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Fri 17 Sep
Amy Pezet has run in seven different GoodGym areas. Tue 17 Aug 2021

Amy loves to wander. Amy has been to seven different GoodGym areas and seen the different cultures, etiquette and style of different trainers and met hundreds of people. Amy is a wanderer.

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Group run

Weed done it! Welcome to GoodGym Luton!

Tue 17 Aug
Report written by David Mansfield

Well done everyone for joining in with the launch night, what a great turnout we had, lovely to meet everyone!

First we got warmed up on live TV, which isn't how that bit normally goes! Then after a few intros to GoodGym and how you will help Luton, we set off on our 2km run to the Penrose Roots to Recovery garden and Amy led a walking group, who walk-jogged their way along.

On arrival we met Peter who showed us the giant plot of weeds that needed clearing so the area can be used for planting crops again. Pre-pandemic they were producing tons of vegetables here that went to feeding the local community via soup kitchens and homeless hostels, you helped that resource get back on track to continuing to feed the needy.

We had made two impressive mounds of weeds before we left for a little interval training in Wardown Park, to get the legs warmed up again for the return leg, completing our 4km journey with a cool down stretch back at St George's Square.

I hope you all had a great time We'll definitely be back in a few weeks to give the project another boost!

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Mon 16 Aug
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Group run

GGLuton Launch! Community Gardening

Tue 17 Aug 18:45 pm
St George's Square, Luton, LU1 2QB
Help this therapeutic garden thrive

This is the very first GoodGym Luton Group Run, so you definitely need to be there!

Don't worry, we welcome all abilities of runners and you can even walk it if you like, nobody gets left behind.

As it's your first time allow me to explain the plan...

Kicking off

First you'll meet your Area Activator Dave Mansfield (that's me!) In St George's Square, then there will be a brief mingle before we officially launch with a few words from our partners about the impact GoodGym will have on the lives of people in Luton. Then you'll be fully briefed on the run ahead, and the task of the day.

Before setting off we will do a quick warm up in St George's square to get you primed and ready. Then we'll set off on a 2km run to the Penrose Roots to Recovery therapeutic allotment. Phil and William will meet us there with a list of jobs, as they recover the garden from lockdown weed invasions.

With the task complete we will stop by Wardown Park for some running games and then head back into town.

What do you need?

You only need to bring yourself and anything you're happy to run with. You'll be issued with everything you need on arrival at the task. There's nowhere to store any excess baggage while we run at the moment (We're working on it!).

Can't wait to meet you all!

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Tue 15 Jun
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Sun 4 Apr
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Thu 25 Mar
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Sat 13 Mar
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Sat 6 Mar
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