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Jubilee Primary School is All Write !!

Tuesday 28th November

Written by Yianny (he / him)

Last night our fantastic Run Leader Joao stepped into the breach to cover the run as AA Yianny was on family duty and it was a great group turnout to boot!

Most of the group met at Papa's to get out of the cold for a few minutes before setting off while Marie-Noelle, Paul and Lindy met the group at the task. It was also lovely to see Elsa back for her second session in two weeks (that way a streak lies!)

After an easy run the group arrived and were let in by the cleaning staff and by the looks of the pictures were in charge of shifting loo roll about as well as some weeding and pruning of one of the outdoor spaces.

We will keep it as simple as that for this week's report but if any of the group want to update on any humourous goings on then please add that into the comments section below.

Big thanks to all and we are now on the final countdown to the festive period so some great tasks with our fantastic partners as well as the end of year party on the 19th - get signed up here: Ho Ho Hold My Pumpkin Spiced Kombucha

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Nathan Wood

PRNG Gardening Session

Saturday 25th November

Written by Nathan Wood

Bright and early, it was a sunny and chilly morning.

I, and the rest of the gardens volunteers took on roles to mulch and clear paths from the encroaching ivy.

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Sam LefevreBenjamin Crouch

U-kraine make a difference

Thursday 23rd November

Written by Sam Lefevre (he/him)

This has nothing to do with the Ukrainian crisis, but Benjamin and Sam did sort out and bag up a lot of pastries and bread including Ukrainian bread. 😉

Just as it was coming to the end of the session, the Morrison's delivery arrived so we helped unload the van as they had 12 boxes of items.

They also had to split boxes of 10 eggs in a carton by cutting the box (6 and 4). An impactful session as VGCC are ready for their foodbank distribution tomorrow.

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No Need to Herb our Enthusiasm - We Had Ants in our Plants!

Tuesday 21st November

Written by Yianny (he / him)

Another lovely Tuesday evening at GG Lambeth with a mix of new and long term members joining us for the task with Thames Reach hospice. We are certainly getting lucky with the crisp cold but dry conditions although most of the group insisted it wasn't that cold..... AA Yianny begs to differ!

First up a warm welcome to Liz and Elsa (?!) who were attending their first GG session as new members, it was lovely to have you both with us! Also welcome back to Charlotte - back with us after a long injury layoff, glad to have you with us again.

Tonight's run was a good one. We were heading down to the Thames Reach Hospice about four kilometres each way to help out with their communal garden. Communication had been sparse and it turns out on arrival that our point of contact with Thames Reach no longer works there. But thankfully the team there were happy to see us and were able to let us in and into the shed to find the tools and carry out the job.

We were met at the task by our resident walkers / cyclists Marie-Noel and Paul. And now that our group was complete, we were able to get our gloves on and get cracking with weeding the planting beds. 45 minutes later, we'd done a great job in clearing out the large planting bed so that the onions (or possibly daffodils?) could grow in peace. We also managed to disturb a large number of creepy crawlies from the planting bed, to the delight of Louise, who was doing a bit of good gym tourism this evening. In the last few minutes we were able to collect a bit of litter to spruce the garden up a bit, put everything in the bin and then we were ready to head back to base and those who were running separately or cycling could head home.

Huge thanks to everybody for this evening and a reminder that next week's session will be held in French, followed by sessions in German, Norwegian and any other language that people care to share with the rest of the group. Only joking, but great to have some really fun conversation about where people are from (Oslo such a beautiful city!), where they've been living, and what languages they prefer speaking.

See you all at the next one!

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Sam Lefevre

A slice would be nice

Wednesday 22nd November

Written by Sam Lefevre (he/him)

Using his day off, Sam started out his day at Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre to unload a City Harvest delivery for Melvin, Kitty and Sophia (coordinators and volunteers at VGCC) before using some extra time he had for them to slice and bag up Cherry and Almond traybakes as they received over 10 big trays and wanted to give them out in smaller amounts on Friday.

I will be back tomorrow for the Felix Project delivery.

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Nathan WoodLindy Macfarlane

Putting the gym in Goodgym

Monday 20th November

Written by Lindy Macfarlane

2 goodgymmers got their work out in this Monday morning carrying office chairs and metal drawers up 3 flights of steps 🥵 . We finished up the task sanding the walls down before their final lick of paint

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