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Quite a Mischief, but they lived Apple-y ever after

10 runners ran to help the Windmill Hill City Farm in Bristol.

  • Sarah Nicholas
  • Dave Guest
  • Shona Buchanan
  • Bristol runner
  • Bristol runner
  • Russ Cahill
  • Phill Stone
  • Roz Glover
  • Nathalie Levi
  • Lloyd Sullivan
Saturday, 5th of October 2019
Led by Shona Buchanan

For this morning's run, four of us met at Mud Dock and jogged a lovely short 1km to Windmill Hill City Farm, gathering Alex on the way and meeting Sarah on arrival. Soon after, another host of GoodGymers arrived at the farm to back up the efforts and ensure we got loads done in the next hour. It was great to have Lloyd join us for the first time today and hope to see you again soon!

Beth welcomed us to the farm and split us into groups for the different tasks. Dave and Alex set to work on removing all of the apples from the apple tree which is growing in the children's nursery and is becoming a health and safety hazard to wandering toddlers. They got to use an apple remover and I have never seen either of them so in their element.

Sarah, Art and Nathalie got to work clearing the overgrown fire escape route from the nursery to allow easy access in case of emergency. They filled three tubs of weeds which had been cleared out of the way.

Everyone else was set on the slightly less glamorous task of turning compost and weeding next to the compost. They did brilliant work, and had the surprise of finding a nest of baby rats in the compost! (Hint on today's title pun: a group of rats is called a mischief)

After an hour of work, Beth got the kettle on and we had a noisy at the amazing array of animals hidden around the farm (apparently including a penguin, if you go by Russ's acting of animals on the farm). Caffeined up, we wished the farm goodbye to enjoy a sunny Saturday.

Report written by Shona Buchanan

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Russ Cahill
Russ Cahill
Monday October 7th, 2019 09:00

I can't believe that no-one else saw the penguins!

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