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Wed 15 Jan
Michelle Eves completed a race • Morning Run
Sun 21 Jul
Michelle Eves went on a group run
Group run

Getting in the Grove at Catton

Mon 8 Apr
Report written by Katy

Well it's hard to imagine doing a Group Run in Norwich without our Run Leader Hitch being at the helm but even he's allowed to take holiday now and then (as long as he doesn't get too carried away) so instead the lovely Goodgymers had to cope with me being Run Leader for the evening! It was the first time I've had to lead a whole session so I found myself feeling a bit nervous beforehand, not wanting to mess up for everyone. I even made myself a crib sheet so I wouldn't forget any bits of the intro!

As there were no new runners this week, we went straight into marking milestones. Well done to Elliot for achieving his 10th Good deed.

We then took a moment to congratulate those taking part in races at the weekend. Several Goodgymers had battled the grotty weather the previous day to run the Norwich Half Marathon and David did a muddy run somewhere I keep forgetting which involved wearing a pink tutu! That man does like to dress up :)

A special shout out also goes to those Goodgymers who did a Community Mission volunteering at the Norwich Half in the pouring rain!

I then made sure I went through Hitch's Risk Assessment for the task - his instruction 'Don't wave your tools around!' brought much amusement, especially as we know that he always likes to keep his well tucked in when out with us!

We then went outside for a quick warm up session before heading off to the task. Bill kindly volunteered to be back runner.

After a 3km run to the Catton Grove Community Centre, we were met at the task by Linda who was well organised with all the equipment we might need to carry out the various tasks required and which involved litter picking, cutting back overgrown greenery, weeding the flower beds as well as the grooves in the brick weave paving. As usual the Goodgymers quickly got stuck into the tasks needed and after 30 minutes there was a massive mound of greenery and several bags of rubbish to show for it.

We then headed back to the Forum, stopping briefly for a photoshoot. No doubt everyone was relieved that there wasn't enough time to do any extra fitness session!

Hopefully normal service will be resumed next week, which will incidentally be Hitch's 100th Good Deed. We're looking forward to the celebrations!

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Mon 4 Mar
Michelle Eves went on a group run
Group run

Eggain, we didn't yolk around & made those hampers chocca

Mon 4 Mar
Report written by Steven Hitcham

Tonight's task involved a 9km round trip to Break Charity to pack some Easter Fundraising Hampers. A big thanks to Dave Tuthill for helping organise this one.

No new runners or milestones this week but plenty of GoodGymers either did the Ringland or Cambridge Half Marathons the day before with Brad and Michelle still coming out this evening. Both also got Half Marathon PB's round of applause.

Cheska was backrunner this week and Michelle on photo duties.

After the warm up inside The Forum, which caused mixed opinions ;-) as not everyone was keen on frog jumps and bear crawls we set off on our way.

On arrival a few GoodGymers met us there plus we picked Sophie up halfway. All of the items were set out along tables so we could get a production line on the go. One group were laying hay in the baskets, then they went along the line to have items added such as chocolate eggs (big and small), chocolate hens, bunny ears, a cuddly bunny (which Emily really wanted one of), tea towels, popcorn, a GoGoHare badge and Easter eggs.

We got 33-34 hampers packed in the time we were there. Each one will get sold for £80-£100. I think being able to nibble on some of the broken chocolate eggs helped us keep the tempo up.

It was then time to head back but it went really quickly after we were all chatting away to each other plus it was downhill most of the way back.

Next week we're visiting The Feed.

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Michelle Eves completed a training run • Ringland half marathon
Sun 3 Mar
Michelle Eves went on a group run
Group run

The Hunger Games: What the buck-a-roo doing pulling that monkey's finger

Mon 25 Feb
Report written by Steven Hitcham

31 amazing GoodGymers ran over 11km to have a board games night with residents of Redmayne View Care Home.

Jamie was on his 1st GoodGym encounter - what a distance to start on!

Thank you to Bill and Elizabeth for being back runners.

Well done to Neil and Millie for doing their 10th GoodGym good deeds.

On arrival the residents were spread across a few tables with various board games set out including: Buckaroo, Connect4, Kerplunk, Pull My Finger (don't ask haha) and various others.

Michelle cottoned on to Peeing Pup and subsequently started giving facials to everyone, she even got some in my eye.

When I asked Ivy if she wanted to pull my actual finger the told me off for being rude haha. She was also very competitive as when she lost at Buckaroo she threw the pieces across the table in sheer disappointment!

Stephen was in his element when one of the residents let him take her mobility scooter for a spin across the hall way - one thing ticked off his bucket list!

We had about 45 minutes there and we finished up with some soup and a roll. We couldn't stomach the cake so Bill, Robert and Hayley had the task of trying to carry them over 5.5km back to The Forum in one piece.

Next week we're packing fundraising hampers for Break Charity.

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Michelle Eves completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Mon 25 Feb
Sat 23 Feb
Michelle Eves signed up to a group run
Group run

Soup + Games Night with residents @ Redmayne View

Mon 25 Feb 18:15 pm
The Forum, Millennium Plain, Norwich, NR2 1TF
Helping to tackle loneliness

At GoodGym Norwich we help our local community by doing good. We meet at The Forum at 6.15pm every Monday, start with a warm-up and then run as a group to each week's physical task. We'll arrive back around 8.30pm.

This week takes us on a 5km each-way run and we're visiting Redmayne View to have a games night with the residents again.

Due to the distance this week, we recommend you're able to run 5km relatively comfortable. If you're not you can meet us at the task or enroute somewhere.

Our runs are suitable for all abilities and we ensure no-one gets left behind.

We have a baggage storage area at the start location.

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