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Trainer for GoodGym Coventry. Likes to run and swim, in plenty of open spaces and open water.


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Liz Pharoah
Liz Pharoah went on a training session

Sat 12th Nov at 2:00pm

Paw patrol

Coventry Report written by Laura P (she/her)

Three Goodgymers ran 8 miles (or more!) to complete the CovBri one SlowWays route as part of the SlowWays swarm to get as many routes verified over one weekend.

Lil and Laura had been at the Team Springboard allotment during the morning, while Liz decided to try the route in both directions. On our way, we completed another good deed, helping an older person with a health condition to catch his dog after she escaped from her lead. We then came across a very barky farm dog who was not at all happy with us as we crossed a field. Luckily it lost interest fairly quickly and we were able to hot foot it to the next stile.

We arrived in Brinklow just in time to enjoy the sunset from the top of the castle.

Find out more about SlowWays

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Laura DenhamJohn Hayes
Liz Pharoah
Liz Pharoah signed up to a training session.

Sat 12th Nov at 2:00pm

Run/walk and survey a local route for the SlowWays Swarm

Help to create a network of walking routes that connect all of Great Britain’s towns and cities.

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John Hayes
Liz Pharoah
Liz Pharoah went on a group run

Tue 11th Oct at 6:15pm

Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’….

Coventry Report written by Laura P (she/her)

7 Goodgymers ran 5km to Spencer Park to help the Friends of the Spencer Park to help with seasonal maintenance at the park.

After a welcome talk from our new Area Activator, Laura and a warm up led by former AA Liz, we set off for a short run through the city centre, under the ring road and over the railway line to get to Spencer park.

Our task for the evening was to remove the netting from the tennis courts as we are coming to the end of the season, sweep the tennis courts and sweep around the pavilion. We split into two groups, with Debora, Maddie and
Jade (welcome!), rolling and Robert,
Laura and Liz sweeping around the pavilion.

Once our task was complete, we did a speedy relay in two groups under pink and blue street lights, and then made our way back to our start location.

Welcome to GoodGym Jade we hope to see you again soon and well done Robert for completing 10 good deeds!

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Olivia WallerJohnny FiveLaura DenhamJohn Hayes
Liz Pharoah
Liz Pharoah went on a group run

Tue 27th Sep at 6:15pm

Get by with a litter help from our friends

Coventry Report written by Liz Pharoah

This evening 3 GoodGym Coventry members ran 6 km to support the Canal and Rivers Trust and Sustrans keep the paths clean from bridge 4 to the canal basin.

It was great to catch up and hear about Laura's recent running exploits andLaura 's busy weekends with social engagements.

Although we had started in fairly grey skies we kept mainly dry. The paths were actually fairly clean and we didn't have too much to collect but did still get 2 bags of rubbish.

It was great to see the canal looking so lovely and some runners, walkers and people fishing were enjoying the canal paths.

Next week we are supporting the Social Supermarket.

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John HayesLaura DenhamKatherine Mills
Liz Pharoah
Liz Pharoah signed up to a group run.

Tue 11th Oct at 6:15pm

Gardening at Spencer Park

Making the environment better

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