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Nathan Wood signed up to a race

GG Lambeth does Brockwell Parkrun

Sat 20 Aug 08:45 am
Brockwell Park - Lido entrance, Dulwich Road, London, SE24 0PA
A good start to the morning, with a 5K run and Herne Hill for coffee!

A 5K around Brockwell park with the option of grabbing a tea or coffee afterwards!

Meet at the start location (near the Lido) and lookout for the red GoodGym tees from 8:50am or so.

Don't forget your barcode! Register here if you haven't done a parkrun before:

Whether you're chasing a PB or want to run-walk your way round, you are more than welcome :)

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Nathan Wood signed up to a community mission
Community mission

GG Lambeth does Brockwell Parkrun: Volunteering

Sat 20 Aug 08:45 am
Brockwell Park - Lido entrance, Dulwich Road, London, SE24 0PA
Help organisers by volunteering at this Parkrun

Help out at Brockwell Parkrun by volunteering.

Please check out the Brockwell Parkrun Pages to sign up to volunteer:

You will need to find a vacant role on the roster which you would like to fill:

And then email with:

  • Your name

  • Your Parkrun ID (the letters and numbers on your barcode)

  • The role you would like to take

And please ask for specific instructions on the email if you have not volunteered with Parkrun before.

This Parkrun starts close to the Brockwell Lido.

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Nathan Wood went on a group run
Group run

Juan is the Loneliest Number ….!!

Tue 16 Aug
Report written by Yianny
he / him

Tuesday evening in full summer and as you would expect we were facing rain storms.... but as ever Lambeth GoodGym managed to glide between the raindrops and it had cleared nicely by 6pm.

The number of runners had ticked up nicely and we had 12 ready and raring to go to help out our friend Juan at Jubilee Primary School.

I was delighted to see Manuel make his Tuesday debut with us having met him at the GG Shindig - great to have you with us!

The AA was at a loss for a category so opened it up to the floor this evening and Charlotte had a doozy for us - favourite ice cream!! We had everything from classic vanilla, a New Zealand classic with honeycomb, rum and raisin (not for kids) and of course who remembers Gino Ginelli??! Check out the WA group for a few tasty recommendations as well.

The debate continues to rage at GoodGym about warm up / cool down / stretching around Group Runs with our Run Leaders and AAs split in their opinions - answers on a postcard please or in the WhatsApp group on your thoughts, we continue to do ours as a way of helping those who sit all day for a living loosen up!

With Yianny still managing knee issues Joao once again agreed to use his newly acquired Run Leader skills to take the group up to JPS and they could all reconvene there.

Juan was waiting for us and explained the tasks: 1) Carry all the chopped branches and greenery to the bins at the back 2) Empty the soil from the broken planters and leave in the 2 tonne sacks 3) Bonus task, clearing some alien lifeform florafrom the side garden (more below)

We considered taking to the bikes and transporting the green waste but sadly like Daleks were foiled by having to navigate stairs!

The group all helped with task 1 then with limited space we divided into two groups for soil digging and garden clearing. The soil group felt the effects of global heating with the dry soil so compacted that it was a real effort to chip away and shovel it into the bags although we had brains and brawn with some heavy forking (steady...) going on and some fine skilled mini shovelling (Kaz you genius!)

Garden clearing group discovered a breed of plant with a beautiful but malevolent spiky bloom which attached itself to any form of clothing, skin or hair and was almost impossible to remove, rolling itself with every attempt to brush it away and leaving tiny hair like bristles behind with little hooks to nicely embed in your skin..... The only solution once these were removed was found to be a warm wash!! (Thank you to Emily for demonstrating these effects by throwing one at me).

As ever we had fun, we got through a huge amount of work (with plenty left so we might be back next week) and Juan was delighted with us.

A quick 1.5kms back to base for stretching - yes we stretch - and we were done. I'm off to the supermarket to look for bougie Booja Punky Munky or some such delight, thanks for the tip Maya!

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Group run

Helping Juan at Jubilee Primary School - Tuesday's Group Run !!

Tue 16 Aug 18:45 pm
Papa's Park, 10-17 Pulross Road, London, SW9 8AF
Sorting out the gardens and Helping out

There will be some fun tasks this evening so be sure not to miss out! 🤸

Definitely some gardening jobs. 🌻 Possibly some moss clearance. Planters will be involved. Scraping rubber off the playground? Could be!

Please bring gardening gloves if you have them. Thanks! 🧤

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Nathan Wood completed a ride • Evening Ride
Wed 10 Aug
Nathan Wood completed a ride • Evening Ride
Wed 10 Aug
Nathan Wood went on a group run
Group run

Planting in heaps

Wed 10 Aug
Report written by Sam Lefevre

Running late from a team building day with work, Sam arrived just 2-3 minutes late after a mob of GoodGymers were ascending on Old Spike Roastery.

Sam knew half of the team were going to meet at Thorlands whilst the other half were up for a 3k run via Grove Hill.

Sam brushed through the announcements before getting on with the warm-up. Yet, Jc opted out as he literally ran and came to Old Spike Roastery as we were closing up. After everyone warmed up, our ice-breaker question for tonight was: Which villain (real or fictional / dead or alive) would you go out on a dinner date with?

Everyone was playing the cautious card by saying Disney villains such as Cruella and Ursula, but we did have Darth Vader and Lex Luther. Only Sam chose a real dead villain - Hitler.

Stay Trenched

The 3k run took us just over 15 minutes and when we arrived, we were greeted by the sights of Mikhail, who hadn't been on a group run for at least two years as well as our regulars: Paulin, Lindy, Ed and Rebecca who opted to run, walk or cycle to the task.

After collecting the tools, we continued with where we left off on Saturday. There was more digging trenches to plant tree saplings that needed to be grounded before all the saplings dried up. The digging of the trench was left to the boys - Joao, Jc, Mikhail and Ed. However, there were other tasks at hand.

Lindy and Gemma cleared the terrace area of Buddleia. Whilst Daryl, Emma and Nathan had the task of shifting the compost heap from the Forest Garden to the Kitchen Garden as on Saturday we will be mulching that area. Paulin and Rebecca got the watering cans as the soil needed to be watered before we could plant the saplings.

Luckily, everyone had something to do and there was hardly any waiting around. The minutes flashed by with some banging tunes from Sam.

All in all, it was a successful evening and after we put back the tools and took our group photo, we headed off back home/to Old Spike Roastery.

Thank You to all the GG-ers

A personal thanks from me to all those who came out tonight! Being tipsy after a few drinks at the team building afternoon added an extra level of concentration and added professionalism. I appreciate that this was our largest group run of the year! Simon appreciated what we could do in 30 minutes and really showing the power of GoodGym when we are in numbers (and when there's enough tools and tasks to do). Thank you again!

Thank You Simon

GoodGym is all about getting fit and doing good! We praise the runners/cyclists/walkers who come to get fit and help out, but we often forget about our task owner. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Simon for the monthly group run session. It was great that we could finish off tasks mid-week rather than wait a whole week!

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Nathan Wood signed up to a group run
Group run

Group Run: Community Gardening at Thorlands

Wed 10 Aug 18:30 pm
Old Spike Roastery, 54 Peckham Rye, London, SE15 4JR
Tidying up this community garden as we continue with its project and vision

Back to Thorlands! Simon has asked for a regular monthly group run session at Thorlands community garden. Continuing in the "Forest" garden, we could be:

  • Putting down woodchip for the "Forest" path
  • Potting plants in the "Walled" garden
  • Planting wild strawberries
  • Digging up acanthus and bindweed roots
  • Mulching with cardboard and semi-composted material
  • Adding/managing the compost pile
  • Shaping shrub canopies

New to GoodGym Southwark?

Not to worry, it can be daunting coming to your first group run, but we are so welcoming whether you're just starting out as a runner or have been running for years. We welcome all!

Here's the important information - the "Where, When and What":

📍 We meet at Old Spike Roastery in Peckham between 18:30-18:45. You can also meet us at the task: Thor Lands Gardens, Elsinore House, Denmark Road, London, SE5 9EJ at 19:10.

⌚ 18:30-18:45 (leaving at 18:45 latest). If meeting at task, be there for 19:10. We will be back in Peckham by 20:30 (latest).

✅ There will be access to Old Spike Roastery, so you can drop your bags and use their toilets before we head out.

🏃🏃‍♀️ After a quick warm-up, we run together as a group. If there are loads of us, there will be a back marker to ensure no one is left behind. On this run, we will be running 3k each way. Running at a medium pace to get to the task in 20 minutes. We will spend 45-50 minutes doing the tasks mentioned above (or as much as we can) before running back to finish by 20:30.

Advisable: Bring 🧤 gardening gloves for the task!

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Nathan Wood completed a ride • Evening Ride
Tue 9 Aug
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