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Emma Jones has earned their community cape by completing their first community mission. Mon 24 Jan 2022

Emma completed a community mission. Instead of watching TV or lying in bed, Emma was out there making their community a better place to be. For making that choice they have earned the community cape.

Emma Jones went on a community mission
Community mission

Trading clothes at Traid

Mon 24 Jan
Report written by Hackney runner

A great night at Traid shifting rails of clothes into boxes and off to the warehouse so Traid could change seasons!

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Community mission

Helping TRAID after their massive clothing sale

Mon 24 Jan 19:00 pm
106-108 Kingsland High Street, London, E8 2NS
Help to raise

Hey hey Team Hackney!!

We are helping Traid this week TRAID (Textile Reuse and International Development) is a UK charity working to tackle and solve the problems caused by producing, consuming and disposing of clothes.

The majority of the money TRAID raises comes through their charity shops via clothing sales and we are needed to help clear up after their latest sale ends on Wednesday!!

We will be needed to

  • Take clothes off the hangers
  • Pack the clothes in big boxes or trolleys
  • Pack the hangers

With our speedy volunteering skills we will be able to get through the tasks in about an hour!

The shop is large and closed for business which will help us to more easily maintain Social Distancing.

Be great to see you at the task!!

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Community mission
Tower Hamlets

CANCELLED (PLEASE SEE BELOW) Meath Gardens Log Collection PART II...

Sat 8 Jan 10:30 am
Meath Gardens, 1 Smart St, London , E2 0SN

Please note that this community mission has been cancelled.

(please read below for updated information on this activity)

We have had to cancel this Community Mission!

We're really sorry about this - this is due to not having enough people, and the task wouldn't have been doable.

We will reschedule this task for a Group Run evening in the next few weeks.

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Emma Jones went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

TWO much of a good thing

Mon 6 Dec
Report written by Laura Williams

Spoilt for choice...

And so it returned: two-task Monday…

First up: Mile End Community Garden. This garden is a “community-led garden whose space, including pathways, seating areas and edible borders, is available to all, and accessible to all, in the Tower Hamlets community.” We were therefore really pleased to be invited down this evening to help with some gardening work, to make the area more accessible for local residents.

Leading this brand new task tonight was Becky J, along with task owner, Nic.

Writes Becky, “This evening’s task was to level the uneven ground ready for concrete to be laid, to allow for wheelchair and other access.

We all picked a patch to shovel: Simon took the entrance, levelling the earth under some old rubber matting; Hester took leaves, leaving everyone else taking on passageways between planters.

Ceiling proved Queen of the Wheelbarrow, navigating tricky terrain and a steep slope (carefully avoiding the samplings round the perimeter) to tip barrow after barrow into the designated spot at the bin in the back of the garden.

A satisfying task where we could clearly see the difference made - looking forward to seeing the finished pathways next year!”

Meanwhile, over on the Cranbrook Estate...

...a team of five tackled every tall block on the estate leafleting for the upcoming Christmas holiday HAF (Holiday Activities and Food Programme) project, for Trapped in Zone One. In a race against the clock, we took odd and even-numbered floors in pairs, making our way through the buildings at record pace. No landing left uncovered, no block too tricky to access, we were assisted by residents inside and out, as we distributed leaflets on this youth activity all over the estate.

The two teams finally called it a day a little after 8, and we all made our way home in different directions, chilly but cheerful, and glad to have spent another evening out in our Borough.

Until next time.

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Emma Jones signed up to a training session
Training session
Tower Hamlets

Laura and Aine's Pilates night in

Tue 7 Dec 17:00 pm
From your home, Any city, Any postcode
Bring a mat and a mince pie for this stretch and wind down!

In this Christmas Special, Area Activator Laura and Tower Hamlets Task Force member, Aine, co-host a 45-minute online class.

The class is:

  • An online session - the Zoom link to join is here.

  • A 45-minute Pilates class, available to all GoodGym members, targeting core muscles, and lower body.

  • ...An opportunity to stretch out for the end of the week too!

  • AND A nice chance to say hello to other GoodGym members!

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Group run
Tower Hamlets

Monday Night Group Run: Meath Gardens Finale + GoodGym Tower Hamlets Christmas Party

Mon 13 Dec 18:30 pm
Town Hall Hotel - Hotel Entrance, Patriot Square, London, E2 9NF
Calling ALL GoodGymers: Come and be a part of this evening's wonderful line-up.

For our LAST BIG ONE of 2021, we'll be returning to the Town Hall Hotel for a warm-up on those splendid steps - led by our very own Ivo!

We'll then enjoy a fun-run down Roman Road, before meeting the Meath Gardens team where our main task will be collecting large logs from Tower Hamlets Cemetary Park, and wheeling them back to Meath Gardens!

Evening line-up

  • Meet at the Town Hall Hotel for bag-drop between 6:30-6:45pm.

  • 6:45pm Warm-up on hotel steps.

  • 6:50pm Run together to Meath Gardens.

  • 7pm Tasks with the Friends of Meath Gardens team.

  • 8pm Run back to hotel to collect bags.

  • 8:30pm For those that fancy it, we'll then head to the Star of Bethnal Green for a quick drink en route home!


  • You can join for as little or as much as you like: run-and-task; task-only...Any combination at all.

  • This activity is for all GoodGymers - not just Tower Hamlets members.

  • The run is for all fitness abilities and sports: if you're walking or cycling, you won't be on your own.

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Group run
Tower Hamlets

Monday Night Group Run: TWO TASKS! Levelling the a path at Mile End Community Garden or Leafleting the Cranbrook Estate

Mon 6 Dec 18:30 pm
The Ecology Pavilion Mile End Park, off Haverfield Rd, Grove Rd, London, E3 5TW
Two-task Monday returns!

It's back! Two tasks to choose from...

What we'll be doing

  • We'll be meeting at the Ecology Pavilion at 6:30pm for a pre-task workout.

  • At just before 7pm we'll leave for our tasks, just a short run away. 5-6 runners will be needed for leafleting with Area Activator Laura and Bablu from Trapped in Zone One; up to 15 will be needed for pathway-building in Mile End Community Garden, led by our Becky J!

  • And the activity itself? Leafleters will be boosting step count and kicking off the week's cardio with at the many stairs and steps at the Cranbrook Estate, while the Community Garden crew will be levelling the garden path and other gardening activity at the Mile End Community Garden as we join for the first of our new tasks at this small, community-led outdoor space.

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Emma Jones went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

Beth-nal Queen lends a helping grand

Mon 29 Nov
Report written by Laura Williams

A chilly, cheerful start

It was a splendid start to the night: a good-sized crew gathered above the well-lit Art Pavilion in Mile End Park to speed through thirty minutes of the sweaty stuff this evening.

It was a chilly one and the team didn’t stop.

Off they sped through the usual tough balance and abs moves; running drills and stretches. And to top it all off, we enjoyed an impromptu segment taught by Ivo: partner exercises, hip strengtheners…We were very lucky indeed.

Our Beth

And then we went to meet John, our task owner from Friends of Mile End Park, an 'independent and inclusive group that will play a role in ensuring that the Park is developed, cared for and used in ways that actively involve and benefit the local community.'

But before we moved on to The Main Business of the Night (woodland clearing) we paused to congratulate Beth on her 1000th good deed. Beth does a lot of GoodGym. A lot. And keeps pretty quiet about it. But what an asset she is, to so many.

About the offal

John then gave us a thorough briefing, with plenty of health and safety, including The Story of the Buried Offal, and other nasty need-to-knows.

Off to the woodland we marched, complete with lights, spare gloves and a can-do attitude.

Teams were divided into three: one shovelling and wheeling woodchip in an attempt to uncover The Missing Snowdrops; another headed to the ivy area, to clear the pathway, while a third team tackled beastly brambles, taking their life into their hands as they got stuck into the grim greenery.

It was all go, I can tell you. Barrows were filled, ivy un-knotted, kitchen implements uncovered (will explain another time).

Despite freezing temperatures, spirits remained high and productivity off the scale.

At gone-8, we reluctantly agreed to call it a night, before dimming lights, posing for pics and saying cheerful cheerios, with a promise from John we could return soon.


To Joel for this evening’s fabulous pun.

To Ivo for leading some fab last minute fitness.

To the Central team, past and present, who came to show their support and respect for Beth, but who boosted morale and warmed spirits more than they could realise.

To John, from Friends of Mile End Park, our brilliant task owner whose planning, humour and commitment to our activity always makes our night.

And to Beth. ❤

Until next time.

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