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Craig Mulligan has earned their community cape by completing their first community mission. Mon 9 May 2022

Craig completed a community mission. Instead of watching TV or lying in bed, Craig was out there making their community a better place to be. For making that choice they have earned the community cape.

Craig Mulligan has done their first good deed with GoodGym. Mon 9 May 2022

Craig is a now a fully fledged GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the first time. They are out there making amazing things happen and getting fit at the same time.

Craig Mulligan went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

All You Weed is Love

Mon 9 May
Report written by Laura Williams

It was a beautiful night for a spot of gardening. One-by-one the team grew in the picturesque Cemetery park spot, where manager Ken had left us perfect instructions to start tackling the weeds on the main route through the park.

Why were we doing this?

Fast-growing, light-hogging and invasive, Cow Parsley is a Cemetery pest at this time of year. And with the Cemetery’s volunteer source still a little low, our out-of-hours, weed-removal efforts are still very much in demand.

Don’t forget the Goosegrass

So, armed with the speediest weed-removal tutorial from Ken, we set about tackling the Cow Parsley and Goosegrass straying onto the woodland path and numerous gravestones.

Armed with tips and tricks from stem-handling to nettle-sting management, the team worked in a speedy, productive group making their way along the path at record pace, only breaking to shuttle stems and stingers to the weed mountain (more wholesome than it sounds) around the corner.

It was tireless, tiring and terrific fun, as our before and after Cow Parsley pics show.

Before we knew it, it was 8:15 and we were gathering stray stems and saying cheerio.

The Shout-outs

Shout-outs to the whole team who braved nettles, roots and a pollen-tastic environment on this balmy Monday night, to give this valuable community asset and its fantastic team a helping hand.

And the warmest of welcomes to Julia, who joined us from GG Oxford, and Craig, first time GoodGymer. Do come back again soon.

Next week, we’re back with Nancy and her team at Barts Volunteers for our first trip to the Royal London in nearly two years.

Until then.

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Craig Mulligan signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

THE BIG MONDAY NIGHT TASK: Summer weed-clearing project in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Mon 9 May 19:00 pm
(kissing gate, Hamlets Way entrance to Cemetery Park), 40 Brokesley Street, London, E3 4QJ
Cow parsley and goosegrass are taking over this pretty park's footpaths...

Manager Ken of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park has asked for GoodGymers to lend a hand clearing the footpath in this beautiful, well used park, as the park has suffered with a lower-than-usual supply of volunteers over the last couple of years.

Over the coming months, we will be working with his Weed Treasure Map to help clear some of the park's busiest walkways.

What you need to know

  • We'll meet at 7pm by the kissing gates off Hamlets Way, to start tackling our first area of weeds. This area is to the left of the bottom of Brokesley Street, across Tower Hamlets Way. (Address on listing is closest, but please head to bottom of street to the park, to find the group.)

  • The park will supply gloves but please bring your own too. Please wear long sleeves and long trousers.

  • We have allowed 90 minutes for this task, but you can leave earlier if you need to!

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