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Group run

St. Monica's Primary School

Tue 19 Oct 18:20 pm
Big Moose Coffee Co, 4-5 Frederick Street, Cardiff, CF10 2DB
Keep the school looking good for the kids

It's been a very long time since we last got schooled a St. Monica's Primary, today will be our very happy return to help out once again. The situation is still one that requires masks and hand sanitiser to keep to the schools rules - if you do not have masks they will be provided.

The task will be to wax the doors again, we have done this for them before so it shouldn't be difficult if we wplit into smaller groups.

  • 18:20 - 18:30 Meet at start location and catch up
  • 18:30 - 19:00 Active travel to the task
  • 19:00 - 19:30 Task as above
  • 19:30 - 20:00 Active travel to the start location

Afterwards we will head to the local for food / drink whatever you fancy - all welcome to join.

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Martin Graff signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Volunteering at Junior Parkrun

Sun 17 Oct 09:00 am
5 Cathedral Rd, Llandaff Fields, Cardiff, CF11 9QJ

Please note that this community mission has been cancelled.

Allow the safe return of junior parkrun

If you are signing up please could you leave your Parkrun barcode number in the notes or email it to me as we will need this to pass onto the race director.

If you have never registered with parkrun you can do so via this link and then you will receive a barcode.

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Martin Graff completed a training run • Smashing Trelissick Parkrun 🤣🤣
Sat 9 Oct
Martin Graff completed a training run • Monday evening run
Mon 4 Oct
Martin Graff completed a training run • Rainy #TeamTuesday
Tue 28 Sep
Sun 26 Sep
Martin Graff signed up to a party

Hit the lanes - Bowling Night

Fri 29 Oct 19:00 pm
Cardiff Superbowl, Stadium Plaza, Wood Street, Cardiff, CF10 1LA
Let's get together for some bowling fun

We will be hitting Superbowl at the Principality Stadium, we will need to know in advance how many people are coming so that we can make the booking.

Michael will sort this out, it's £7.80 for one game or £12.50 for two games, but this can be sorted out once we know how many people are coming.

As we will be in town for this, we will more than likely go out for a few drinks afterwards - the train station is nice and close so you can leave your cars at home and have yourselves a good ol' party.

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Thu 23 Sep
Martin Graff completed a training run • Warm up
Thu 23 Sep
Martin Graff went on a group run
Group run

I like BIG BUDDHA's and I can not lie

Tue 21 Sep
Report written by Michael

A great return to times gone by with 20 goodgymers joining for tonight's Tuesday session.

Welcome back to Siki for your second group activity, great to see you back with us again.

First timers, Hayley, Jamie and Hannah welcome to your first group run with goodgym Cardiff and the Vale.

A shorter run tonight meant only one thing, time to insert an exercise routine... YES I hear you cry. We bid farewell to the walk / joggers and made our way to the park to start a quick routine, the music began and so did the pain, but it felt good. All of a sudden the time had flown by and we realised we had to make our way to the task, so off we went.

By 19:00 we had all arrived at Samye ready to get going with a list of tasks, we had a white board made up instructing us for the evening.

  • Painting one of the rooms.
  • Emptying out some items from the attic.
  • Weeding the front entrances to the buildings.
  • Weeding around the back in the community garden space.
  • Moving the Buddha water feature from the back to the front seating area.
  • And finally, removing the crocosmia (montbretia) from the front planters.

It was a good job we had 20 of us tonight, so we split into our groups and got to work.

Straight to work were team 'crocosmia', ripping out the plants and bunching them for anyone that wanted to take some home. Whilst a beautiful plant when they flower, they can soon take over a plot by spreading, I will be putting them into planters ready for next year.

Next to get in were the painters, grabbing rollers, trays and paint they made their way into the building to start the transformation. The colours were bright and very Tibetan Buddhist, the room will look wonderful once finished.

Weeding teams got to work at the front and back of the building, getting the paving looking tidy once more and making the whole centre much more welcoming.

Lorraine took up the team to open up the attic and talk them through what needed to be removed, whilst I went over to the final few to start moving the brilliant Buddha water feature. It was by no means a small thing, with the pedestal being made of concrete slabs and blocks, once the attic team had finished they joined up to help move the Buddha and rebuild within our time.

Tools down, get some grub.

Lorraine was a wonderful host tonight and made up some snacks, so it was time to clear up and take some time to chat, laugh and eat. However, it took far too long to get the painting team to put down their rollers and enjoy some food. We will return soon to finish off the painting and get through some additional tasks, don't you worry about that TEAM.

A quick photo and suddenly it was dark and time to get back to our start location. It's time to get your lamps ready........

Wrong LAMP!

Head or body they all work well, but they will most certainly be needed over the next few months so have a look online as we all need to stay safe with our exercise.

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