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Riders of the Lost Bike

3 GoodGymers made their way to help the Southall Transition in Ealing.

  • Luis
  • Kash
  • StephDucat
Sunday, 25th of February 2024
Led by Kash

GoodGym Team had been previously hired by Mani for all sorts of jobs: construction, kung-fu training, filmmaking and dirty jobs you don't want to know about! This time GoodGymers came to Bixley Field Allotments for excavation work.

Instead of a team of expert archaeologists, GoodGym sent a gang of treasure hunters, including GoodGym versions of Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake and Lara Croft.

With spades, forks and ploughs, the trio dug into an antique pile of soil and rubbish behind the fig tree and found all sorts of treasures:

  • ancient aliens' weapons
  • unidentified rusty metal pieces
  • buckets with organic-smelling substances
  • a very long hose
  • an engine

This is what we'll need when we have to rebuild the civilisation

  • footwear

Oh, a Roman shoe! - Luis That's a Cinderella shoe! - Steph

  • a handlebar

The handlebar-shaped thing sticking out from the soil looked interesting, so the team kept digging. After some more unearthing work, Luis realised he was standing on a bike wheel!

Maybe it is a bike cemetery. This is where bikes come to die. - Luis

Kash soon dug out the top part of the frame and the saddle. In the soil near the seat, the group kept uncovering quite large bones.

It is the rider! - Steph
It was a very, very huge chicken! - Luis

After locating the chain and one of the pedals, the GoodGymers attempted to pull the bicycle out of the soil, but it wouldn't move. Steph decided on a more radical approach and devastated the earth covered with roots on the top of the bike's rear wheel with a plough. All three treasure hunters pulled the frame once again, and this time, the whole bike raised from its grave - and not just one...

There are two bikes tangled together!

Now Steph and Kash had bikes and could go on a ride with the cyclist, Luis, along the canal! Or maybe to a repair shop first.

That was an impressive find and an achievement that desired a break. The GoodGymers, and the regular volunteers Shaz and Julia, gathered by the shed, and Mani fetched snacks. The refreshments included water and hot, fresh samosas Mani promised Kash on Thursday. Julia brought more of her mum's crab apple jelly and distributed it among the group.

The session ended early, with Kash walking back to Southall centre for a mission, Luis riding back home, glad he dodged the forecasted rain, and Steph taking it easy on the way home after his morning 10km race and a run to the task.

Report written by Kash

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Led by Kash

Running? Lifting? I'll do that only for GoodGym.

GoodGymers helping out
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