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Community mission

Back to Russell Square Gardens to finish off the birdfeeder digging

Wed 22 Jul 18:45 pm
The St Pancras and Somers Town Living Centre, 2 Ossulston Street, London, NW1 1DF
Helping to bring more birds and wildlife to Russell Square Gardens

Hello everyone,

Camden's back! Not like normal just yet, but this will be our fourth group run-style Community Mission since we've entered the next stage of lockdown.

We're going to be running back to give David and the team a hand with installing some birdfeeders at Russell Square Gardens this week and next! We'll meet outside the Living Centre from 6.45pm, and after a short intro, we'll get going just after 7pm. We'll run to and from the task, as if it was a normal group run.

In line with UK Athletics and GoodGym guidelines, there will be a sign up limit of 5 runners each week on our runs. Tasks will be run at the same place for 2 weeks in a row, so I ask that if you've signed up to last week's Alara run you don't sign up this week (I'll be checking this, and removing you if you've signed up for the same task, two weeks in a row!). This will allow more Camdeners to enjoy the tasks, so please think before you double sign up.

As social distancing measures are still in place, please remember the following:

  • Bring your own pair of gloves for the task, that you don't share with others.
  • Any task you'll be asked to complete will be socially-distanced. You're responsible for making sure you keep the 2m distance between you and other GoodGymers while you're working.
  • Tools that you use at the task location will be yours for the time we're there, so please don't share them with anyone else (even with your gloves on).

We meet outside The St Pancras & Somers Town Living Centre, on the other side of the building from the main entrance to the Crick Institute. Look out for the red t-shirts!

There will not be a place to leave your bags and toilets aren't available, so please remember that you need to be able to run in what you bring. This is due to the Living Centre not being open to us just yet, but I'm working on it for future runs.

We welcome all abilities but ask that you are able to run for at least 15 minutes, don't worry though we keep together as a group and no-one is ever left behind! Come along and join us.

After the run we'll run back to Camden and go to somewhere outdoors that sells alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for a socially distanced drink outside.

Gonna be a good, but probably very strange one - I'm looking forward to it!

Ben - Camden Trainer

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Mali D went on a community mission
Community mission

We had a snail of a time...

Wed 8 Jul
Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

6 Goodgym folks braved the drizzle to come and help out at Freightliner's Farm last night. We have had some really great sessions here over the last few weeks, contributing towards getting the farm prepared for their proposed opening this weekend.

Goodgym runners have removed huge chunks of soil and rubble from pathways to allow easy access for all visitors, using a safe one-way system, and have collected multiple truck loads of overgrown plants, grass and green waste to make the farm presentable.

We were greeted with the smell of homemade gooseberry jam being boiled on a stove as we entered the cafe area (hopefully open soon too!). Lots of fruit, veg and plants will be available to buy to support the project.

Firstly, our team set about gathering up the remnants of old fences, and placing them on the back of the pick up truck. New fences will be installed soon, to aid the one-way system. We then separated into 2 teams, and started to remove green trimmings, old overgrown plants and nettles from the footpaths. Many wheelbarrows were filled with spiky plants and long branches, but we did a excellent job of clearing the space!

We were treated to a short tour of the animal enclosure before heading off, and had the chance to say "Hello" to Bramble the Goat, Milthilda the cow, lots of sheep, various Kune Kune pigs, all the farm cats (Bagheera, Molly and Whiskey the shop cat) and hundreds of snails, out enjoying the weather!

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Community mission

Thornhill Fun!

Wed 15 Jul 19:00 pm
Thornhill Square, London, N1 1BE
Wheelbarrows and digging tasks at these lovely residential gardens

Following on from our initial trip last week, we plan to return (in greater numbers!) to continue our great work!

Classic Goodgym group run style Task- lifting, trimming, weeding, taking, digging and chatting in a large, open area. Plenty of space for social distancing.

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Mali D signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Freightliner's Farm (almost ready for reopening!)

Wed 8 Jul 19:00 pm
Sheringham Road, London , N7 8PF
Helping this lovely community farm to prepare for their re-opening!

Come and join us for another trip to this really gorgeous community farm! The team have been busy getting the place ready to accept visitors over the weekend, and have invited Goodgym back to help with some finishing touches.

Expect some sweeping, wheelbarrowing, pruning, digging and animal cuddling!

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Mali D has has earned their community cape by completing their first community mission. Wed 1 Jul 2020

Mali completed a community mission. Instead of watching TV or lying in bed, Mali was out there making their community a better place to be. For making that choice they have earned the community cape.

Mali D has done their first good deed with GoodGym. Wed 1 Jul 2020

Mali is a now a fully fledged GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the first time. They are out there making amazing things happen and getting fit at the same time.

Mali D went on a community mission
Community mission

Barking up the wrong tree

Wed 1 Jul
Report written by Danny

The threat of rain didn’t deter four of us GG regulars today, nor indeed did it Mali, along for her first ever GoodGym deed, raaa! Welcome to GoodGym!!

Despite being a tiny little speck of a park, Barnsbury Square Gardens were really well resourced with somewhere secure for our belongings, a loo, and plenty of the tools we needed. They also had a plentiful supply of compost, which we were there to spread out across the place.

Unlike your common-as-muck compost that’s full of twigs, lumpy bits and indeed sometimes ‘muck,’ this was bark compost. It was fine and smooth and slid effortlessly on and off of the spade. It also smelled lovely, so between that, the roses, the lavender and the rosemary it was a treat to go messing around in the bushes a bit. In an hour, 5 of us emptied 2 bulk bags of it across the roses (the ‘Susan Daniel Rose bed’ to be precise) and then on a mixed bed. Meanwhile all shapes and sizes of dogs romped around the park and their owners engaged in polite dog-owner banter.

As if by magic at a few minutes past our finish time, the rain arrived to scare us off home, and water in what we’d done in the gardens.

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Mali D signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Planting and Fix Up at Barnsbury Square Gardens!

Wed 1 Jul 19:00 pm
Friends of Barnsbury Square Gardens, London, N1 1JL
Helping the Friends of Barnsbury Square Gardens with a good tidy up!

The Friends of Barnsbury Square Gardens have asked if Goodgym would like to assist with fixing up and maintaining their lovely residential green space.

The volunteer crew have plenty of socially distanced tasks available for a group of 4 runners to partake in. Expect pruning, weeding, wheelbarrowing and raking with Goodgym friends!

Come and meet us at Barnsbury Square Gardens, via the Thornhill Road entrance.

If you sign up, and find you can no longer assist, please let Trainer Simon know!

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Mali D signed up to a document check
doc check
Tower Hamlets

Get your docs checked

Mon 16 Mar 18:30 pm
Town Hall Hotel - Hotel Entrance, Patriot Square, London, E2 9NF
Meet Laura at Town Hall Hotel - Hotel Entrance

Document checks are required to run to help older people.

This doc check:

  • will take you less than 15 mins.
  • is a chance to meet your local trainer.
  • is a good time to get some training and fitness advice if you're new to running.
    • is before a group run, but you don’t have to join the run if you don't want to.

You can find out more information here

Any questions, please get in touch with

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