Rake, rattle and roll.

7 Goodgymers helped their local community in Brent
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Saturday 6th January 2018

Report written by Ellie Hutch

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A Sensational Six, met this very cold Saturday morning to bring in the year with style.

Change of address Kilburn station was the chosen meet point today on this first for January starter session. Showing up was an impressive seven soldiers who were pumped and prepped to learn more about our Brent brigade.

After a welcome, which did a decent job of warming up our cockles, we set off on the mini jaunt of 0.4 miles down the high road to Kilburn Grange Park, where our hosts from Kingsgate Garden Club awaited us.

King of Kings AJ our excellent lead for the task was ready and waiting upon our arrival, is the manager of the Kingsgate Garden Association. A super organisation of community volunteers who work hard to preserve little plots of land across the park. They are hoping to enter one particular plot into the Chelsea flower show next year, so it needs some serious all year round tending to.

Straight to work Without wasting any time at all, the team had rakes and hoes thrust into their hands and got straight down to work with the first fifteen minutes blast of super speed raking, filling 2 giant bags in no time at all!

Fitness Fun Break out time, for some fitness fun to be had. Starting with 2 laps round the 400m track, with a lovely little speed progression at the half way point. Next up - Walking lunges, squats and partner held squat punches for 1 minutes intervals. Which by the way the team absolutely smashed to pieces like champs!!

Finished there? Leaf it out!! After the break out fitness fun it was back to work and for the final blast of leaf raking and soil hoeing which the team carried out in speedy time, like a set of Goodgym Pros. One last challenge was drag the 4, yes 4 full bags of leaves over the fence and into the compost. Just goes to show many hands make light work and what could have been a laborious task, was done and dusted in 25mins flat.

Joining the squad After the session it was back to Kilburn for a cool down jog and stretch. Thanking the team for showing up and showing out on such a cold first weekend in Jan, I couldn't have been happier with the excellent group. So hoping we've secured a few new members of our team, I saluted the troops and invited them to the next Monday meet! Hope to see you all there as well!!


Session Leader
Rebecca Richardson
Maire Grogan
Lloyd Lewis-Hayter
Ellie Hutch
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Helping our local community with this important task

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