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Aarani went on a party
Tower Hamlets

Park side of the moon

Thu 12 Aug
Report written by Stephen Tolfree

The clouds lifted as we met in picturesque Victoria Park this evening, to converse over a game of Kuub.

It was a good-sized team on board for this leisurely Thursday evening pastime. Beers were cracked open, red t-shirts donned and members we hadn’t seen for a while welcomed.

As the clouds gave way to a beautiful August sunset, Kuub rules were absorbed, sticks laid out and on we played.

Contrary to their name, The Downhill Team consisting of Si, Heather, John and Alex played strongly from the off, securing several strong topples in the opening few rounds.

The Uphill Team, however, buoyed by Even’s effervescent spirits and flowing Prosecco, pulled it all out of the bag at the eleventh hour.

Joel and Aarani kept the puns flowing, several of which had to be put to the 9pm watershed panel.

After an outstanding victory to The Uphill Team, we moved onto a quick game of rounders, where Team Downhill sought revenge with some strong bowling, batting and fielding by Joel on Team Uphill.

Following this lovely sprint finish to the evening, we enjoyed a Prosecco and Popchip finale as the sun set.

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Aarani signed up to a party
Tower Hamlets

Park games in Victoria Park

Thu 12 Aug 18:30 pm
The Hub , Victoria Park, London, E9 7DD
Enjoy socializing whilst playing park games

A social evening in the park where we will be playing rounders, kubb and any other park games you'd like to bring. This is a social evening so please bring something to drink and a picnic blanket. Please feel free to bring friends along as it's a social event and the more the merrier.

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Aarani has done their first good deed with GoodGym. Mon 19 Jul 2021

Aarani is a now a fully fledged GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the first time. They are out there making amazing things happen and getting fit at the same time.

Aarani went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

We Stone the Night

Mon 19 Jul
Report written by Laura Williams

It was a great-sized group that gathered to litter-pick and gravel-spread for our first Group Run of the year.

We met in the far corner of Vicky Park where we welcomed first time runners, ran through the health and safety bits, and enjoyed a couple of dynamic stretches.

Speeds for all

In two groups, we then sped off to The Hub to meet Mark and the team for tonight's activity. The Leisurely Pace Crew took it easy with me, with a nice slow jog via the most direct route, while those who meant business headed off for a mile-plus detour of the East of the park, with our running pro, Chris.

A couple more joined us at The Hub and before we knew it we were dispatched into two groups: the litter-pickers and the gravel-spreaders.

Two teams, two tasks

The litter-pickers headed out to all four corners of the park, enjoying the combination of a stroll with a lot of productivity (and great company), while the sturdy team of eight gravel-spreaders got a Monday workout-and-a-half, as they shovelled barrow full of barrow of gravel, wheeled it to the play area where a team of two proceeded to rake it over the swings.

That's a lot of contribution to your park tonight, team: helping distribute a surface to make the swings safer, and helping clear up after a big, big weekend in the park.

It was a lovely time together: warm, fun, appreciated...

More to come

It's the start of our new regular activity with the Parks team, who are keen to have us back asap, so... well done all.

The shout-outs

A special big shout-out this week to our first time runners, Aarani and Naike and to Chris who suggested the venue and activity for tonight, and for helping plan and lead.

Until next week!

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Aarani signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Magpie Project Summer Celebration Set Up

Sat 24 Jul 10:00 am
Forest Lane Park, Magpie Close, Forest Lane, London, E7 9DE
Set up the volunteer summer party for the Magpie project, who provide a safe and fun place for mums and under-fives

The Magpie is a fantastic organization who provide a safe and fun place for mums and under-fives suffering in temporary or insecure accommodation.

They are holding their summer celebration on Saturday 24th July as a thank you to those that help the organization, and are looking for some fabulous volunteers to set up the party, which will include music, storytelling, a BBQ, a bouncy castle and more.

The task starts at 10am, and will last for an hour.

As an extra option for those that want to, there are also opportunities to stay and volunteer during the party.

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Aarani signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

**ONGOING COMMUNITY MISSION** Joining the Barts Volunteers Programme

Mon 4 Oct 16:30 pm
Royal London Hospital , Whitechapel Rd, Whitechapel, London, E1 1BB


GoodGym were asked to get involved with Nancy Whiskin and her team at Barts Volunteers at the start of the year.

GoodGym members have enjoyed a variety of tasks, both within the hospital environment and at vaccinations centres.

There are roles available on an ongoing basis, which will include good levels of physical activity for GoodGymers.


  • This is a rolling Community Mission - you pick your preferred dates and times when you sign up via the link below. THE SIGN-UP DATE ON THIS LISTING SHOULD BE IGNORED.

  • Ignore any automated GoodGym confirmation email you receive confirming the date on this listing.

  • Your sign-up will take place externally, here, directly with Barts Volunteers.

  • You can self-log any activity with the Barts Volunteers as a good deed on your GoodGym profile.

  • If the sign-up is temporarily closed when you click through, please check back again soon. Any issues with this, contact laura@goodgym.org

When you're signing up directly with Barts, please note:

  • GoodGym applications must be marked clearly, as we will be treated as a separate group when being processed online.

Health and safety

  • There are stringent processes in place at all of the Trust's venues to keep volunteers safe.

  • You will not be in contact with any patients or visiting any wards.

  • You will be taken through a full risk assessment at your first visit.

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