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Akvile has done their first good deed with GoodGym. Tue 25 Feb 2020

Akvile is a now a fully fledged GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the first time. They are out there making amazing things happen and getting fit at the same time.

Akvile went on a group run
Group run

We crepe-d up the hill as our legs were panc-achy

Tue 25 Feb
Report written by Louise Chambers

A big Bromley welcome to Akvile who joined us for her first good deed,and welcome back to Georgina and Nykolette, it was great to see you all.

It was a chilly evening but that didn't stop our super 7 making a real difference at the St Christopher's charity shop in Crystal Palace. Thankfully the rain had stopped by the time we headed to the park for a quick warm-up with the trusty stress pig. We were running a little late so we kept it brief before braving the steps and puddles in the park to the top of the hill and round to the shop where Ian, Nykolette and shop manager Teresa were waiting for us. Ian and Nykolette had already made a start tidying the shelves and cash desk in the shop, and Tim, Hannah and Akvile followed Teresa to the back of the shop were things had got a little messy. There were lots of books and a few household items piled up and around chairs and boxes, blocking the access to the shelving. Tim suggested sorting the books into categories and alphabetical order, but there wasn't the space to organise them to that extent, Teresa just wanted them stacking together to make more floor space for the staff and volunteers to work.

Georgina had the fun job of steaming the clothes ready to go on the rails, whilst Ian and Nykolette moved on to sorting and tagging donations. Before too long, Tim, Hannah and Akvile had created a neat stack of books against the wall, and tidied other donations into boxes and bags. Tim educated us with the meaning of the word 'shrove', which is to do with absolution of sins. Apparently only a priest can shrive!

Time was soon up and the dark, cold night beckoned us. Teresa was absolutely delighted with our work, and we left with a warm feeling of a job well done. It was a welcome down hill run back to our start point, where we did a short wall-sit, but those achy legs were soon shaking. A quick stretch later and it was time to head home for some pancakes, yum.

Next week we're returning to Melvin Hall to carry on with the painting of the gates and fence outside. If it's raining or particularly cold, there will be some indoor jobs we can do, thankfully. Sign up here.

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