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Paul went on a community mission
Community mission

I guess you’re just what I weeded

Tue 13 Jul
Report written by Ellie Dove

5 GG Yorkies met in a spot of glorious sunshine to carry on the weeding of the beds at Danesgate School. It's also Ellie's 200th good deed - hurrah!

Laura, who attended the first bash at the weeding swore that they cleared two beds, but it had grown back with such vigor that it led to John contemplating if the roots of the weeds were from the Roman times. So, unsurprisingly, the task was to re-weed the bed next to reception before putting down some weed matting to stop them growing back for a third time.

We all got stuck in, but top marks go to Paul who was just a weeding machine. Bonus points are also awarded to our resident archaeologist Jon, who managed to find some pottery which he somewhat vaguely dated as 'post-medieval'. Once the hour was up, it was time to spread the matting over the cleared section and weigh it down with the ton sack of weeds and roots, and two very pretty pots of hostas.

Unfortunately, it looks like it'll need revisiting again to try and wrangle it under control - possibly with a bigger team next time!

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Paul completed a training run • Strava not measuring distance correctly run
Sat 10 Jul
Paul signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Welcoming face lift 2

Tue 13 Jul 18:15 pm
Danesgate School, Fulford Cross, York, YO10 4PB
Making the main entrance welcoming for all to showcase the school

Debbie from Danesgate School asked for help with clearing weeds, grasses and other over grown stuff from the school garden to enable new and existing plants to flourish. With the sun, rain, and the time lapse from when we visited back in May the grass came up even more and the school would like to get it cleared all in one go.

Gardening tools will be provided, but please bring your gardening gloves.

Meet at the school gate.

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Paul completed a training run • A better run
Wed 7 Jul
Paul completed a training run • Not a brilliant run,but a run
Mon 5 Jul
Paul completed a training run • Rubbish training run
Wed 30 Jun
Paul completed a training run • A run
Mon 28 Jun
Paul completed a training run • Short run
Wed 23 Jun
Paul went on a community mission
Community mission

This mountainous task did not make us feel bashful

Mon 21 Jun
Report written by Michal Czekajlo

Today we have made another attempt at eradicating Himalayan Balsam from the woodland on the eastern side of Hob Moor.

The task owner instructed us that everything else, except the Balsam is good for the habitat and has to stay, so we were extra careful not to remove ever so stinging nettles and the sticking to your clothes weeds.

Are we removing the sticky weed too? - Louise

Wearing her wellingtons and not deterred by nettles, our new member Nicola was straight at it. Give her a big cheer!

We pulled the plants from under the trees and midst of thorny brambles, then carried them to custom made alfresco areas to create piles in an effort to make these areas less appealing to congregate at.

As we were scattered across the woodland various conversations took place and people seized the opportunity to catch up face to face with so many at the same time.

Balsam bashing is like gardening sex – Vicky

Paul was celebrating his 200th good deed. Achieving 200 good deeds is not an official mile stone on the GG website, nevertheless deserving recognition. High five Paul for making a difference so many times!

After one hour of native species conservation some of us still had the energy for a hill reps session. Running and walking up the 200 metres long ascent was fun and we even had some racing on. Stretching after the running was a great time for a chat about future events and other things GoodGym.

Well done to everyone involved with the task and participating in the training session! See you at Glen Allotments next Monday - It will be listed on the web tomorrow morning (Tue 22 June).

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Paul has completed their first half marathon with GoodGym. Sat 19 Jun 2021

Paul has completed their first Half Marathon. This badge means they've successfully completed 13.1 miles for the first time.

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