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Lewis has cheered by other people 25 times. Wed 25 Nov 2020

Lewis is part of a crowd that's making a huge noise. Lewis has been cheered by 25 people - that's a round of applause just on their own. We hope they keep it up.

Lewis went on a community mission
Community mission

All aboard the Rootmaster to Catford!

Sat 31 Oct
Report written by Adele Prince

On an incredibly wet Saturday in Catford, 10 of GoodGym's most dedicated helpers showed some roots who's boss.

Ah, what a treat to be back at the helm and what a treat to welcome some new visitors to Lewisham! A big welcome and Lewisham Love to Sarah, who was tackling her very first good deed - what a day to debut! A shout-out must also go to Lewis, who cycled all the way from Dartford and Alex who pedalled over from Tower Hamlets. Blimey!

No time was wasted in getting stuck in, with Oli kindly giving me some top tips on which tools work best (he's done this a few times now!). We had little teams working across the space, some digging up brambles, some raking, Louie weed-bashing and some very determined root-digging from Hector, Edward and Linda - one tree stump wasn't enough, so they kept moving on to bigger and bigger challenges!

You can see from the photos that the weather changed quite quickly, with rain coming down in buckets and the ground under our feet resembling the trenches. This didn't dampen everyone's spirit though, with a real focus towards the finish line, with whole areas cleared and very satisfied volunteers ready to grab hot drinks and get dry.

Well done everyone, this hard work will take the space that little bit closer to being an outdoor classroom. We look forward to welcoming our visitors back any time, keep an eye out for upcoming tasks!

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Lewis has cheered 10 times. Mon 26 Oct 2020

Lewis has helped keep other people motivated, Lewis has noticed what others have done and cheered 10 people. We doff our caps to you Lewis.

Lewis has has earned their community cape by completing their first community mission. Sat 24 Oct 2020

Lewis completed a community mission. Instead of watching TV or lying in bed, Lewis was out there making their community a better place to be. For making that choice they have earned the community cape.

Lewis has done their first good deed with GoodGym. Sat 24 Oct 2020

Lewis is a now a fully fledged GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the first time. They are out there making amazing things happen and getting fit at the same time.

Lewis went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Jet's Get It On

Sat 24 Oct
Report written by Laura Williams

No fewer than 23 GoodGymers turned out to brave blustery Saturday winds to join Alex and Nadia at Weavers Adventure Playground.

We were divided into many groups, distributed across the large playground space:

  • Tracey, Heather and Aine headed inside to undertake some DIY and cathartic nail-pulling-out.

  • Rohan and Issy headed inside for floor-sanding - also, 'surprisingly therapeutic'.

  • Team Lift headed to the wood area and included Chi, Joel, Jess, Becs, Izzy, Eimear, and Victoria.

  • Club Jetwash included Rob, Boris, and first time GoodGymer, the utterly brilliant Lewis.

  • The Solvent Squad included...Boris.

  • The Litter Line-Up was a stong female squad of Elena and Sree.

  • The Gardening Gang consisted of a solitary, one-woman effort blitzing the borders of weeds and debris. Go Isabelle.

Two full hours. Truly blitzed tasks.

One thankful Task Owner. One invite back for next week...

This week's thank youuus

...to Isabelle for pics and for getting the Community Mission started. And for brilliant pics.

...to Chi for leading Bubble 2 of post-task stretches.

And to you ALL for a thoroughly smashing start to our Saturday.

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Lewis signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Weavers Weekends: Back to the adventure playground!

Sat 24 Oct 11:00 am
Weavers Adventure Playground, Viaduct Street, London, E2 0BH
Switch dumbbells for decking and enjoy a truly sociable Saturday workout.

We're going back to this fun adventure playground for our fourth Autumn visit where we'll be joining Alex for a variety of manual tasks, from lifting outdoor decking to loading the skip.

It's fun, it's friendly and it's the perfect way to kick off your weekend.

What you need to know

  • The session runs from 11-1. You don't need to commit to the whole time - Alex will find jobs for you if you arrive late!

  • Please bring gloves. Alex always has spares but good idea to bring your own too.

  • 5 people will be inside painting, so please EVERYONE wear your oldest clothes!

Who's doing what

  • Task owner Alex will be dividing you up into groups to undertake all manner of jobs, including painting inside the hall, clearing decking, shifting playground furniture, cleaning toys and loading the skip.

  • Area Activator Laura will be on hand to answer queries, offer any spare PPE and spare gloves, take pics, and resolve any issues.

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Lewis signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Clear some space for an outdoor classroom at The Wildcat Wilderness

Sat 31 Oct 10:00 am
Gate at no 53 River View Park Road, Catford, London, SE6 4PL
Help to make some space for learning in this amazing community garden

Regular missions at our favourite place - The Wildcat Wilderness - are back! Sign up to a regular fortnightly morning session on Saturdays to help clear some space so that an outdoor classroom can be built in this wonderful community garden. The task involves good old fashioned weed-bashing and digging out of bramble roots and is a great upper-body workout! Please bring your own gloves, and don't wear your best trainers as it can get a bit muddy!

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