta into crates, destined for a food delivery today. Meanwhile, outside, Sarah and Team B were Cariocaing their way through the cold. At around 7:30 the teams switched positions, and Team B warmed up by sorting out cereal for today's food drop, while Team A were welcome with High Knees and whatnot by Sarah outside.

Honourable mention for Cathy, who hurt her ankle thanks to an errant rock, but continued smiling and stayed cheerful till the end of the season. You rock! <3

After about an hour, Femi from the Foodbank was satisfied we had put in a proper shift and sent us out into the night. Marusha handed out home-grown cucumbers as we settled down for some photos. All in all, a rather successful night.

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Fri 30th Oct 2020 at 10:49am

Cool as a cucumber Cathy! Rockstar.

Marusha Dekleva
Marusha Dekleva signed up to a community mission.

Wed 28th Oct 2020 at 7:00pm

GGH Big Wednesday: Sorting Food At The Foodbank

Come and help the foodbank get ready for a busy week ahead

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