Ben Dove



good deeds




Ben Dove has signed up to Finish the Flower Power Project Sat 16 Nov 2019
Ben Dove has been cheered 1000 times. Sun 20 Oct 2019

Ben is extraordinary; they've received 1000 cheers. That's some serious noise and some serious support. Ben is an apostle.

Ben Dove has signed up to Yorkshire Marathon & 10 Mile Water Station Fri 18 Oct 2019
Ben Dove has has helped make a Saturday extra super by getting involved and being part of the most community missions done in a day, nice one Sat 21 Sep 2019

Ben got involved; they mucked in and they enabled GoodGym to complete the most community missions in a day, they are the Dupa to the Super.

Ben Dove went on a community mission Sat 21 Sep 2019
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