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Charlotte went on a community mission
Community mission

Baked Beans

Sat 9 Jul
Report written by Jack Concanon

Good weather! In summer! In England!

It's the season of village fairs and we're lucky to be able to help out with lots of them in the Richmond area. Today's fair was an extra special one as it is the 115th Petersham Horticultural Society Summer Show, at it's core it is a long standing show where gardeners can show off their home grown fruit and veg, check out the pictures of it all.

Today's tasks ranged from building gazebos, setting up seating to putting up bunting (a lot of bunting); we smashed through this in no time at all and had plenty of time spare before the fair started so went for some lunch and refreshments at a local pub!

Another great day out helping the local community and enjoying the weather. Great job all.

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Charlotte has run a race with GoodGym for the first time. Sun 26 Jun 2022

Charlotte has done their first race with GoodGym. Performing on the day is a lot of pressure; Charlotte's dealt with the nerves and turned up on the day to make it happen.

Charlotte went on a race

Run, run, run, as fast as you can…

Sun 26 Jun
Report written by Woking runner

The Martians are behind you!

On a bright and early Sunday morning, James and Anne ran to the local MacDonalds for a coffee before hopping on a minibus to be driven to McClaren grounds on Horsell Common.

What was happening there, do I hear you ask…

Well… Three trail races, 5K, 10K, 21K are organised every year entirely by volunteers from the Lions Club CIO.

All the proceeds are distributed to local charities carefully selected by the Woking Lions. The races are held on the beautiful Horsell Common on the western edge of Woking.

They are called the “Martian Races” to commemorate H.G.Wells ‘s book “The War of the Worlds” which takes place in Woking and its area.

On arrival, James and Anne were approached by Charlotte also a GoodGymer but from Ealing. It was lovely to meet another lovely GG member who might even join us when she moves to Chertsey.

Charlotte, we cannot wait to introduce you to the whole Woking GG team!

James and Charlotte completed the 10K race while Anne dropped down to the 5K. All thoroughly enjoyed their run.

You have one guess to answer this question: who, of the three runners, fell and hurt one knee and one ankle…. You would not know looking at the photos though!

Charlotte made her own way back while James and Anne joined some of the No Sweat Running crew for a well-deserved brunch at the Marciano.

We hope that next year more of Woking GG team will take part: we cannot praise enough the organization of the races and we could not run in a more wonderful landscape!

Next Wednesday, we will meet at the Run Company shop where we may borrow some Brooks shoes before joining the Run Company running group to go on a litter picker session around Woking.

You may wish to volunteer on Saturday morning before or after taking part to the Woking parkrun and on Sunday morning to encourage the Woking junior parkrunners.

In the meantime, happy running to you all.

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Charlotte signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Setting up the 115th Annual Petersham Horticulture Show

Sat 9 Jul 10:00 am
Petersham Village Hall, Bute Avenue off Sudbrook lane , Richmond, TW10 7AX
Supporting relationships within the local community

All hand on deck (chairs and tables!) We will be meeting Ken to help set up for the 115 annual Petersham Horticulture Show for the Petersham Horticulture Society. We will be putting up chairs, tables, marquess, coconut shy, and Punch and Judy stages.

Volunteers for the full 2 hours will get a free entry to the fair later in the day for this traditional community village fete.

Meet at the Petersham Village Hall on Bute Avenue off Sudbrook Lane, TW10 7AX. What3Words:

Any support will be greatly appreciated by all involved!

First timers are more than welcome and this is a great task to see what we are all about!

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Charlotte went on a community mission
Community mission

Ham SANDWICH Lands!!

Sat 14 May
Report written by JP

A merry bunch of 8 GGers met up on a sunny morning on the Ham Lands, and everyone had a lovely time.

We couldn’t believe the extent to which the ground cover had grown since our last visit only a few weeks ago. Where previously we were uprooting isolated brambles and taking up brushwood, now the whole area was awash with verdant growth.

With team leader Sharon joining us later in the task, deputy Bill did the briefing while those of us in shorts got acquainted with the nettles hiding in the long grass. Bill asked four people to clear overhanging branches from a pathway while those remaining were set to the task of cutting back brambles and collecting them up into a big white sack.

The four on branch duty quickly finished the area they had been assigned and went walkabout looking for new offending branches. They had a lovely time.

The three (and then four) left behind on bramble duty made steady progress and together with some of the FOHL volunteers managed to fill the large white sack. They had a lovely time.

Eventually Team Branches came back and we posed for a group photo, before resuming work on the brambles for a final push. Then we were off to the Swiss Bakery which was open again after a staff shortage due to Covid last month - meaning the famous sandwich toastie could finally be appreciated again (along with flammenkuchen, sausage sandwiches and delicious yet tiny coffees). And everyone had a lovely time.

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Charlotte went on a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

9 GoodGymmers Go Totally Batty!

Sat 30 Apr
Report written by Sheila Attenborough

Our friends at Wild Eton Wick are taking part in the National Bat Monitoring Program, so we took the opportunity to join them in what turned out to be a fascinating and exciting evening. Georgeta, Kanika and Sheila cycled to Eton Wick along the Jubilee River, and we all gathered just before dusk at St John's Church. We joined up with Claire, Tom and Andrew from Wild Eton Wick who led the survey and were our resident bat experts, as we were all novices. Claire gave us an introduction to the bats and how the survey would work. Kelley and Kanika took charge of the 2 bat detectors, one set at 45kHz to detect common pipistrelles, and the other set at 55kHz to detect soprano pipistrelles. The inaudible bat calls are picked up by an ultrasonic microphone and mixed with the output of a high frequency oscillator in the bat detector to produce a noise audible by us mere humans. Tom had a different instrument that scanned at all frequencies, and could report back on which species was present. The rest of us were looking for visual sightings of the bats, and any other mammals which might be around. We all spread out around the churchyard. As it got darker, both detectors started picking up bat activity, and everyone was very excited to see the bats flying around the trees and church. No one batted an eyelid to see such acro-bat-ics. Kelley even managed to video a bat flying overhead whilst the detector went bananas in the background. Noctule bats (the biggest British bat species) were also detected around the church. And all to the sounds of music floating across the fields from the Ride the Night event at Windsor racecourse. We eventually had to drag ourselves away - the cyclists made their way back to Maidenhead like bats out of hell to warm themselves up, whilst Sara had to contend with the Ride the Night cyclists on her way home. Thank you so much to Wild Eton Wick for inviting us along and enabling us to contribute to the survey, we all loved this task!

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Charlotte signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

Sunset Bat Survey

Sat 30 Apr 20:25 pm
At John the Baptist Church, Eton Wick Road , Eton Wick , SL4 6JA
Help out with monitoring the local bat population

Wild Eton Wick carry out bat surveys over the summer, which contribute to the Borough's Environment & Climate Strategy. Come and help out with the survey, monitoring the bats and their environment, in what promises to be an interesting evening. We will be meeting at St John the Baptist Church in Eton Wick. Make your own way to the task - there may be opportunities for car-sharing

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Charlotte signed up to a group run
Group run

GROUP SESSION - WALK/RUN Litter Pick down the canal - (SUP optional)

Wed 11 May 18:45 pm
Woking Leisure Centre, Woking Park, Kingfield Rd, Woking, GU22 9BA
Making your community a nicer area to enjoy

Meet at Woking Leisure centre from here we will run to the canal and then be equipped for some litter picking action.

There is a SUP form of transport available if anyone would like to bring along their own SUP. You will be better off meeting at the canal, parking near the WWF.

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