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Twinkle Toes

Wed 17 Nov
Report written by Anwen Greenaway

Ark-T are a cultural hub for Oxford's Christmas Lights Festival, which launches on Friday, so last night they called in GoodGym to get the play space and back garden fully dressed with fairy lights in preparation for the event.

Everyone got very creative - trees, shrubs, fences, and boulders were all artfully draped in fairy lights - but biggest KUDOS goes to Hattie for spelling out ARK T in fairy lights on the play space fence!

We worked away for an hour or so, sweeping up leaves in garden and play space, uncoiling and detangling strings of lights, scratching our heads a little over making sure all the links connected correctly, and trying to ensure we didn't create any trip hazards. The big switch-on of the power was our reward, as the garden and play space turned into a magical kingdom of twinkling lights. It'll look beautiful on Friday.

If you are interested in attending the Ark-T event on Friday the details are here, and all the other Oxford Light Festival events are listed here.

Congratulations on your 100th Good Deed Rachael! We look forward to seeing you sporting your wings soon. Thanks for baking celebratory flapjack Bethan.

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Christmas 'DO' - GOODGYM ADVENT DAY 18

Sat 18 Dec 18:00 pm
The Lord Mayor's Parlour, Oxford Town Hall, Oxford, OX1 1BX
Dust off your glad rags!

It's Christmas Party time!

We're still pinning down all the exact details, but the date of our Christmas celebration is confirmed, so please sign up if you're interested in attending so that we have an idea of how many of you to expect.

We're currently considering whether to have the whole event at the Lord Mayor's Parlour, or to have a drinks reception there then head out for dinner around 8pm. There will be a cost to attending due to food and drink costs. This amount will be confirmed soon.

Let's get dressed up and celebrate everything you've all done in the last year!

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Community mission

Marston Forest Garden - tree planting

Sun 12 Dec 10:00 am
Court Farm Allotments , Oxford, OX3 0PW

Session 2: Planting the trees!

Marston Forest Garden is part of the Marston Community Garden cooperative, which comprises a community allotment, the Forest Garden, a chicken coup, an orchard and a new Community Wood on New Marston Recreation Ground plus much more.

This time we’ll be planting the trees in the areas we prepared last month. Wellies are advised as the ground can get quite muddy at the Forest Garden through the winter, and please bring your gardening gloves. Tools will be provided.

Meeting point: Outside of the main allotment site on Boults Lane near Marston Saints FC.

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Community mission

Back to our Roots

Sun 14 Nov
Report written by Anwen Greenaway

We started our Sunday in wholesome fashion with plenty of mud and fresh air today. Marston Forest Garden is transformed since our last visit - turf and seating from Broad Meadow has been put to good use around the allotment site.

Today's task was to clear ground ready for trees to be planted next month. Sophie, Jo and I pulled nettles, dug up huge tangles of nettle roots and did battle with brambles. Meanwhile, Ben, Matt and Amelia got to work on building up the dead hedge and removing the weed suppressing membrane, before Matt was let loose with the scythe.

We stopped to observe 2 minutes silence for Remembrance Sunday and enjoyed some delicious apple cake after.

A good start to Sunday with plenty of chat, fresh air and exercise.

Welcome to GoodGym Amelia, and welcome to GoodGym Oxford Sophie!

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Community mission

Six Good Gymers had a clucking good time on the farm 🐔

Sat 13 Nov
Report written by Katie Fellows

Under grey skies GoodGym Oxford returned to Oxford City Farm- this time no apple press in sight!

After a warm welcome from Phil (from the farm) we headed over to our plot of land to begin clearing brambles and preparing the ground. Not only would this provide safety for the farms resident chickens from Fantastic Mr Fox, but there are also plans for it to be turned into a soft fruit/tree space and a space for groups to use.

As always with Good Gymers there was great energy and soon the area was de-brambled and the first layer of woodchip could be unloaded. This was all done against the backdrop of watching a group of excited children trying to get a hold of one of the sizeable chickens!

We were treated to mugs of warm tea and amazing home made mushroom soup (which went down a treat) and we were able to also meet the farms well loved sheep trio!

We'll be returning to the farm in December!

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Group run

No one could COP out of our Good Rose Hill litter pick!

Wed 10 Nov
Report written by Trev

What a lot of litter!

Helping Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon 17 runners, walkers and cyclists met at Rose Hill Community Center where Trev and Katherine from RHILC explained how we can help the environment by clearing up our litter.. or in this case Rose Hills!...

no strangers to mess the last time we were in Rose Hill in April we cleared an amazing amount from under the bridge Watch the video if you missed it!! Trev initially was worried there wasn't much to be picked on this Wednesday evening in November... how wrong he was!...

So splitting into group, we covered streets around the Oval, Rivermead Road, Spencer Crescent and Asquith Road, and the Southern Bypass (a little futher along that last time!). The estate is now looking spick and span but there is still quite a bit on the Bypass (why do people chuck rubbish from their cars? or even bag whole bags of rubbish or clothes and not take it to... a bin!!!)

Pant, yes! Shopping Trolleys, tick! Pumpkin, indeed.. Mog the forgotten cat, aww.... serial killer in the paper, aahhhhhh!!! we got a bit of everything! Thanks especially to the committed GGers who were stuck on the A34 on the way to the task.. no COPing out though and even Bethan and Lorenzo joined us in the end! Top picking commitment guys!

Welcome back Chloe and Jack on your second GG Tasks!

If you would like to know more about RHILC, or to get involved please do goto the website, sign up to the mailing list or let Trev know!

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Training session

Cotswold Walk

Sat 4 Dec 11:10 am
17 Langston Priory Workshops, Station Road, Kingham, OX7 6UP

Escape the city for a 10km walk through the Cotswold countryside.

We’ll take the road through the pretty village of Kingham, venture out along the farm track (wellies required- this bit gets muddy in winter) towards Daylesford. We can pick up hot drinks at Daylesford farmshop at the 4km point (pricey but excellent coffee) before carrying on through the woods, over the fields and back through Bledington village.

I have booked a table for lunch at The Kings Head for 2pm. It is at about the 8km point.

If you’re driving there is plenty of parking at the workshops.
Public transport:
Train from Oxford to Kingham leaves at 10:44am and arrives Kingham at 11:10am. The station is 400m from the workshops.

Toilets available at the meeting location.

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Matt Burton completed a walk • GG - Oxford Walkings
Sun 7 Nov
Matt Burton went on a training session
Training session

Reaching new heights on the Hinksey Nature Trail

Sun 7 Nov
Report written by Rachael H

A perfect autumn day for a walk! We took a 12km route from Oxford centre out to the Hinksey Heights nature trail where we followed the boardwalk and crunched on tiny apples underfoot. There was also tree stile climbing, sheep spotting, mud leaping, conversations with tiny cows, marshmallow munching, fence navigating, one wrong turn, but only two toes blistered and no fallers! We finished off taking Electric road back to the pub for a well earned pint (with a bonus musical background from a talented music jam group!)

More weekend walks coming soon! 👣

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