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Sat 1 Jun
Pennie Varvarides went on a group run
Group run

The Pennie has finally dropped!

Wed 29 May
Report written by Pennie Varvarides

Last night was my final run leading GG Haringey. After 3 (or 4, who really knows) wonderful years as a GoodGym trainer, it's time to hang my hat and take leave.

And what a wonderful way to go!

17 fabulous GG runners joined me for my final run (18 on task), with a couple of extra showing up for the after party at Blighty! Including GG tourists Patrick and Dharmesh (who wanted to say goodbye even though we'd not met before, which was extra lovely!) and bonus guest James, who saw us at Tottenham Green and decided to join the group in pulling weeds!

You all rock!

We started with an easy warm up in front of base, followed by the Burpee Name Game. Rita and Kapil decided I should do all of the burpees, which I never really got them back for later. Hopefully you all continue with some burpees every day in my memory =p

We then did the long lap round to our task over the road.

It was great to return to Tottenham Green for the last time to help Laura with many many tasks with our very large group.

The largest group in fact we've had all year!

Larger than last week's group, which was the last largest!

I hope the momentum continues!

We broke down furniture, pulled weeds, swept leaves and litter picked all around the garden bit and surrounding green space.

You can get a lot done in 30 minutes when there are so many pairs of hands.

We then took some team photos and said our goodbyes, before heading to the town hall for my final fitness session.

Julie requested the ninja game, so we started with some knee tag (though Ninja Tag is a way better name, thanks!), followed by various other partner games, including jumping, burpees, press ups, pulling and pushing.

Once everybody looked sufficiently knackered, we had a final sprint back to base for stretches, millions of high fives and a gentle stroll over to Blighty.

Hazel and Chi joined us for some eating, both of whom are GoodGym famous, as well as Raphael who saw the group by chance and tagged along for funsies.

All in all a very successful turn out.

We then basically overwhelmed the Blighty guys with our many orders and then ate such delicious food. It's my new favourite place. Definitely going to go back again (and again, and again).

After much good chat and good food I was treated to a wonderful surprise!

I am super greatful to all the wonderful people who got me a card and presents and hugs and even dinner.

It's been such an honour leading you and I hope to see you again some time.

I've sorted you out with your next two tasks and am leaving you in Chi's capable hands until your new trainer starts. Be nice to him. And the new guy. I hope he makes you do regular burpees too.

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Pennie Varvarides went on a group run
Group run

Pond Life

Wed 22 May
Report written by Pennie Varvarides

I go out when I want except on Wednesdays when I go running to pull weeds and plant bulbs (Pondlife)

This week we had 16 GoodGym-ers show up to help on our longest run in AGES! I don't know if that means everybody loves a long run or just that everybody wanted to help make sure we got enough done in our shorter task time.

Either way, you're all wonderful!

We were joined by GG newbiew Dominic, who hadn't run for years but was still super speedy.

Seeing as the run was real long, we split into two teams: the speedy lot and the party pacers, with Julie leading the party group and me leader the others.

Thanks to my medium sense of direction and Niamh helping out with her own medium sense of direction, we did an extra half a kilometer or so (including the biggest hill) and arrived at the same time as the other group anyway. Luckily on the way home Rhiannon directed us a way that didn't mean we had to go back up the massive hill we came down to get to the park entrance!

At the task we were greeted by three volunteers, already hard at work. Our task was to pull out all the weeds and take them to the compost round the side. We only had 15 minutes, but with 16 pairs of hands, we still blitzed it. The Friends of Stationers Park will be planting some new bulbs and bringing the pond back to life.

The volunteers told us it would have taken them a couple of weeks to get as much done on their own.

Everybody did so good!

Next week will be my last ever run, so I hope you can make it!

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Pennie Varvarides completed a training run • Spanish running is hard
Sat 11 May
Pennie Varvarides completed a training run • First 20 mins
Sun 5 May
Pennie Varvarides went on a group run
Group run

Show me a sign

Wed 1 May
Report written by Pennie Varvarides

This week 14 epic GoodGym-ers ran 5km to help Westbury Banks Nature Reserve hang their new sign

We were joined by FOUR NEWBIES, making last night's run the biggest so far this year (think). Go give Veronika, Freya, Alex and Ella a cheer!

We started off with warm up drills to gey the legs ready for the running, followed by the Burpee Name Game, to get everybody's brains and hearts working.

We then headed off towards Westbury Banks Nature Reserve. Julie was our trusty back-marker, while i lead the way with Rhiannon and Nurjehan.

We had a wall sit on the corner to give the back marker a chance to catch the front, much to the amusement of the local residents. One boy even joined us for a wall sit, but drew the line at running with us (by running away from us).

We took the scenic route last night through the park, detouring through some trees and steps to add a nice little change from the road side.

A quick run back to keep the group together and we were off again through the next park and down the hill.

When we got to Westbury, Luke and the gang were waiting with all the letters.

The first part of our task was a novel one: take photos holding each letter so Luke could create a gif.

Part two was to hang the letters up.

We had 30 minutes to take all the photos and hang all the letters. Ro said it took them 4 hours to hang the letters last time - definitely didn't take that long with 14 people!

The team split in half, with someone inside the fence and someone outside the fence, working as a team to hold and hang the letters.

We then took many photos, said our goodbyes and ran to Lordship Rec for some sprint work and Burpees.

We then ran home, including a sprint back up the hill, and another detour through the park. Dave was our trusty back marker on the way home.

Back at base, we stretched, we breathed, we high fived.

Really awesome task last night. Thanks so much guys.

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Pennie Varvarides completed a training run • Mini run
Wed 1 May
Pennie Varvarides completed a training run • Exploring the new local park
Mon 29 Apr
Pennie Varvarides signed up to a group run
Group run


Wed 29 May 18:45 pm
Tottenham Green Leisure Centre, 1 Philip Lane, London, N15 4JA
We'll be doing something cool

Last run hasn't been booked yet, but it'll be great and short and we'll go eat things and celebrate a great three years with GG and maybe two years with GG Haringey.

Meet us at Tottenham Green at 6.45pm. Bring a pound for the lockers. And your pocket money for dinner.

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Pennie Varvarides signed up to a group run
Group run

NEW TASK: Helping Friends of Stationers Park bring the old pond back to life

Wed 22 May 18:45 pm
Tottenham Green Leisure Centre, 1 Philip Lane, London, N15 4JA
We will be bringing new life to the park

This will be a long run, almost 4km each way, so will need as many runners along as possible to make sure we can get as much done as possible in a shorter amount of time.

If you'd like to come, but you're not sure you can run 8k, feel free to bring your oyster card along for the journey home.

We will be running to help Friends of Stationers Park bring an old pond that has dried up back to life. This will likely be the beginning of a beautiful new relationship, giving us a chance to be part of the rebirth of a pretty cool three-tiered pond!

Meet us at Tottenham Green Pools at 6.45pm. Bring a pound for the lockers if you'd like to leave a bag.

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