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Euclides Montes completed a training run • A lunch time run
Tue 22 Jun
Euclides Montes completed a training run • Plod to Goodgym
Wed 16 Jun
Euclides Montes went on a group run
Group run

A Hot Night On The Pull

Wed 16 Jun
Report written by Euclides Montes

The heat got to our 10 Goodgymmers last night as they went wild at the meadow in Lordship Rec in a thistley frenzy.

Big Shout... everyone doing the Camino Ultra London race on Saturday - not least our very own Ultra GGHers <3 Win it for us, team!

Thistle Be A Day They Won't Forget

Caroline from the Friends of Lordship Rec welcomed us with open arms and clear, succinct instructions - the thistles were taking over the meadows and the prickly twits needed to be shown who's boss.

Before you could say 'we gotta save them Lady's Bedstraws', our goodgymmers had jumped into the meadows in the shadow of the always beautiful Broadwater Farm Estate and started handing out life lessons on the circle of life to the thistles.

In a warm evening when Goodgym got desperately close to tipping over the 250,000 Good Deeds mark, our GGH Fam pulled well into the evening without a care in the world. Thorny On Main Indeed.

Conversation ranged from the undeniable superiority of bocadillo as a long distance nutritional aid, to our resident GGH doctor diagnosing a few lazy asses. That's the medical term and I'm sticking with it. Just don't ask about how she conducted the physical.

We even had time to stop and glare at a rival running group who kept doing laps around us. Gramps considered briefly leading a group to introduce them to the circle of life curriculum we had been applying to the thistles all evening, but we remembered ourselves and instead waved at them. We'll be back before you know it :)

We have an action packed week coming up: Traid on Monday at 6 and then Luos on Wednesday at 7. You should definitely join us.


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Euclides Montes signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Living Under One Sun needs some help

Wed 23 Jun 19:00 pm
Living Under One Sun Cafe, Bowling Green and Pavillion, Down Lane Park, Park View Rd, London, N17 9EX
Come and help get this much-loved Goodgym friend get ready for Summer!

Come and help Luos get ready to open its doors to the public again. There will be a multitude of tasks and Leyla will no doubt provide us with her wonderful oranges during a break. Come. And BRING YOUR MASKS!

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Group run

Maintaining the wild meadow at Lordship Rec

Wed 16 Jun 19:00 pm
Lordship Recreation Ground, Haringey, London, N17 6BD
Come and help maintain this green space in the heart of Haringey


We'll be joining the Friends of Lordship Rec for an evening maintaing the wildflower meadow, where they're trying to create a habitat for butterflies, insects, and birds to nest.

We'll be meeting next to the Shell Theatre in Lordship Rec (ie. the skateboard park) but if in doubt, you can call me on 07824137276

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Euclides Montes completed a training run • A non-vegan 5k
Wed 9 Jun
Euclides Montes went on a community mission
Community mission

CSI Haringey

Wed 9 Jun
Report written by Euclides Montes

10 Goodgymmers excelled in the line of duty last night as they offered a hand at the Haringey Play Association.

Can I get a Woop Woop?

Make. Some. NOISE. for our very own Super Sarah who like a wise ant has been quietly and sensibly squirrelling away good deeds and now has reached a whopping 300 deeds. Boom!

Also, Big Love to our Special K who was benched this week through injury

Bent Coppers

It had been a normal evening at GGH HQ when we got the call but we knew straight away this would be one of our more challenging cases to date. 

Our team of detectives arrived at the scene and immediately our suspicions were piqued when we spotted a bunch of men in red, armed with spades. 

"We're just filling up the playpen with bark, guv," they pleaded. "To make sure the kiddies are safe if they fall off the monkey bars." In the horizon, Cathy seemed to be pulling the strings in this operation with her rake.

Captain Niamh wasn't having any of it and went undercover straight away by ingeniously posing as a... erm... captain. Genius. 

Forensic Khan and her team combed the fields at the HPA and concentrated their energies and brushes on transforming the nest where a new bridge is being installed this week. It was unclear whether foul play was responsible for the previous fallen bridge but suspicion was afoot as soon as a very shifty Geraldine started using her power tools in the vicinity of the fallen bridge.

In the end, after an hour of hard grafting, our Goodgymmers ended their game of cops and robbers with a high speed chase down the very steep slide. It really was ace.


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Euclides Montes completed a training run • Tough 30 mins
Mon 7 Jun
Euclides Montes signed up to a community mission
Community mission

The Haringey Play Association needs a hand

Wed 9 Jun 19:00 pm
Park Lane Close, London, N17 0HL
Come and help get the playground back together!

The lovely folk at Haringey Play Association need a hand putting their playground back together. I'm not going to lie, last time around we had a wonderful time!. I'm sure Tam and the team will have some more fun tasks lined up for us. Join us!

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