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Mon 25 Jan
Daryl Venner signed up to a training session
Training session

GoodGym (not)parkrun - Week 4

Sat 30 Jan 07:00 am
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Improve your fitness

Redbridge will be picking up the baton for (not) parkrun on Saturday 30th January! Everyone is very welcome to join!

And remember to follow all Covid rules and guidelines on your run, be safe, be socially-distanced and keep moving!

GoodGym (not)parkrun will be hosted by a different GoodGym area each week during lockdown and is aiming to get everyone involved in the January Challenge 2021, get fit and active in your local community and carry forward the parkrun spirit, whilst following Covid rules of course!

You can complete your 5K any time on Saturday and submit your time, by midnight on Saturday, using the form

A big shout out to Melanie Young @ GoodGym Bristol (aka tech savvy whizz kid) for creating the results form and who will put the results together for our (not) parkrun events. 

To let her know your email address and other useful information, there's a one-off registration form to complete. You can find this here.

If you'd like a photo to be included in the run report, please take a selfie and email it to juliashmotkina@goodgym.org

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Daryl Venner completed a ride • Nice mid morning ride
Sun 24 Jan
Daryl Venner went on a mission

Tesco's for Creme Brulé

Sat 23 Jan
Report written by Daryl Venner

It was nice to see Mrs E again she looks well and has been looking after herself we had a long chat and I was handed the shopping list which had her favourite on it Creme Brulé I was soon on my way to Tesco's and getting her shopping once done I was soon back at Mrs E with all that was on her list we had another chat and l left knowing that Mrs E is safe and well

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Daryl Venner completed a training run • Good gym fitness challenge part 2
Sat 23 Jan
Daryl Venner completed a training run • Good Gym it's not Park Run
Sat 23 Jan
Daryl Venner went on a training session
Training session

Keep On Running. GoodGym Park Run Week 3

Sat 23 Jan
Report written by Ian Bown

On Saturday 23rd January GoodGym Colchester was the host for the 3rd in the series of (not) parkrun training sessions which help keep us motivated during the lockdown.

72 runners from GoodGyms all over the country and the Czech Republic got out of their front doors to complete their 5km session.

Thank you for the superb photos.

This week, Saturday 30th January, the baton is being passed to GoodGym Redbridge to host the final (not) Park run for January . You can sign up via this link :- https://www.goodgym.org/happenings/goodgym-not-parkrun-week-4

Once again, a massive thanks to Melanie Young @ GoodGym Bristol (a very savvy computer person ) for creating the results form and who has been putting the results together for our (not) parkruns.

As ever Ian

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Sat 23 Jan
Thu 21 Jan
Daryl Venner signed up to a training session
Training session

Run Bingo

Wed 10 Feb 18:15 pm
Anywhere You May Be, In The World, BHA PPY
Add some direction to our daily activity

This week we are starting on a Run Bingo challenge. It will probably last for longer than a week unless we have some die hard Bingo exercisers...

The aim is to get as many of the tasks ticked off the Bingo card that you can. Of course there are also points for completing lines and diagonals too.

However, the main aim is to tick off every single box on the card. If you are only able to tick off a couple of things or just a line etc, that is also fine. The main thing is to take part and get yourself outdoors safely for your daily exercise time.

Here’s the link to the card to download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/az5gsa4bukv0sde/IMG_9893.JPG?dl=0

Entries will only be accepted with a selfie holding the ticked Bingo Card....or if you don't have printer you can edit the image on your phone or laptop with a tick and then send that in with a selfie seperate.

Please send your entries via e-mail or text message 07756336603, or if you're on Facebook then add them to the group chat.

Happy hunting!!

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