I am terribly bad at sports and making people laugh but I try to do both anyway.


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Sat 21st Oct 2023 at 3:00pm

Karolina went on a mission

Sat 23rd Sep 2023 at 3:00pm

We like to Move it Move it!

Cardiff Report written by Jen Velu

Mrs S needed her bedroom to be rearranged so that she can use her bed and brand new mattress. Two Goodgymers came to move the bed, wardrobe, and other large furniture, maximising the space and enabling Mrs S to use essential medical equipment at night. They also had a go at reorganising the wardrobe and are considering offering their personal stylist services more widely!

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Sun 24th Sep 2023 at 7:13pm

Great job both, feel free to style me for the next party!

Karolina went on a community mission

Sat 23rd Sep 2023 at 10:00am

NurjehanFloCecil SunnyLinda GatleyOlivia WallerMichael
Karolina signed up to a mission.

Sat 23rd Sep 2023 at 3:00pm

Moving of bedroom furniture Mrs S

Mrs S will have a better quality of life being able to sleep safety in her bed and use her medical equipment in the night.

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NurjehanCecil SunnyFlo
Karolina signed up to a community mission.

Sat 23rd Sep 2023 at 10:00am

Gardening in the Oasis

Create a space for good mental health

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NurjehanCecil SunnyFlo
Karolina went on a group run

Tue 19th Sep 2023 at 6:15pm

Holey Moley

Cardiff Report written by Michael

Thanks to all that braved the very changeable weather tonight. A special welcome to our newest member, what a night to come out for your first goodgym run

CROESO Matilda

No one was sure what the task would be tonight until we arrived and had a chance to review the weather. Spoiler alert – the review for today’s weather.... Awful.

Thankfully, the rain stopped enough for us to get outside and do some manual work, the goodgym exercise at work indeed.

  • Digging the soil, removing it in bags (to be carried) eventually we will be able to level the ground so that children can’t climb over the wall.....
  • Weeding with those trusty secateurs, a thing spiky, prickly that could cut will be cut! #harshvegan
  • Strimming.... Of sorts, Dylan seemed to fight the strimmer just as much as strimming the grass.. Luckily, it was just the worst overgrown areas to do.
  • Michael the new grass hairdresser, shearing the edge of the lawn to make it look a bit tidier... What’s this, an Area Activator with a blister.....

We were able to spend a bit more time here tonight as the run went quicker than planned, we even had time to arrange our return visit. I’m very excited to announce that it will be a Halloween Run, as it falls on a Tuesday... Costumes / face paint optional, but very very much encouraged.... I’m thinking Frankenstein’s Monster..... What are your thoughts?

You can sign up to the Halloween run HERE , or look at the full list HERE.

See you at a run / task soon... Don’t forget we do have walking options available at some tasks, read the description to see. You can also meet us there if that’s easier, or cycle of course. All active travel is welcomed at goodgym.

Tata for now


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