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Return to the Southbank Roof Garden

Sat 24 Apr 15:00 pm
Southbank Centre , Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX
The renewal of the lawn will help to revitalize the garden for the public and local community when the garden opens at the end of May.

Grounded Ecotherapy Camden have asked us to move some turf from pallets to the lawn area where Grounded Ecotherapy will lay it to form a new lawn. Runners will be using wheelbarrows to ferry turf from pallets to lawn area.

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Canoe the Regent's Canal

Tue 27 Apr 19:00 pm
Laburnum Boat club, Laburnum St, London, E2 8BH
Enjoy an evening on the water

Paddling along the Regent's Canal in Haggerston is unique way to view East London, surrounded by canal boats the smell of their wood burners and passing by the wildlife. Great social opportunity to get together and it's a good work out for the arms!

The wonderful Laburnum Boat Club will be our host's, they are a fantastic charity working with young people.

The event is £10, please bring cash.

Bring a change of clothing too, we won't be doing any rolling but you might still get wet!

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Community mission

Islington Garden Renovation Day with The People's Army! (Friday)

Fri 23 Apr 09:30 am
Forest Court, Ellington Street, Islington, London, N7 8PQ
The People's Army are dedicating 2 days towards a residential council garden project, and we have been invited to help!

Gardening for Good!

Goodgym Islington have been invited to help The People's Army team with renovating a residential gardening space and accessible entrance point for elderly and disabled households.

Hazel, the task owner for our Monday food bank missions at the Angel Church, will be on hand on the day (contact details will be sent to all sign-ups).

What to expect:

  • Soil removal and fresh compost spreading for new plants and veg
  • Moving bricks and paving slabs to create a pathway for disabled residents

The task will occur from 9am - 4pm, and sign-ups are welcome to come and go throughout the day.

However, I recommend messaging Hazel to let her know approximately when you would be arriving and leaving.

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Community mission

Eliza-bee-th House

Mon 5 Apr
Report written by Ernestas Jegorovas-Armstrong

When I arrived GoodGymmers were already bursting out the door with bags in their hands.

While loading a food parcel for delivery, a few more joined (you can easily spot a GoodGymmer, not by their red shirt, but their brisk pace and joy in their eyes).

Got all of the allocated food parcels out in just over half an hour, nothing beats a large task like busy bee GoodGymmers.

Shout out to Ellie for her 50th good deed!

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Community mission

Elizabeth House Foodbank Deliveries

Mon 5 Apr 17:45 pm
Elizabeth House Food Hub, 2 Hurlock Street, London, N5 1ED
Assisting this awesome project with foot deliveries to local households

The lovely folks at the Elizabeth House Foodbank have invited Goodgym back to help with their ongoing community delivery service. The team were super productive over the festive period, and we are happy to continue their excellent work.

This task is will involve deliveries of food and supplies on foot to local households around Islington. Bringing a substantial rucksack could be useful, but not essential.

Area Activator Simon will be present to help with the running of this session.

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Community mission

EDIT! Now at Market Road Gardens

Wed 28 Apr 18:30 pm
Market Road, London, N7 9PL
A classic task location for Octopus Community Network

Octopus Communities, the network for allotments, green spaces and projects across Islington have invited us to help with some Wednesday evening gardening at Market Road Gardens.

Frannie, the main coordinator for the charity will meet us at the gardens, and we will have plenty of moving, wheel barrowing, raking, trimming and general green tasks available!

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Community mission

Migrateful: Chinese Socially Distanced Dinner- Cyclists wanted!

Fri 9 Apr 17:30 pm
New Unity, 277A Upper St, Islington, London , N1 2TZ
Sign up to be a delivery cyclist for this innovative community kitchen!

Migrateful runs cookery classes led by refugees, asylum seekers and migrants struggling to integrate and access employment. The cookery classes provide ideal conditions not just for learning English and building confidence, but also for promoting contact and cultural exchange with the wider community.

Due to legal, linguistic and social barriers, finding work can be extremely difficult for many migrants. Being unable to provide for themselves and their families has significant negative effects on self-esteem and mental health.

Migrateful’s mission is to empower and celebrate refugees and vulnerable migrants on their journey to integration, by supporting them to run their own cookery classes.

Every month, Migrateful host a themed dinner by the community chefs working with the charity. In the past, this would be in a large social space where the diners can meet face-to-face. However, during lockdown, the team have set up a "Socially Distanced Dinner", where local volunteer cyclists deliver meals to the diners instead.

If you are interested in getting involved, please follow these instructions:

Please fill out this doodle poll:

We are in need of 25-30 volunteers so please spread the word!

Once filed, please email me with the following information:

  1. Your dietary requirements so that we can prepare you a meal

  2. What bags you have to transport the food in. We have a limited number of Deliveroo insulated food bags that we will be lending out. Please let us know if you have a pannier rack, pannier bags, or can bring a large travel backpack, or even have access to a Deliveroo style big insulated food backpack too. If you borrow one of the Migrateful bags, please could it be dropped back at the venue on the evening, or at the office in Brixton over the following week.

  3. Your contact number and home/end address so that we can create the routes as convenient as possible!

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Training session


Fri 26 Mar
Report written by Tim Dickson

Well done to everyone who smashed the Roxanne challenge. i don't care who you are this was a tough one.

The drill was to hold a squat and when you hear the words Roxanne and Red Light you perform a squat jump going straight back into holding a squat. Ouch!!.....................

Guys make sure you keep an eye out for more challenges from the Bexley crew, we love having you all involved. Have the best week.


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Training session

Camino London Ultra 50km: Week 15: Hill Session **(GROUP TRAINING)**

Tue 11 May 18:00 pm
Parliament Hill Athletics Track, Hampstead Heath, London, NW5 1QR
An opportunity to run together as part of this session for the Camino London Ultra 50km schedule

A key base building session for those training for the Camino London Ultra 50km, but also available for anyone looking for a varied workout.

Area Activator Simon will be leading this session, using the hill next to Parliament Hill Track. He can look after bags, and will use a whistle to indicate the start and end of intervals.

Please note that this session will be on a grassy hill, so trail shoes may be needed depending on the weather. More information will be offered closer to the event start time.

Week 15: Fartlek Continuous Kenyan Hills

30 minutes of continuous hill running, but at mixed paces

40 seconds threshold effort up hill, followed by a threshold effort down hill back to your start point (70% effort)

1 minute easy pace up hill, followed by an easy effort down hill back to your start point (no more than 50% effort)

Repeat until 30 minutes total time has elapsed

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