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Mali D has completed 5 good deeds with GoodGym. Fri 15 Jan 2021

Mali is a now a pretty committed GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the fifth time

Mali D went on a community mission
Community mission

A bike? E-bike!

Fri 15 Jan
Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

Goodgym Islington returned to the Ringcross Community Centre Foodbank this week (4pm every Friday) for a round of cycle deliveries around the local area. We had a great crew on board for the evening, including new starter Olivia and Peter from Redbridge, who joined us with his company cargo bike.

We completed 12 deliveries between us to households in the Islington and Harringey- really great work, especially considering how large some of the parcels were. Our team made use of large backpacks, pannier bags and baskets to safely transport essential food and produce to their neighbours.

Incredible work everyone. See you again soon!

You can sign up here for next week's session:


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Community mission

Cyclists wanted! Ringcross Community Centre Foodbank

Fri 15 Jan 16:00 pm
Ringcross Community Centre, 60 Lough Rd, London, N7 8RH
Delivering essential supplies to local neighbourhood families

Ringcross Community Centre has been operating a large foodbank since the start of lockdown, and currently offers food and essentials to over 70 Islington households every week.

Islington Cycle Club have also offered assistance to the project, by arranging a food collection pickup from shops and supermarkets, often using a cargo e-bike.

Goodgym have offered to assist with delivering shopping parcels to various households around Islington (no more than 2 miles from the community centre).

Would you like to be a foodbank cycle courier?

All deliveries will be prepared in advance, with addresses and contact phone numbers attached to the parcels.

You will need:

A bike

A method for carrying pretty heavy stuff

This can be pannier bags, or a large rucksack (12 ltrs or larger). Most deliveries would be the size of 4 shopping bags of items, so a larger capacity bag will make your trip easier. A few spare bags will be available to borrow if required.

There are 3 large bags available to borrow if you are without a suitable rucksack!

Some sort of map

Google maps on your phone would be fine.

Confidence when cycling on London streets

We are looking for safe cyclists! Steady, controlled and predictable cycling is preferred over speedy deliveries!

Any questions, feel free to contact Simon Fitzmaurice (Islington Trainer).

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Mali D went on a community mission
Community mission

Hip to be Thornhill Square

Mon 10 Aug
Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

It was wonderful to lead our first group run-style activity at Goodgym Islington since March!

10 Goodgymmers from all different boroughs joined us at The Arsenal Hub or at Thornhill Square Gardens tonight (or both in Mali's case. Great effort!). After an easy warm-up on a toasty summer's evening, we jogged towards the task together via Mackenzie Road and onto Caledonian Road.

Anna, one of the resident volunteers was ready for us as we arrived to the gardens. Aidan and Ellie grabbed pick axes and spades, and started tackle the tricky rose bush roots. Hanry and Federica snipped down some very tall (but dead) plants for composting using loppers and a spade. John and Caz trimmed and tidied the square beddings on the opposite side of the park, while Jackie was on litter patrol (she is a top plogger at most tasks!). Sarah and Mali continued with creating willow arches along the end of some more flower beds (a task we started earlier in the year!).

Anna did a great job with providing a vast array of tasks for our Goodgym crew this evening, which allowed us to maintain safe distancing throughout. Most of us tackled the slope back to the Emirates to complete 3 miles total running, before engaging in some light stretching as a cool down.

Great work today everyone! See yoi same time next week!

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Mali D has cheered 10 times. Wed 15 Jul 2020

Mali has helped keep other people motivated, Mali has noticed what others have done and cheered 10 people. We doff our caps to you Mali.

Mali D went on a community mission
Community mission

Brootal Roots!

Wed 15 Jul
Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

9 plucky Goodgym folks joined us for a busy evening of gardening in Thornhill Square last night (including new starter Vicky- welcome!). Local resident Anna had lots of tasks for us to undertake in different areas of this lovely green space.

Sam, Vicky, John and Jackie picked up a trio of wheelbarrows and set about laying new compost, mulch and topsoil for various flower beds in the park. Mali and Steve took on the tough task of removing old stubborn rosemary bush roots from the dry dusty ground (Mali snipped the tendrils, whilst Steve used a mattock to lever the roots out of place). Very satisfying work! Marie-Laure and Vicki assisted Anna with cleaning up the park, keeping the foliage tidy and collecting up big bags of green waste left by the gardeners. We were also asked to move some compost bins to a new location, due to a sad case of vandalism leaving them in disrepair.

Within an hour of hard graft, we made a real difference to the space- completing loads of outstanding jobs for the local gardening residents. All being well, I expect we will be returning soon!

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Community mission

Helping at St John's Community Garden

Sun 19 Jul 17:00 pm
St John's Church, Pemberton Gardens, London, N19 5RR
Improve the garden for everyone to enjoy.

St. John’s community garden had sadly been rather neglected until a few months ago when a couple of volunteers started work on it.

There are loads of jobs including: clearing and preparing flower beds, finishing off borders, planting, litter-picking and more.

Alex, the garden volunteer organiser, will be there from 5-7pm. You don’t need to stay for the whole time. Pop along and help out for as long as you can, any help will be appreciated.

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Community mission

EDIT! Digging, Trimming and Pruning at Thornhill Square Gardens (+ Group Run!)

Mon 10 Aug 18:45 pm
The Arsenal Community Hub, 56 Benwell Road, London, N7 7BA
Thornhill Square Gardens have invited us back for an evening of outdoor gardening fun!


We will be meeting up at the Arsenal Hub on Benwell Road to start one of our first group run style task since the start of the Covid Restrictions.

Our plan is to run to Thornhill Square Gardens, N1 1BE as a small group, maintaining social distancing throughout the journey.

We have been helping Anna and the residents in Thornhill Square to look after their lovely green space during the latter half of the lockdown period. Expect some rose bush pruning, collecting green trimmings for the compost bin and some digging up of old planting beds!

2.5 miles total running for Thornhill Square and back to the Emirates. No one will be left behind, as we will allocate a back marker for the trip.

Please note that the Arsenal Hub is not open at the moment, so you won't be able to leave anything on the site. Please only bring items you intend to run with.

If you intend to join us for the volunteering, but not the running, please let Trainer Simon know, so we can meet you at the task in good time.

Restricted to 10 runners total, to ensure easy social distancing for the task. Please bring face coverings and gloves if possible.

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Community mission

Mildmay Massive! Gardening at Newington Green's Community Passiv-Haus.

Wed 29 Jul 19:00 pm
Mildmay Community Centre, London, N16 8NA

Please note that this community mission has been cancelled.

Classic green fingered task on Mildmay's distinctive sloped garden

Mildmay Community Centre (just off Newington Green) have opened their doors again for the local neighbourhood, and have asked if Goodgym Islington could lend a hand with some garden maintenance. The fully carbon neutral enterprise has a really distinctive sloped green area, so grippy shoes are advised!

We will be accepting no more than 10 goodgymmers for this task, to allow enough space in ensure social distancing.

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