Liz Pharoah

Trainer for GoodGym Coventry. Likes to run and swim, in plenty of open spaces and open water.


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Liz Pharoah signed up to a training session
Training session

Cook along with..... pancakes

Sat 30 Jan 18:15 pm
Your house, Your city, CV1 2DS
Make pancakes on pancake day!

After the success of the initial launch event, Cook along with Deb! and the beautiful shortbread that was made. We are launching a pancake day cook along.

Ingredients : 100g plain flour 2 large eggs 300ml milk 1 tbsp sunflower or vegetable oil, plus a little extra for frying lemon wedges to serve (optional)

Equipment: Hob Frying pan caster sugar to serve (optional)

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Liz Pharoah went on a party

Cat-ching up with friends

Sat 23 Jan
Report written by Liz Pharoah

Well another lovely Saturday chatting session. Highlights were again Deb's and Laura's cooking, finding out events and places that we would all like to do once / when lockdown lifts and seeing (or not) Laura's cat flap in action. Photo shows Laura's cooking - cinnamon buns! Great to see you all and catch up. See you soon :)

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Liz Pharoah has completed their first weekend mission. Sat 23 Jan 2021

Liz has forgone the usual weekend routine. Instead of lie-ins, roasts and strolls around the park Liz has dropped everything to run a GoodGym mission for someone who needed help. Respect

Liz Pharoah has run their first missions with GoodGym. Sat 23 Jan 2021

Liz has just done something they've never done before. Liz has just run a mission; they've changed their running route and run to help someone who really needed their help.

Sat 23 Jan
Liz Pharoah went on a mission

Ready, settee, go!

Sat 23 Jan
Report written by Debora Stewart

Liz and Deb arrived on a cold, slightly snowy morning, to help move some furniture for Mr and Mrs D. This was so Mr D's hospital bed could be brought downstairs as he could no longer use the stairlift safely. With some Chuckle-brothers style moving, we managed to wangle the three seater settee out of the living room and onto the drive (where Mrs D wanted it). We secured a tarpaulin over it to protect it from the elements, then moved the rest of the furniture. Mrs D was very grateful for the help as she couldn't move the furniture on her own and had no one local who could help her out.

Glad we were able to step in and help!

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Liz Pharoah completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 23 Jan
Liz Pharoah signed up to a party

Catch up and Cuppa

Sat 23 Jan 16:00 pm
Coventry Boys and Girls Club, White Friars St, Coventry, CV1 2DS
Meet your friends for a chat

What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than a quick zoom catch up with the GoodGym Coventry lovelies! Join in from 4 for a cuppa and a catch up. See you there! Zoom link will be sent on Saturday before the catch up.

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Liz Pharoah signed up to a training session
Training session

GoodGym Coventry Fitness session

Tue 26 Jan 18:15 pm
Your house, Your city, CV1 2DS
Get fit with your friends

This Tuesday we will complete a 30 minute training session and share your walking in awe pictures.

Please have to hand a mat and some dumb bells / bottles / cans of beans for weights.

Link is in the GoodGym Coventry WhatsApp group or email me for details.

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Sat 23 Jan
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