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Oh, sanding, baby

Tuesday 20th February

Written by Harvey Gallagher (he/him)

Sanding at the theatre Branded a volunteer What will they say Monday at work?

Someday, when the toilets are painted Somehow, someway, our two worlds will be one

I sit, I wonder whyyyyy… Oh why you left the walls so smooth Oh, GoodGym, baby

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EalingCommunity mission

Planting the seed of Tiny Forest

Monday 19th February

Written by Kash

A new Tiny Forest is coming to Ealing: at Southall Recreation Ground! Last Saturday Earthwatch gave us a surplus of leaflets printed to advertise the event. In GoodGym we don't like waste - and if there was a chance to convince more people to join the Tiny Forest initiative - we were going to give it a shot.

Steph and Kash met in front of Southall Station for a last-minute call to spread the word about the Thursday planting among the local community. They walked South, through a familiar route towards Western Road, and targeted the letter boxes at houses not far from Southall Recreation Ground.

There was only a tiny amount of leaflets to finish off, so the task was done in no time. Hopefully, at least a few of them landed on the promising ground!

If you would like to join the planting of the Tiny Forest in Southall, come along this Thursday afternoon. Sign up here.

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EalingCommunity mission

Patience is a virtue

Monday 19th February

Written by StephDucat

Monday morning and time to go and offload groceries off the vans for South Ealing Community Food cupboard. As expected, the 1st van delivered at 830 am before group of volunteers arrived. Now it was a game of waiting for the 2nd van to arrive 😀. We had to be patient, even if it takes a little longer. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I bet they were Rome-ing around in the meantime. After an hour of waiting, the van arrived and then we could unload all the groceries and get then inside the Church cupboard for distribution later in the day.

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EalingCommunity mission

Dry Me a River

Sunday 18th February

Written by Sevan

The rain had been coming down all night, stopping only half an hour before the start of today's Pitshanger Junior parkrun. With the sun starting to peek out, Kash and Sevan arrived to find that the Brent River had burst its banks, submerging part of the regular course 🌊. With no way of drying the route and keeping the participants safe, it was time to put the "alternate route" plan into action.

The run director, David, was trying to remember what the alternate course layout was. Apparently they'd only needed to use it twice in the last 9 years. The 39 brave runners would cut across the grass before reaching the river. The tail walker would later say

"The grass is one big puddle"

The run director organised their marshals on the unfamiliar route and briefed them on how to direct the runners

"There's a red cone where the runners rejoin the normal path from the muddy wasteland" - Run Director

Kash and Sevan were both marshalling with Sevan spending most of the parkrun saying "go left". On the second lap, the leading girl sighed at him and said "Yeah. I know". Most did appreciate the guidance though.

No one was lost to the river and surprisingly, there weren't many muddy runners on the route by the end. It's pretty much guaranteed that they were all soaked through below the knee, though.

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EalingCommunity mission

Fixing a hole where the rain gets in

Saturday 17th February

Written by Ealing runner

Yesterday 7 goodgymmers from far and wide joined us to help out the fabulous crew at Western Road Urban Garden in Southall.

Rain didnt defeat us and once we got there it had actually stopped!

The super 7 had walked, run (some even parkrun) and cycled their way there to join the efforts.

Milly arrived early to meet the attendees and was quickly tasked with rehoming several plantpots.

Main tasks were helping Manny with the Polytunnel, it needed a few repairs and tall people to support in the tricky corners. Sevan headed this up drawing in a crowd for support as people arrived.

The other job was digging away, turning the ground ready for some more future planting. the allotment had been left derelict for years so the thing you can find in that mud- from roman pottery to some very old glass bottles and more. kash and milly got to this with Chris, Michelle, Suz and Louis joining after the polytunnel completion.

We had a well needed samosa break and a cup of tea and set back to work! thanks to the team at western road for always looking after us!

Thank you to crew from Hounslow and Richmond Goodgym for joining!

Please check out other tasks coming up this week for more of the action!

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Mystery Shoppee

Saturday 17th February

Written by Sevan

Sevan was sent to shop for a mystery man today. Details were scarce apart from his name and address. Even how he would pay or if he even would were unknown. Maybe he was in witness protection, an aged gangster hiding out or just a very private person. Sevan decided not to ask, so the mystery remains...

Shopping for Mr J was straightforward and he did have cash to hand. At least that was one unknown that revealed itself. Four basic food items were on the list and milk, bread, cheese and eggs were quickly acquired. Spaghetti bolognese in a tin took a bit more hunting for and luckily the local Sainsburys stocked it, so Sevan managed to deliver everything that Mr J needed for the week ahead.

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