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Maddy Nutile went on a community mission
Community mission

To the litter end!

Sat 19 Mar
Report written by Susie Anderson

Absolutely beautiful morning for it! Lovely to meet fellow GoodGym runners & make this beautiful part of Norwich along the river wensum litter free for all to enjoy!

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Maddy Nutile signed up to a community mission
Community mission

River Wensum Spring Clean - 19th March

Sat 19 Mar 11:00 am
Pull's Ferry, Ferry Lane, Norwich, NR1 4DZ
Improve the local environment and provide for the local community to get involved and make a difference

Litter picking banks and water in canoes.

Please meet at Pull's Ferry, Ferry Lane, Norwich, NR1 4DZ.

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Maddy Nutile has completed 10 good deeds with GoodGym. Sat 29 Jan 2022

Maddy has done 10 good deeds. They are a trusted GoodGym runner and are now eligible to join their local TaskForce.

Maddy Nutile went on a community mission
Community mission

Green goodgymmers tackle a thorny issue!!

Sat 29 Jan
Report written by Bobby B

Saturday morning eleven goodgymers gave up an hour of their time to help a new community group in NR3 .

The gang met local community hero Robert Bakewell outside the Mousehold hub and were given a quick chat about the area and what the community group were trying to achieve.

After a heart stirring and passionate talk, we were given loppers, shears and rakes with the task outlined to remove brambles and hazardous from a relict and disused fence line and restore a park boundary to give a more pleasant aesthetic to the park.

With Goodgym doing this community mission and achieving this task, it meant that the community group could litterpick safely afterwards in the area.

The group had a fun hour getting a fair bit of exercise in and bonding well with each other as always rallying together when we all started to get pricked by bramble thorns.

This week we welcomed new member Nial Nial Webster. Hope you had a good time Nial and see you again soon.

The community group were really pleased with the work achieved by the good gym group in a short space of time and it is hoped that they will return in the not so distant future to help with more green spaces restoration.

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Maddy Nutile has cheered 10 times. Tue 25 Jan 2022

Maddy has helped keep other people motivated, Maddy has noticed what others have done and cheered 10 people. We doff our caps to you Maddy.

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