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Volunteer @ the new Priscilla Bacon Hospice
🗓Monday 29th July 6:00pm

📍Colney Lane Pavilion NR4 7UL

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Katy went on a group run

Mon 8th Jul at 6:00pm

Syca-more or less!

Norwich Report written by Ian Gostling

Tonight 11 GoodGymer's ran or cycled 4km to support Aslake Growers Community Garden.

With a lot of recent rain there were plenty of overgrown areas than needed some attention. We split into groups around the site to pull up any weeds and unwanted plants.

The sycamore had become particularly invasive, growing to heights over 2 metres so Alina took on the task of cutting it back with loppers and a saw.

The raised beds were given a thorough tidy up, with more soil added and sifted ready for planting.

And the perimeter bank of the building was completely cleaned up, pleasing some GoodGymer's who were able to work at waist height without any back aches!

Shout out to Katy and Bill who brought with them freshly picked gooseberries for us all to take home, along with some black currants and cucumbers from the community garden. Tuck in everyone!

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Katy went on a group run

Mon 1st Jul at 6:00pm

Take your Pic-nic!

Norwich Report written by Ian Gostling

Tonight 18 GoodGymer's ran or cycled 6km to Mousehold Heath.

We returned to this 140 acre heathland to continue the conservation work improving the biodiversity of this historical part of Norwich.

Armed with gloves and forks we cleared two large areas of bracken, allowing the underlying heather and grass to continue to grow.

Kudos to Ed and Ana who completed their first good deeds, and a BIG shout out to Sarah for her 50th good deed tonight!

Despite the summer rain, we ended the evening with a picnic in the nearby bandstand for more 7th birthday celebrations of GoodGym Norwich!

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Steven Hitcham
Katy signed up to a community mission.

Wed 31st Jul at 8:00pm

Katy went on a community mission

Sun 30th Jun at 8:00pm

Goodgym Picking out the best days in June!

Barnet Report written by Paul Salman

A few goodgym people did some litter picking in June.

Sally and Jacqui said Sally and I did this month's litterpick on Hampstead Heath yesterday. The Kite Festival was on.🪁

Paul My bit done …

As it is London Rivers Week it seemed appropriate to do some river based plogging. I picked up about half a black sack of litter in my wander along the current flood plain of the Ravensbourne between Deptford and Lewisham. I was also armed with secateurs so was able to cut back a lot of brambles as I went. Thanks for listing

Paul Salman did his pick on Saturday 29th June

With my dog Gus at my side, we set off on a mission. Armed with bags, gloves, and a sense of adventure, we ventured to Chesil Beach Dorset, determined to make it sparkle by picking up litter left behind by fishermen and late-night revelers.

We started our trek through the grassy fields leading to the beach. The morning greeted us with warm, golden light, and the sea, calm with a greenish hue, reflected the perfect summer day. It felt like a special moment, just wandering along the beach with Gus, ready to make a difference.

The beach offered a treasure trove of litter, each piece with its own untold story. Among the highlights were beer cans, a testament to unfinished fun, and two pairs of swimming trunks, left behind like forgotten mementos of a swim. The most intriguing find was a T-shirt from Japan, adorned with Japanese hieroglyphics and looking like it had traveled quite a distance. International beachwear, perhaps?

By the end of our litter-picking spree, we had filled three bags with rubbish. Notably, one bag bore the label "Barnet, London." A shout-out to Barnet Council – we're helping out Dorset with your contributions!

Walking along Chesil Beach, with the sea's gentle murmur and the warm sun overhead, picking up litter felt less like a chore and more like a gratifying adventure. Each piece of trash we collected added to the narrative of our morning. Gus, as always, was the perfect partner, adding a touch of canine charm to the task.

It was a successful mission accomplished! Chesil Beach is a bit cleaner, and our spirits are a bit higher. Here's to more GoodGym adventures and making a positive impact, one piece of litter at a time.

Until next time, happy running and picking!

litter picking while I was in Suffolk for a few days last week. Always sad how much litter is discarded in country lanes, despite not being near any houses. This sweet wrapper was just across the lane from these lovely orchids. Best wishes Katy

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Steven Hitcham