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Paul has done a 12 month mission streak. Sun 19 Sep 2021

Wow, Paul has completed a 12 month mission streak. That means they've cleared gardens, moved furniture and changed light bulbs in spring, summer, autumn and even winter. Show your support and give them a massive cheer!

Paul went on a community mission
Community mission

All Chipping In

Sun 19 Sep
Report written by John Shirley

On a warm morning, we all eventually arrived at the meadow, not easy to find for newcomers (we all got lost the first time).

Alison, Paul and John shovelled a huge pile of woodchip into wheelbarrows, to be dispersed along the length of a long path. Caitlin, on her 15th Good Deed, used a rake to spread the woodchip, while rake-less Mali improvised with a special shoe-shuffle.

Becca and Beth were busy cutting back overhanging foliage; in fact Beth was working so fast she was just a blur (see picture). Sophie and Karen were also busy keeping untidy growth at bay. Steve moved some heavy paving stones, then sawed back some over-long branches.

This time, as well as Friends of CREOS we were joined by friend of everyone, Gus Dog. After we'd finished, the rain started to fall, having kindly held off until we completed our tasks.

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Paul completed a training run • Hampstead heath parkrun
Sat 18 Sep
Paul signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Crouch End Open Space (CREOS) Volunteering Day (September 2021)

Sun 19 Sep 11:00 am
Greenways, London, N8 8JJ
Our monthly woodland regeneration session with the CREOS volunteering team

Join us as we help the team at CREOS, a local conservation charity, maintain and improve a lovely green oasis in Crouch End.

CREOS looks after the meadows and wooded pathways of the Crouch End Open Space. GoodGym runners have been helping them maintain this beautiful patch of land for a while now, and the CREOS team always has lots for us to do.

We'll meet for an 11am start and aim to work for two hours. Stay as long as you can... but if you can make it to 1pm you'll get to enjoy a picnic* provided by the CREOS team. (Though this may be contingent on the weather!)

Here is a link to our start location- over at CREOS Meadow:

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Paul completed a ride • The voyage home
Tue 14 Sep
Paul completed a training run • Mornington Chasers Hills of Highgate
Tue 14 Sep
Tue 14 Sep
Paul completed a ride • Back from Victoria park
Sun 12 Sep
Paul completed a training run • Goodgym Track attack Victoria park
Sun 12 Sep
Paul went on a training session
Training session

Speedy Sunday

Sun 12 Sep
Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

6 Goodgym runners from all different boroughs joined us for possibly the last Track Attack session of summer on Sunday. We were gifted by some sunshine and friendly fellow runners at Victoria Park track (after making a short walk from Pavilion Cafe). We were surrounded by adorable puppies too (one which decided to steal Trainer Simon's spare shoes while he was out running).

As part of our session, we lead a 1 mile (4 lap) and a 5km (12.5 lap) distance time trial.

We started with the 1 mile, with John, Tracey, Ivy and Emily putting in some stellar performances (congrats to John for using this as a fitness test after an injury put him out). Following this, Paul and Simon ran the 5km together, chasing our own personal objectives.

Smashing running everyone! We will be back in November.

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