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Help me w to assembly a walker

Thursday 18th July

Written by Amaryllis

I get on really well , This person was lovely and a bit in need of help to build up few elements that she bought recently . It’s was a pleasure to meet and help her

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Hummingbirds finding refuge (and rubbish) in the rain

Monday 8th July

Written by Nicola Thomas (She/her)

Four GoodGym-ers helped out to run a tailored session at the Hummingbird Refugee Project - A Community Standing Together for the Rights and Protection of Young Refugees.

We were invited to run a guest workshop at the Black & Minority Ethnic Community Partnership - BMECP centre on occasion of their weekly Social Club. After some fun welcoming game and physical introductions Stefania talked all about GoodGym and the handed-out information to enable the young adults to join if they wanted. We then set off to The Brighton Greenway to pick litter. Nearly 30 young people joined in with much enthusiasm despite the spitting rain! Like Hummingbirds, who find refuge from rain under leaves or in dense foliage to stay dry, we simulated a similar shelter-seeking behaviour while looking for rubbish under the foliage in this green belt close to Brighton station.

We collected 5 bags of rubbish in 30 minutes, a great achievement and a lot of satisfaction!

We then went back to the centre and ate a meal together. It was such a joyful evening, enriched by the participation of experienced GoodGym-er Frances and our kind soul Ebrah. I was so impressed by the young people of the Hummingbird Refugee Project and how they threw themselves into the task. I think a few of them really enjoyed it!

I wouldn’t be surprised if we get some new members too! HERE how to become a GoodGym member!

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Missing the summer, GoodGym-ers?

Tuesday 9th July

Written by STEFANIA ROSSO (she/her)

I miss the summer, I really do! Don’t you? Regardless, it was such a great pleasure to be running with other 8 brave GoodGym-ers at yesterday's group session. We also welcomed Mariam, who was not discouraged at all but the rainy introduction to GoodGym Brighton!

Armed with rain cover ☔, weeds scrapers🧹provided by the B&H Tidy Up Team, loppers ✂ and other garden tools borrowed from Brighton Borrowers, we joined forces 💪 with a few other brave volunteers from Round Hill: the community hero Rob, my lovely neighbour Josh and the super active Aurelie from the Sylvan Hall Residents Association.

Together, we managed to clear Cat-Creep (ie the long steep stairway connecting Wakefield Road with Roundhill Crescent, where tods are crossing 🐸), a great length of the pathway of Wakefield Road, and the surrounding of the orchard at the East end of Sylvan Hall, which is aimed to flourish as a secret biodiversity spot of this residential estate. Mariam also managed to save cute snails from the green clearance! 🐌

This was a great and fully appreciated effort! Thank YOU all, GoodGym! Thank you also for helping to save good bread loaves and pasties from being wasted. Hope you enjoyed them for dinner 😊.

To the next one, and to the summer to come (hopefully).

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Everybody’s gone surfin’, Surfin Against Sewage!

Tuesday 2nd July

Written by Juliet O'Brien

This Tuesday, GoodGym Brighton has been Running Out Of Time, and we made a few pledges to act together as a community for climate and nature!

On this lovely warm evening, ten GoodGym-ers ran 2km to the beach where we picked up litter grabbers and Surfers Against Sewage's sacks to collect the litter. We spread out along the beach towards the iconic i360 and up on the path above the beach finding plastic bottles, cans and wrappers, but not too much litter this time, which was good to see. Some tourists gave us their rubbish and one asked an unusual question, ‘Can you fly a drone on the beach?’ It was explained we were not the council (!), and just volunteers so weren’t really sure.

After the task, we ran to the square near the i360 for some fitness exercises. Stefania divided us into four groups for two circuits of four different exercises: squats, tricep dips, step ups and press ups. Although it was tiring, it was also great exercise!

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Save the Planet!

Tuesday 2nd July

Written by STEFANIA ROSSO (she/her)

We are Running Out of Time – Save the Planet!

2436km. 29 days. One mission! 🌎 👇 GoodGym Brighton joined other runners, walkers, and cyclists passing the Relay baton from Ben Nevis to Big Ben. 🙌 We run the two relay legs in Brighton & Hove from i360 to Cardinal Newman School, and from here to Goldstone Primary School, in Hove, passing by Cottesmore St. Mary's Catholic Primary School.

“Save the Planet! Save the Planet! Save the Planet!”- That was the school children’s hiatus cheering the baton at each arrival of the runners!

Children showcased amazing practical actions, from planting hedgerows, litter picking, solar panels on the school’s roof to drinks dispensers with reusable cups, leaving a promising legacy for the benefits of the climate and nature! 👏

Jane and Stefania were proud to hold the baton taking pledges and showing commitments as individuals, at community, national and international level. GoodGym will keep running, cycling, walking with human power to show we can move and act together to make a difference!

On day to go and the Relay will arrive to London – just on time for the general election!

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Secret Garden beauty

Tuesday 25th June

Written by STEFANIA ROSSO (she/her)

Delighted by the lovely warm and sunny evening, yesterday’s Brighton GoodGym group session helped the Waterloo Street Community Garden, a secret beauty and well used community space between The Old Market and the Waterloo Street Arch. The Old Market opened in 1828 as a covered marketplace for sales of meat, fish and vegetables, supplying the residential development of Brunswick, which was originally independent from Brighton and Hove village. Now it is an independent mixed-arts venue under the name "TOM – The Old Market".

Last year we helped the Friends of Waterloo Street Community Garden to win an outstanding award from the Royal Horticultural Society in the Britain In Bloom competition. And this year, 11 of us were here again to timely help our friends to maintain the royal title! So, we moved all the pots to clear the area and reach every hidden corner to then join a sweeping fest with brooms and dustpans!

Best of luck, dear friends!

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