Southall transition Guinness book of records ?

3 Goodgymers helped their local community in Ealing
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Sunday 29th October 2023

Report written by StephDucat

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Bad weather on a Sunday afternoon and you would always expect nobody to go on a mission but you are wrong as 3 goodgymers ran despite the weather to meet Mani at the Western road urban garden. Where are the people from the Guinness book of records as today's mission was finishing the setup of potentially the biggest polytunnel in Southall/Ealing? It is really big, but is it the biggest in Ealing? 🏗🏗Kash and Steph arrived at the same time and started digging around the polytunnel : looking for gold or as Halloween is approaching digging to bury some bodies ? 🤔 👻👺👹🤡💀 Sevan joined shortly to help digging and his clean trainers had a fight with the muddy terrain like it was the case for Kash and Steph. Two hours in digging and moving mud, Mani and the team started to wipe the polytunnel and put some special tape to protect the plastic from the metal when it will be laid out later. The 3 goodgymers had a quick break and had some lovely samosas that Mani got for them, before finishing the taping of the polytunnel with some escalating on sinking ladders 🪜🪜 Time to go and run back home for the goodgymers. The 3 tough mudders left the site much heavier than when they arrived : not because of the samosas they ate but because of the tonne of mud on their trainers 👟👟 . Nobody was buried or hurt during the digging on the side of the polytunnel.

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Sun 29th Oct 2023 at 9:35pm

A fun task and an entertaining report 😄 Shoes already washed and drying for the Tuesday group run!


Mon 30th Oct 2023 at 8:37am

I felt like Bigfoot when running so ran in all the water puddles along the canal to get the mud off 🤣