I am terribly bad at sports and making people laugh but I try to do both anyway.


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Community garden - tidy up Stargarallot
🗓Today 6:15pm

📍Big Moose Coffee Co CF10 2DB

Help to prepare the community allotments

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Tue 27th Sep at 6:15pm

Community garden - tidy up Stargarallot

Help to prepare the community allotments

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Karolina went on a community mission

Fri 23rd Sep at 7:00pm

NurjehanOlivia WallerMichael
Karolina went on a group run

Tue 13th Sep at 6:15pm

Get your rocks off

Cardiff Report written by Michael

A rainy day, but that just means that the ground is softer and easier to dig! Seven goodgymers got together at Stargarallot to help tidy up the community growing space, Four runners and everyone else cycling to the task.

We were welcomed by Camilla and shown the shed of snacks, before a quick briefing on the task tonight. There was a bed that had become overgrown and needed clearing, and three rockery type spaces that would require all of the roks to be removed, dug up and then placed back until it was time to plant in there again.

We split into three groups, one on the main bed and the other two taking a rockery each. We had a good catch up whilst getting the task done, saw the smallest tiny snail, filled a hot bin ready to make some more compost, saved a sage plant and took some wonderful before and after pictures. A bite or two on our legs from the needle nosed busy buzzies, and it was time to make our way back to the city centre.

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Karolina signed up to a community mission.

Fri 23rd Sep at 7:00pm

Marshalling the City Hospice Sparkle Walk

Helping run a night-time walk which will raise funds for patients with life-limiting illnesses and their families.

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NurjehanMichaelJohn ShirleyYianny
Karolina signed up to a group run.

Tue 13th Sep at 6:15pm

Community garden - tidy up Stargarallot

Help to prepare the community allotments

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Karolina signed up to a training session.

Sat 10th Dec at 10:30am

Pen y Fan - pre Christmas Party Hike

A good workout before the Christmas party

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MichaelNathan SwainNurjehan
Karolina went on a group run

Tue 23rd Aug at 6:30pm

Forbidden Pallet

Cardiff Report written by Michael

Tonight, was one of our longer runs, and it felt great. With a few options for shorter routes also thrown in, 13 goodgymers were out and about and ready to help the community allotment 'StarGarAllot'.

We made our way from the City Centre to the allotment, a nice 2 miles away in the (still) warm evening. Upon arrival we took some time to appreciate the beautiful allotments swimming in the various shades of green of nature. Our task, to move the stack of items from the previous store to their new homes. The names of each were;

  • Inside
  • Outside
  • Frames
  • Tip

But first, we had to move the GIANT tarpaulin that was the current cover without covering ourselves with the standing water that had gathered. Once done, it was a simple case of shouting where the different items were going - a task that Camilla (Our organiser) did exceptional well. The groups made light work of the task, using muscles and trolleys to get the work done.

Once the area was cleared (mostly), except for the last few pallets that seemed to be home to a natural bee colony, it was time to build a roof for the 'Inside' area so that the wood stayed as dry as possible. But not before Michael tried to become a Bee Whisperer, after a few photos we moved on and left them 'bee'. Wonderful things that we need to help as much as possible, truly the 'bees’ knees' ..... okay, I'm done!

Luckily, we had found some corrugated metal at our task here on Sunday and had a few more pieces ready to create the roof.

As everyone started to chat, Michael soon reminded them that the task was not yet over....... It was time to move the tarpaulin over to some clear space so that we could open it up only to fold it back down and use it as the final waterproof cover. The tarpaulin (Worm) took some manoeuvring to get out of the way without damaging plants, but we finally made it, a few folds, a lot of debate and we managed to get it to a manageable size and finish the task.

A few snacks and some hydration before heading home, another successful Tuesday completed.

Don't forget to get signed up for next week's activity, as we take a shorter route from our usual starting location to the wonderful 'Cwtch together' - sign up HERE

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