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Kate Holmes signed up to a training session
Training session


Wed 3 Mar 19:00 pm
Your Street, Your City, Your Postcode
Warm up first then Fast Forward Fitness

Stop putting these sessions off. Cumulatively they will be the icing on your fitness cake. Top tier training to get the high end cardio tank filled up.

Base sessions of long running are awesome but mixing in some of this ingredient into your weekly fitness routine and you will soon see the rewards of a faster metabolism with a more explosive kick in your running stride to boot!

If new to this type of exercise then start at a steady pace that enables you to complete with good form and focus on technique. Build up with an extra few reps each time you try. As you grow, then add that extra round maybe or two.

For those that sit proudly on their HIIT's history then I look forward to hearing how many rounds you bash out (above 5 that is ha ha!!).

Seriously enjoy and tweak the rest interval if you feel too long at a minute. Some will find 30 seconds is plenty.... You know who you are!

The sesh can be found here https://youtu.be/qXSOcwXFcrQ and can be done anytime but I will list for a week.

Remember though, good habits mean you need to do more than once!

As ever a photo or update on how you find it makes the fitness world more fun so feel free to share ; - )

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Kate Holmes went on a training session
Training session

A run down memory lane : - )

Wed 17 Feb
Report written by Mark Barun

A BIG shout of thanks for taking part in this one!!

What a great trip around the old stomping ground eh!

We managed to get to Heatham House (leaves..say no more) St. Christophers, ETNA, Vineyard, Ham House, Landmarks Centre, Marble Hill Park, the scouts boat hut,

you tired yet .... I've not even got to the pubs or the plcae where some thought it was a load of old bollards!!!

We even have a snap or two of where it all began at wholefoods

Bravo all and thanks for sharing the photos - Very GOOD times and great to think back on them

Super to see your smiling faces too!

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Kate Holmes signed up to a training session
Training session

Sentimental session

Wed 17 Feb 18:45 pm
Your Street, Your Town or City, Your Postcode
Capture the fitness SCENE!

OK I cannot lie, this session idea has been spurred by feelings of nostalgia for our local area.

In pre lockdown days the sense of the run for me captured a sense of freedom, the knowing that once the trainers were on then the road could take you anywhere. Just so long as the mind and feet were willing, you could get to most places in the borough, be free and enjoy the scenes around where we live.

Right now, with staying local and trying to dodge a 100 people per km (it feels that way at least) it restricts the freedom thing and I know for me I do not run to anywhere near the variety of places I use to.

So, I miss seeing what used to be the normal background for my space and of course I miss sharing with those I use to at times too when we could run together.

I am not sure how many others among us feel the same, but with the chance some do and in a bid to keep us moving with purpose I am throwing this out there.

This week if as many of us as can run, walk, cycle to a place in our borough that is somewhat of a landmark, a scene of beauty, a talking point or simply a place that means something to you then let’s do it and share!

It could be even an old group run task location which has fond memories for you or a local pub that you have not had a drink in for, HOW MANY DAYS (and minutes)???

Once there take a selfie or just a shot of the place. Let’s all share on WhatsApp next Wednesday or direct with me if you prefer on email. It will give us all a chance to see some of our wonderful borough that perhaps we have not jogged past in ages.

I am excited to see what you come up with ; - )

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Kate Holmes went on a community mission
Community mission

Snow day for gardening

Sun 7 Feb
Report written by Kate Holmes

Cathy & I met at the 3Ps having battled snow and floods to get there. We took some time to assess Anita’s list of jobs and opted to weed and deadhead. We rid the area of as many plaintains, dandelions and clumps of lawn grass as we could before we lost the feeling in our fingers. We were joined by some inquisitive passers by including a little kid who ran right up to the insect hotel to see what we were doing. For a minute we thought we’d gained another pair of hands but his mother seemed less keen!

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Kate Holmes went on a training session
Training session

GoodGym (not) Parkrun - week 5

Sat 6 Feb
Report written by Gemma

GoodGym Leeds hosted Week 5 of the GoodGym (not) parkrun. Today 49 runners completed at least 5km.

The (not) parkrun series is a cross GoodGym training session, aiming to keep us fit, active and happy during the current Lockdown measures.

GoodGym runners from across all GoodGym areas took part, exploring their local trails and green spaces to complete the 5km session - some ran in the rain, others in snow, and some in the sunshine! Another RUNderful Saturday (not) parkrun!

Next week, the baton will be passed to GoodGym Islington to host. You can sign up here: https://www.goodgym.org/happenings/goodgym-not-parkrun-week-6?fbclid=IwAR0p3eEuqzkLacD9jVjx8Ca3AayFebnrQNwzoaGJNRS6ZsPVnIpxsBZ9tUI

Thanks to Melanie Young from GoodGym Bristol for keeping the results up to date! If you need to add your results, you can do so here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf0yIuGVSV7ohcSZ9735SQw3yErHjor7uwx_C7GOBz4jueqVw/viewform

Thanks to Elizabeth, Marianne and Julia for your pics - If you took part and have any more photos - please share with Gemma (gemma.bridge@goodgym.org) - and I will get them into the report!

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Kate Holmes signed up to a training session
Training session

GoodGym (not)parkrun - Week 5

Sat 6 Feb 07:00 am
Your home, Your city, Your postcode
Improve your fitness

Leeds will be picking up the baton for (not) parkrun on Saturday 6th February! Everyone is very welcome to join!

And remember to follow all Covid rules and guidelines on your run, be safe, be socially-distanced and keep moving!

GoodGym (not)parkrun will be hosted by a different GoodGym area each week during lockdown and is aiming to get everyone involved in the January Challenge 2021, get fit and active in your local community and carry forward the parkrun spirit, whilst following Covid rules of course!

You can complete your 5K any time on Saturday and submit your time, by midnight on Saturday, using the form

A big shout out to Melanie Young @ GoodGym Bristol (aka tech savvy whizz kid) for creating the results form and who will put the results together for our (not)parkrun events. 

To let her know your email address and other useful information, there's a one-off registration form to complete. You can find this here.

If you'd like a photo to be included in the run report, please take a selfie and email it to someone @goodgym.org. 

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Kate Holmes went on a training session
Training session

NO Rubbish pun - you did GOOD

Sun 31 Jan
Report written by Mark Barun

So well done for taking part in this fitness session which doubles up as a GOOD DEED too!! Don't forget to self log.

Some have said they may try this once or twice a week as it helps get them active with purpose which is great to hear

Also good to hear that some were given 'a hearty thanks' by passers by for the good deed too ; - )

Photos courtesy of Cathy (modelling a shiny new pick) and Jenna (thank you both!)

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Kate Holmes went on a training session
Training session

It will feel weird not running today !!!

Sun 31 Jan
Report written by Mark Barun

Another January done so kick off your trainers for a bit and have a breather already.

Whether you were in it for the whole month, joined part the way through or just managed to lace up and get busy as and when, well done for signing up.

Out of those I know that took part I have only heard good things about how much better they felt after each outing or part of the day that was made active. It can be so off putting when it is cold, wet, dark and well basically bloody awful out. It goes against your senses to get out of the door to get involved. BUT you made it and in what is potentially the toughest month to do it. Full hero status to you and for those I have not heard from I hope to that you found ‘it made a massive difference’ as some have said ; - )

Enjoy a day or two recovery now and then when you get back to your normal exercise routine it should feel all the easier. If you did not have a routine, then how about keeping some of the sessions going perhaps 3 or 4 times a week? If you have been doing every day in Jan then you can nail that…

I believe in you!!

Some great photos shared courtesy of Naomi

My outings were mainly in the dark to avoid the crowds, so a dry moonlight shot!

Who is up for red February now??? (Pass the Beaujolais kind …. I hear you!)

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Kate Holmes completed a walk • Morning Walk
Sun 31 Jan
Kate Holmes completed a ride • Evening Ride
Sat 30 Jan
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