The Task That Never Was

3 Goodgymers helped their local community in Ealing
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Sunday 4th February

Report written by Kash

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Despite best efforts to finish the manure-move-manoeuvre at Western Road Urban Garden a.k.a. filming the Poopa's Delight documentary, the GoodGym team was low in numbers and seemed slightly overwhelmed by a massive pile of... manure.

Mani, the manager of Feeding Ealing, and the mastermind behind today's project to secure a plastic sheet of a polytunnel and then move the horse dung inside the construction, had to make a tough decision. He called his regular volunteers from Bixley Allotments and said he was cancelling today's session, redirecting all hands to Western Road. Three GoodGymers: Miriam, Steph and Kash, were already there, shovelling and whellbarrowing like crazy.

Mani hands make light work

Mani rolled up the sleeves himself and got to work. Small shovels, flat tyres of the barrows - nothing could stop the combined power of GoodGym Ealing and Mani. Except for the time. Because the GoodGym gang had been working non-stop at the 2-hour task before, seamlessly blending themselves into the replacement Bixley session, Kash made a deal with Mani to drop the tools at 3 pm. After all even GoodGymers need to eat and rest. Sometimes.

The manure pile shrunk significantly after the relentless effort of the team, and the ground inside the polytunnel had a decent fertiliser coverage. Mani was grateful for the help he received from GoodGym today and offered the volunteers samosas, pub lunch or at least chocolates as thank you. The last option was taken. Yet another determined effort to make the community food-growing vision a reality!

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Southall Transition
Southall Transition is an initiative seeking to work from the grass roots in encouraging local people to think and act together in a more sustainable way.

Southall Transition works to build community resilience and improve the environment. Activities include running community gardens, planting orchards, publicly accessible raised beds. and screening documentaries.

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