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Group Run - Hull Road Park

Mon 27 Sep 18:15 pm
York CVS, Denham Room, 15 Priory Street , York , YO1 6ET
Enhance local park for its users

Welcome to GoodGym York!

We're a friendly and social group who combine exercise with helping out in the local community. Every Monday we meet to get active and do a physical task to help the charities or community organisations in our city.


We meet at the Priory Street Centre and our usual room is the Denham Room. As you approach the front of the Centre, turn right and go to the car park area. The room we use is locked whilst we're out so you can leave your bits and bobs in there. We will have a person at the door managing one in, one out system while dropping the bags etc. There is no requirement to wear a face mask when entering the building, as you will be there by yourself and only for a short period of time, but you can wear one if you feel more comfortable that way. 10 bay pay and display car park is available behind the nursery block, to the left as you approach front of the Centre. In addition on street parking is available on Priory Street.


We are going to the Hull Road Park to complete tidying of the compost bin and salt area, weed and edge around rose beds and continue building the woodland path.

Please bring your gardening gloves.


GoodGym is for everyone. We welcome runners of all abilities and if the task is close enough we have a walking group too. Unfortunately this task is to far to accommodate a walking group to reach the location in time.

We always have a back-marker too so nobody will get left behind - no matter what your pace is.


We will head to The Ackhorne Pub on St Martin's Lane after our run for a spot of liquid refreshment and a good chat. Please join us!

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Sat 25 Sep
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Wed 22 Sep
David Barrett completed a training run • HM60. Retired after 36 miles.
Sat 18 Sep
David Barrett has done 50 good deeds and got their black t-shirt Tue 14 Sep 2021

The next time you see David, they might be wearing black instead of red. They've completed 50 good deeds with GoodGym and have earnt their black t-shirt. Give them a nod when you next see them.

David Barrett completed a training run • Goodgym
Mon 13 Sep
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Group run

Heavy limbs

Mon 13 Sep
Report written by Michal Czekajlo

A good crowd of keen GoodGymers met at the usual spot to celebrate the fact that it’s Monday again!

Today was the first experience of GoodGym for Ros. Give a big Cheer people!

David celebrated his 50th good deed in style. Thanks to my error he got to wear the red cape of 100 deeds instead of the black one. I’m sure that before a blink of an eye David will be celebrating his 100th good deed and will get to wear the black cape then.

As for the tasks we had to split up as we were visiting two locations.

Ed's group made the long journey over to Baile Hill, but rather than going there direct they decided to add even more metres to their journey by looping around the back of the city walls for a total of one whole mile.

Their task involved cutting down self seeded trees and smaller bushes to make the top or the hill less of a fire hazzard and to give less cover for some antisocial behaviour. Hazards to avoid included drug paraphernalia, dog poo and a very steep drop!

Paul made the most interesting discovery, a seemingly unopened liter bottle of vodka, but given how much vodka some of the group had drunk at the weekend no one was keen to crack it open.

Abi did a great job of a litter pick up and around the hill whilst Michael and Ed got in some extra hill reps by taking the branches that had been cut down back to the van. David, celebrating his 50th good deed despite what his cape said, braved the steepest slope to get to some of the more hard to reach trees.

After an hour the area looked a lot clearer and with tired legs they all returned to base a slightly shorter way.

Meanwhile Michal's team took the usual route along Tadcaster Road to get to Little Hob Moor, where Becky from the Council waited with the power scythe and a selection of other sharp edged tools ready for the vegetation cut back task.

Becky briefed Lee on the use of the sharp toothed power scythe. He was eager to try it and soon was cutting into the nettles.

The rest of us expertly wielded the selection of loppers, shears and scythe like tools to hack, chop and trim all the growth to one side of the path and around the tree, opening the space up for the next stage of the project - planting of woodland wildflowers and establishing a woodmeadow.

We had plenty of time today and managed to clear the whole section as requested, moved all the cuttings and branches to one side before helping Becky with taking the tools back to her car and heading back to York CVS.

With everyone back at the base, accompanied by the tunes coming out from the choir rehearsal at the CVS hall, we used the car park space for a 10 min fitness circuit including arm circles, mountain climbers, forward lunges, plank, squats on 1 leg, triceps dips, jumping jacks, sumo squats and sumo squats with 3 pulses and up on toes. What followed was a good legs stretch before heading back home, or the Ackhorne.

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David Barrett completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Sun 12 Sep
David Barrett completed a training run • Morning Run inc. York Parkrun
Sat 11 Sep
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