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Brent GoodGym lead. Woman in business means business. Freelance sports developer, positive thinker. Runner, Crossfitter, Heavy Weightlifter. My philosophy is - Feel good, Do Good, Inspire.


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Ellie Hutch
Ellie Hutch run in five different GoodGym areas. 🎉

Wednesday 20th March



Ellie Hutch run in five different GoodGym areas.

Ellie is a (wo)man about town, it's clear to see. They've visited 5 different areas and they are loved for it. Keep spreading the goodness.

Ellie Hutch
Ellie Hutch went to a social

Wed 20th Mar at 7:30pm

Now we're cookin'.

Portsmouth Report written by Julie Blake

Several GoodGymers offered unwanted items in an informal "swap shop" online and at our weekly task. A smorgasboard of goodies were swapped from clothes, books and bath salts, to hot chocolate and sunglasses! Ellie heroically saved some vegan hot chocolate from landfill and Sammy rescued a Master Chef Junior cookbook (which also happens to have a very excellent chocolate fondant recipe in it).

Left over items from the swap are being donated to the RSPCA in Fratton.

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Ellie Hutch
Ellie Hutch went on a group run

Wed 17th Jan 2018 at 6:45pm

Paper Round.

Southwark Report written by Ellie Hutch

This week, GG Southwark had a change of scene, a long run to bike heaven and a paper chase around the borough.

On this very cold mid January eve, GG southwark were tasked with running the 1.7mile route to Peckham BMX club, to help with some much needed promotion and leaflet dropping.

After a change up of scene, our base for welcomes was instead at the gorgeous little restaurant TUPI on Peckham Rye road. However, we soon outgrew our quaint little abode as who knew peckham goodgym would be such a success on such a cold night with 21 runners in toe!!!

After housekeeping we donned our winter warmers and set to foot on the first leg. With Ed and his pigeon back from honeymoon, it was of course a very fast pack pace at the front. But leading from the back I had just as fierce of a team and managed to get everyones best efforts all the way to task.

Meeting us at the track was CK our host, who wasted no time handing over the stacks and stacks of glossy papers promoting this excellent community club.

With a plan to achieve maximum distributions on route back, the groups ran hard and fast, posting all the way. Thankfully the park is surrounded by a ton of awesome block estates. Therefore we carried out some excellent tempo sprint/jog efforts, all the way round the hood.

As the cold drew in, we switched up directions and spent the next 35mins pavement pounding, heading for home & of course hitting up letter boxes wherever we could.

It was certainly a night to get pulses racing as well as legs. With distances dashed, in a flash, we were done. The end of another goodgym in glorious Peckham.

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Ellie Hutch
Ellie Hutch went on a group run

Mon 15th Jan 2018 at 6:45pm

We brush up well !

Brent Report written by Ellie Hutch

16 glorious goodgymers came out in style to run roads and speed sidewalks, all in the name of wonderful willesden.

It's always going to be an ace evening when so many warriors show up to do good in terrible weather. Let me tell you, it was absolutely throwing it down this Monday in Jan. However, the Goodgym gods seemed to smile upon us, as the rain reduced and finally stopped ready for our evening of fun.

Welcoming all faces of the familiar and one new - James, who had joined me at the taster session a couple of weeks ago. This lovely lad making up a brilliant new battalion of SIX boys now!! woo hoo! Not to be outshone it was girl power all the way, with a gallant gaggle of ten girls as well.

Painting the (willesden) town (Goodgym) red After housekeeping it was a very swift jaunt down to our task for the evening - First one of the year for the community hub of the old police station, where the regeneration is now a full year in swing. Meeting our host Colin on arrival, we were quickly shown our two jobs for the night - Painting the entrance room ceilings and of course some extra hauling of debrit and waste outside into the van ready for removal.

So the teams split into two and began the 40min shape up of the old cop shop, quicker than you could shake an old paint brush.

In between the sweat and sawdust work, the teams broke off into mini teams of players for me. Of course I couldn't let them get away without some fitness fun in the yard: Relay races, squat combos and conditioning work for good measure.

Before long the final hour was upon us and after the final countdown chimed, we reviewed our amazing efforts!! What a team, who could tackle such a big task and get 90% done in just 40mins flat!! Even though it may have looked like we spent more time painting ourselves (liz getting a colour job on her very own crown) we did in fact paint the walls as well!

The hills are alive After the final farewell there was just enough time to hit the hills of St Peters Road for a short blast of tempos and a final chance to get heart rates racing and muscles aching.

This crew of fitties didn't let me down as they huffed and puffed their way to glory and all the way back home for a final cool down and stretch to say goodbye.

What a great night to paint, thank god we didn't faint, while running up hills, covered in painting spills.

See you next time!!!!


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Olivia Waller
Ellie Hutch
Ellie Hutch went on a group run

Wed 10th Jan 2018 at 6:45pm


Southwark Report written by Ellie Hutch

OMG could it be ? A bumper batch of 23 ? Running miles, all with smiles, to Camberwell from Peckham for baby bank heaven.

It was a wondrous sight indeed what befell my eyes this eve, as one by one the bright and beaming faces of the southwark GG crew rocked in through the doors of Old Spike.

Joining the ranks of rad regulars were a totally fantastic, completely boombastic double digits gang of newbies galore!!!! Hurrahhhhh

So after warm welcomes to old and new and a Goodgym share and spiel for good measure, we had a quick 5mins for announcements at base with Beth; Who kindly reminding the troops to track their runs on strava so we meet our January targets for the big GG Drive. Yes!!! Come on team get logging!!

After all housekeeping was done, we head out into the chill to tackle the 1.7mile route towards our hosts for the eve - The Salvation Army Camberwell and their bank of baby clothes for sorting.

Leading out the ranks I cruised with my crew the first mile with ease, but we knew what was lurking round the corner...... The infamous Grove Park hill!! But do you know what, we hit that first hill hard and with my fave power couple Rob and Sarah up front, there was no stopping the pace or sense of determination as the whole squad dashed off the first leg in no time at all!!! YAY

Arriving at our destination in well under 30mins, we were greeted by our ever so grateful and smiling hosts who were so very happy for our help!! The jobs at hand, our lovely task leader explained, were sorting and clearing the donations of children's clothing, moving the large objects up to the loft and labeling the canned food goods before stacking away.

Much to do and not a whole lot a nothing, in fact, there was a whole lotta something for everyone to get stuck into, so stick and stack we did and the task was underway.

Splitting the crew (as I said - there was in fact much to do), we ploughed through the mountains of baby grows and knitted cardies galore, not to mention all the peculiar slogan tees; Our favs being ‘Chick magnet’ and ‘lock away your daughters’ looks like the new batch of Youngers growing up in Southwark will be a big old bunch of Romeos!!!

So back to the tasks at hand and we were well and truly in the mix, sorting, folding and rolling to make room in the boxes that filled up fast!! Over on the other side (and dangerously close to the big box of leftover Xmas choccys I might add) Beth and Hanna led the second group troops in the labeling and shelf stacking of canned and boxed goods alike.

With all the action 35mins seemed to fly by, like a stalk on delivery day and BOOM before I knew it, the countdown was upon me!!! 3,2,1 and we're done!! Having made a huge impact on the big piles and completely finished the canned element of the task as well!! Amazing!!!

So with tasks well and truly wrapped and the countdown timer chiming its last chime, we bid our fond farewells and.......ok one last chocolate for the road before we were turning on our heels and off once more.

Route home was swift, even though there was yet again.... Another hill to tackle!!! Yes, She is a tough one, but the encouragement and smiles all the way, made us mad for the madam and the goodgym cheer flowed happily all the way home!!!

Stretches finished the eve and after those hills we were pleased, but sad to say goodbye, until next week.

A Fabulous evening filled with big love, big efforts and big vibes - Its GG Southwark of course, I expect nothing less!!!!

See you next time x x x x


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Olivia Waller
Ellie Hutch
Ellie Hutch went on a group run

Mon 8th Jan 2018 at 6:45pm

Water-trip Down(wind)

Brent Report written by Ellie Hutch

13 Winter warriors, faced some fierce icy winds, to run 8km and task for GG Brent's first one back for the year!! pow pow!

FIRST ONE BACK!!! & Boy oh Boy was it a frosty one! But no weather was going to keep this gang of gutsy go-getters from the glory of the first task back in Jan! hurrah.

Joining the ranks of old familiar faces were two newbies in the midst - Kathy and Harold, who were wrapped up and raring to go along with the OG's on deck - Mouse, Dimple, Simon, Uzman, Karen, Liz, Joe, Debs, Pete and our very own Dinesh who's birthday it was today!!!!

In celebration of our fav warrior Dinesh's years on this planet, we sang a spritely rendition of HAPPY BIRTHDAY before heading out onto the pavements to pound the first half of the 5mile route.

The weather may have been cold and bitter, but the troops were quite the opposite. Gassing, chatting and smiling all the way, up hills and big climbs and windy, dark roads to the destination at hand - The Brent waterways stretch in Wembley, our adopted pride of land that we will be tending to for the whole of 2018!

After an excellent demo of fitness finese arrival came swiftly as we landed and approached Jack our host for the eve and his trusty white van.

As always the van was filled to the brim with pickers, high viz vests, bins bags, torches, sticks and stones and everything else you could possibly imagine that could get the job of clearing our patch achieved!! So wasting no time (as we only had 30mins on the clock), the team set to work on the rocking and rolling and lets watch this show unfolding!

For 25mins the team picked and pulled, dragged and grabbed all number of articles of disguarded waste from the canal and its banks. From peculiar pants, to mossy plants. Beer cans and follys and supermarket trollys. The spoils were as varied as a stocking stuffed full on xmas morning thats for sure!!

After a cold 20mins, the weather took a turn for the even colder and this sped up our efforts indeed! A quick final flourish took us to the end of our mission and we packed up quick smart, thanked our host and waved goodbye before our fingers froze too much to wave!!

The last leg of the journey was a mad dash for home, with every runner lifting legs and making dashes through every gust of chill, to get back to base before turning into ice sculptures!! But do you know what, it was a blessing in disguise this cold, because it proved to us all that no matter how many mince pies we'd all enjoyed over the festive season, we still had the skills and thrills to throw caution to the damn wind and bang out some fast miles home, smiling all the way no less!!

Back at base and we all couldn't believe our speed through the last legs! Perhaps there is something to say about being based out of a pub - The promise of beer jackets and toasty fires for relaxing! HA HA!!

But in all seriousness, this troop of terrific taskers, could not have proved their honours in a more gallant way, on this first session back! Demonstrating the promise of our teams capabilities of wonderful, worthwhile magic, for the new year ahead!!

I cannot wait to see you all next time!!!!


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Olivia Waller
Ellie Hutch
Ellie Hutch went on a group run

Sat 6th Jan 2018 at 11:00am

Rake, rattle and roll.

Brent Report written by Ellie Hutch

A Sensational Six, met this very cold Saturday morning to bring in the year with style.

Change of address Kilburn station was the chosen meet point today on this first for January starter session. Showing up was an impressive seven soldiers who were pumped and prepped to learn more about our Brent brigade.

After a welcome, which did a decent job of warming up our cockles, we set off on the mini jaunt of 0.4 miles down the high road to Kilburn Grange Park, where our hosts from Kingsgate Garden Club awaited us.

King of Kings AJ our excellent lead for the task was ready and waiting upon our arrival, is the manager of the Kingsgate Garden Association. A super organisation of community volunteers who work hard to preserve little plots of land across the park. They are hoping to enter one particular plot into the Chelsea flower show next year, so it needs some serious all year round tending to.

Straight to work Without wasting any time at all, the team had rakes and hoes thrust into their hands and got straight down to work with the first fifteen minutes blast of super speed raking, filling 2 giant bags in no time at all!

Fitness Fun Break out time, for some fitness fun to be had. Starting with 2 laps round the 400m track, with a lovely little speed progression at the half way point. Next up - Walking lunges, squats and partner held squat punches for 1 minutes intervals. Which by the way the team absolutely smashed to pieces like champs!!

Finished there? Leaf it out!! After the break out fitness fun it was back to work and for the final blast of leaf raking and soil hoeing which the team carried out in speedy time, like a set of Goodgym Pros. One last challenge was drag the 4, yes 4 full bags of leaves over the fence and into the compost. Just goes to show many hands make light work and what could have been a laborious task, was done and dusted in 25mins flat.

Joining the squad After the session it was back to Kilburn for a cool down jog and stretch. Thanking the team for showing up and showing out on such a cold first weekend in Jan, I couldn't have been happier with the excellent group. So hoping we've secured a few new members of our team, I saluted the troops and invited them to the next Monday meet! Hope to see you all there as well!!


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Ellie Hutch
Ellie Hutch went on a group run

Sat 16th Dec 2017 at 11:00am

What a pig-stye! No worries, Goodgym cleaned it up!

Southwark Report written by Ellie Hutch

On a gloriously sunny Saturday, two terrific taskers, got down and dirty for Surrey Docks Farm!

It was cold, it was frosty but that didn't stop two GG enthusiasts - Myself and Pratusha, from rocking up to support the every day working on the farm, which overlooks the Thames.

After a warm welcome from the excellent farm team: Gemma and Brandon, we received a quick brief of the tasks ahead: The shifting and wheelbarrowing of much needed mulch into new beds & also a clean up and sort of the piglets pen! YAYYYY

But before we began the tasking there was a 30 Min window to slam in some awesome exercise, starting with a lovely jog along the river drenched in winter sunshine!!!

The run was a delight and a jolly good pace as well! Patusha was even surprise at how fast she was going and still holding conversation at the same time! If this was anything to go by, I could tell her challenge of running 'The Big Half' would be no trouble at all!!

At the half way spot, we stopped for a stretch and a mini HIIT session for good measure! Squats, walking lunges & jumping jacks, got our heart rates up and our endorphins flowing faster than the river itself!

After the HIIT parade it was an even faster paced river cruise, back to base where we could begin our physical farm work for the next 45 Mins.

As we got down to our back breaking work, the efforts were rewarded with awesome chats with Brandon. He told us all about the logistics and inner workings of the farm, including how much they do for the local community!! From workshops & mini farmers clubs for kids to community allotments hosted on site, this definitely is a community hub that gives back on many levels.

20 Mins in and we'd already moved the mulch so next was onto the piggy parade and the cleaning up of Marmalade & Winnie's home digs.

Now I'd like to say we got a lot of work done here and despite our best efforts to muck out the paddock, these mischievous little oinkers had better ideas!

So a gratuitous display of piggy love was really and truly how we ended the session, rewarded only by these little snufflers chewing our shoe laces and nuzzling in for some serious belly scratching!

Sadly as always our time ticked away and even though it felt like just a moment had passed, in reality 90 Mins had flown by! So we said our thank you's to the hosts and head on out for the rest of the day!

What an awesome morning, better than staying in bed yawning! To go for a run and have some Goodgym fun. Helping with farming and meeting pigs who were ever so charming. We are glad for help, they did ask, now onto The Big Half!!

See you for the next starter in JAN!!!

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Chan S Nandhray

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Ruth Taylor

Mon 18th Dec 2017 at 11:47am

Piglets! Great starter session task.

Andy went on a group run

Wed 13th Dec 2017 at 6:45pm

Gelty pleasures - donut feel good?

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

What a year it's been. We've seen the group go from strength to strength, have helped countless charities and community organisations, covered many, many miles and had a pretty great time while we did it. We've seen the first ever 50 milestones reached in Hounslow, cheered our members through races and PBs and celebrated our first birthday. 2018 is shaping up to be a truly brilliant year.

Our last run of 2017 was a very festive one - not only were we feeling very Christmassy, but we also had Hanukkah to celebrate. Double the fun! So we jingled all the way outside to warm up, and to hear about each other's favourite points of 2017. Reaching 50 good deeds, joining GoodGym, traveling to exotic places and simply that it's almost over were our highlights.

'Borrowing' the lovely Ealing group's idea, our run to the task tonight was accompanied by a festive quiz, which included questions like how many good deeds have been done across the whole of GoodGym (73 112!) and who is top of the Hounslow leader board for good deeds (Remy and Andy). Each incorrect answer resulted in a fitness-based forfeit for the team, and there was one unfortunate moment when the roles were reversed and the questionmaster was punished with a mean old set of tricep dips. That wasn't supposed to happen!

We soon arrived at our task, which was to pick up and deliver a pile of leaflets for a community Christmas concert happening in Brentford. We're well practised at this particular job now, and so as soon as we got the leaflets in our chilly little hands, we set off into the local streets, stopping only for a quick snap in front of Brentford FC's home ground.

We still had a two mile run back ahead of us, so after we had had got rid of all the leaflets we set off in the direction of home. The drizzle started not long after, putting the future of our fitness session (the 12 days of Fitmas) in peril. By the time we got back to Turnham Green it was coming down pretty badly so we decided to do the festive thing, and head inside. A good job we did for two reasons. The first was that shortly after the heavens opened and the rain became apocalyptic, and the second was much much nicer. Thank you so much team for all the amazing words and treats - you are a brilliant bunch. We saw off the night drinking prosecco and toasting the year we've had, before retiring to the pub to spin the dreidel and eat the incredible spread of delicious things that Remy kindly brought us. It's been a wonderful year, and it's all down to the people that every week dedicate their time to make other people's lives better. That's you! Here's to 2018 xxx

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Anastasia Hancock