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Becky Greenwood signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Heeley People's Park - Pruning Path Edges

Mon 9 Nov 18:00 pm
Woodchip pile within the park opposite the Sheaf View pub in Heeley , 25 Gleadless Road , Sheffield, S2 3AA

Please note that this community mission has been cancelled.

Maintaining this outdoor space for local community use

Meeting point TBC - at woodchip if not advised elsewhere.

This task will be the pruning back of bushes and shrubs overgrowing the paths using secateurs. Then clearing up the clippings we have created.

Things to bring: - Headtorch - GG tasklight if you have one - Suitable clothing and shoes - your own gardening / work gloves.

Sign up and help support this great local organisation and green space.

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Becky Greenwood went on a group run
Group run

Sussing it out on the Sustrans National Cycle Network

Mon 3 Feb
Report written by Tom Mutton

This week was cause for celebration with both ZOFIA & MIKE completing their 101st good deed with GG!


We also welcomed a new runner into the fold, please welcome, support and cheer;


With the first group run of Feb being a brisk one with a lot of wind (weather, not flatulence), we set sail after a quick group photo celebrating Zof and Mike's achievements to meet with Sustrans Stalwart Simon who as ever (even with a cold) was committed enough to load up his van with all manner of tools and meet us to volunteer himself and meet with us and give a brief of tonights task...

The site of the Durham Ox is an area we go back to every few months to keep it in order and use for all the users and Simon highlighted this really has been noticed, noted and is appreciated by users and nearby residents alike.

We got straight to task with a mixture of;

  • Litter picking
  • Sweeping
  • Drain clearing

We got to three different sites around the Durham Ox site and collected 7 bags full of litter and made the paths much more presentable and attractive to use.

On route back we made a few stops for some fitness which this week included;

  • Clock Lunges
  • Star Jumps
  • Knee Up's
  • Group Piston Squats
  • Stair Squats
  • Sprints
  • Stairs, lots of stairs...

After stretching off we headed inside for some delicious home made lemon cake kindly made by Mike and his youngsters, thanks Mike and family!

Until next week, happy running :)

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Becky Greenwood went on a group run
Group run

Getting inbulbed...

Mon 20 Jan
Report written by Tom Mutton

A HUGE GG welcome to new runner, coming all the way from Peru to check out GGSHEFF....


Support her and cheer her by clicking on her name above, welcome to the squad Alessa!

This week was HUGE with so many runners coming out on a brisk Jan eve to do good in the steel city!

This weeks good was to help REGATHER and GORGEOUS GARETH with the planting of 200 spring bulbs around the Regather HQ so that it is beautiful come spring for all visitors and local residents who regularly pass through.

On arrival we split into 4 teams. With one team doing a bit of plogging around the site the other teams were either planting bulbs or coming to do some exercise. After a spell we swapped around with everyone getting a chance to get some exercise as well as exercise their bulb planting skills.

Exercise wise this week we had a go at an EMOM session - Every Minute On the Minute, where we tried to complete 20 reps of an exercise and once complete we had the remaining time up to the minute we were on to recover so you could either choose to smash it out quick and have longer to recover or take a bit longer and lower the intensity of the exercise. Everyone did really well and we got in;

  • Press Up's
  • Step Up's
  • Lunges
  • Star Jumps
  • Burpees
  • Shoulder Taps
  • Kick back

Even the local were cheering us on from the high rises!

It's better than watching TV . R.Kenning

Once we were all done we paused to witness the final bulb being planted by Gareth as we all watched on in a circular cult like fashion (we're not a cult, honest....)

Shall we all hold hands? T.Archer

On route back we tried a little team game involving wall sits and ramp sprints, which for sure brought out some competition in some, lovely to see.

Thanks all for a great eve and until next time....

Happy Running :)

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Becky Greenwood signed up to a group run
Group run

Planting Bulbs with REGATHER

Mon 20 Jan 18:30 pm
Showroom Cinema , 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX
Brightening up the area when it comes to spring!

This week we will be helping to plant bulbs at Regather ready for them to spring into life in the spring/summer!

Regather are long standing friends of Good Gym in Sheffield and are involved in a huge variety of projects across the city.

From running a local fruit and veg box scheme, to managing events such as the Folk Forest, to hosting many co-operative events and start up schemes such as cooking projects, brewing, comedy, music and film they are a fantastic co-op that do a huge amount of work that brings the local community together and benefits all. They are a not for profit and their profits go back into the co-op to continue and expand the projects they are working on.

We help Regather out with many projects from helping with labelling of apple and cider bottles made from local apples that would otherwise go to waste, to helping manage the grounds outside the Regather co-op and across other sites they are involved with such as Lynwood Gardens; a 'pocket forest' of mature woodland and glades situated in Broomhall virtually untouched for over 150 years!

Be prepared to get involved with all sorts from inside, to outside. If you have a pair of gardening gloves with you please do bring them along.

If dark, please bring a head torch.

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Becky Greenwood signed up to a race

Tigger Tor

Sun 26 Jan 10:00 am
Tigers RUFC, Dore Moor, Hathersage road, Sheffield, S17 3AB
A lovely community fell race in our neck of the woods

A 10 mile or so fell race organised by Totley AC, with 11 check points.

Race info and registration on the website: Registration will open 8.30 am and close 9.30am; the race will start 10am

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Becky Greenwood went on a group run
Group run

A bullseye at Archer Drive

Mon 6 Jan
Report written by Tom Mutton

It was the first group run of 2020 last night!

We welcomed new runners;

Welcome to the team!

Support and cheer our new runners by clicking on their names above!

It was a super special night tonight as it was AMAZING ANDREWS 100TH good deed (see Batman like photos). A huge achievement, well done Andrew. Here's to 100 more!

We also had news of the first GGSHF engagement! A huge congrats and best wishes on behalf of everyone in GGSHF to TREMENDOUS TOM & AMAZING ANNIE who will be getting hitched in the future!

With numbers very strong this week we split into 2 teams to head to the task to help SENSATIONAL SIMON of SUSTRANS with the ongoing maintenance and clearing of the National Cycle Network within Sheffield.

On arrival we got tolled up and got straight into action with the section of path we were using being swept of debris, litter being picked, overgrowth being cut back and litter, cuttings and debris being piled up ready for the council to collect it soon after.

Although hard to see, in the light of day I am sure users of this section will be hugely appreciative of our efforts in this stretch of cyclepath that is often forgotten on becomes unloved and overtime less safe and attractive to use. Great job everyone!

On the way back we headed back in 2 teams again. With a longer run than usual and with the Jan Challenge in mind we chose extra KM's over a fitness session this week, having said that we did sneek in a cheeky STRAVA segment down past Virgin gym (Thanks Chris).

We timed it perfectly to get back to the Showroom for a combined stretch and to hear of the latest going on's.

Make sure you've signed up to next week to help out at Heeley People's Park.

Until then, happy running :)

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Becky Greenwood went on a group run
Group run

GG Sheff Fayreing well in the winter wetness wonderland

Mon 25 Nov
Report written by Tom Mutton

A HUGE GGSHF welcome to......

Carla Gibbons

Give her a cheer and support her by clicking on Carla's name above.

On a damp, dreary Sheffield eve our hardy lot donned their trainers and headed out to our old friends that we've not seen in a while over at Heeley City Farm. We ran and met with HAPPY HEATHER who welcomed us and gave us maps of tonights task which was to flyer the local area to let people know about the upcoming winter fayre (get the pun now?) this weekend which helps to raise funds to keep the farm running.

We split into 4 teams with TASK FORCE Team Captains -

  • Helen
  • Steve
  • Mike
  • Suze

After a good 30mins leafleting the surrounding streets we re grouped under shelter from the lethal drizzle and heard more about the upcoming events at the farm from Heather before saying our goodbyes.

On Goodbye we headed down the hill in style by all lunging forward, then backwards down the hill.

Think Monty Python meets Reservoir Dogs...

After a few tactical group circular squats to regroup we got back to base for stretches and liquid refreshment.

Until next time, happy running :)

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Becky Greenwood went on a group run
Group run

There is such a thing as too mulch...

Mon 11 Nov
Report written by Tom Mutton

We welcomed a new runner to the fold this week. A big hand and GG welcome to;

Liam Chisman

Give him a cheer!

This week we were back off to our old friends at Heeley People's Park to help them with spreading much needed woodchip after the recent wet weather had really taken it's toll on some of the paths.

Raking it in...

In addition to the woodchipping we helped to rake up all of the loose grass and cuttings from the recently strimmed wildflower meadow.

Following a good session and a natural end point of getting to the end of the path we headed off to the U-Mix park for some Tripple Trouble fitness using the stone benches within the park to smash out 20 reps of each of the following;

  • Press up's
  • Box jumps or step ups
  • Tri dips

After our fitness session we headed home to stretch off and hear of the latest news and upcoming events.

Until next time, happy running :)

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Becky Greenwood went on a community mission
Community mission

Don't stop de-leafing ...

Sun 3 Nov
Report written by Andrew Waters

A Magnificent Seven turned up to Alexandra Road to give the Garden a bit of Autumn TLC. A special "well done" to those who managed to get up bright and early despite celebrating Sarah's birthday the night before - and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sarah!

Between us we managed to fill a large Hippo Bag with lopped branches and leaves whilst catching up on firework displays, runs we've entered and Celine & Becky's planned run over the Peak from Manchester to Sheffield.

Our work finished, as always, with tea and biscuits generously provided by the Garden Volunteers. This really is a lovely monthly community mission - join us next time in December as we start the run up to Christmas.

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